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3 levels of solarian utilizing a soulfire fusion on a witchwarper seems super legit, take plasma sheath to boost your damage as it is worded to be based on your regular level and not solarian level. You can get a super versatile toolbox build if you do it right and can just focus on increasing your charisma for spells/save dcs/damage.

This is perfect and should be a real part of the game in every way. I'll be using these in my game for sure and will let you know how they work out!

Garretmander wrote:

There are already quite a few races in the alien archives with a +4/-2 stat array. With the capped 18 starting stat in character creation that isn't as huge a bonus as it was in pathfinder, it just makes it easier to get 18/16 in their two primary stats.

This is assuming that you are using PC rules to create these dudes instead of NPC rules. If you are using standard NPC rules, you would just pick their CR and add appropriate special abilities, no player race stats needed.

I was thinking a +4/+4/-2/-2 stat array, I am aware of grafts but I find that making a few using the PC sheets in roll20 helps create some NPCs with more tactical choices. I also allow stats to go over 18 but only via racial stats/theme bonuses for my players. Its a house rule but I have a slightly more challenging setting so it helps them optimize a bit more if they need to. I do the same for some NPCs outside the monster generator I use online.

"Dr." Cupi wrote:

Right now a Biohacker dip would do amazing things for mechanics, technomancers, and maybe even operatives.

It would definitely benefit mechanics the most with a couple skills changing to int based, but the will save changing to int based it practically everything. Also, the work around on a number of uses for Mysticism. On top of, everything that biohacker can do at 1st level.

I think that a single level (or three if you want to maximize your strength being added to damage) of soldier is a good choice for the most part, you take blitz if you're going more offense and dex oriented with the vanguard, or guard if you wanna take the tankier more strength oriented route (seems great for shields).

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Vexies wrote:
The Mystic healer in the group I run for who always wanted to be a.. well a Biohacker before they existed will be at the very least dipping into that class for sure. She was already using a injection pistol as her primary weapon and rp'd herself as a geneticist / psychic surgeon. Just one level really fixes so many of her issues, plus the expansion of her options of things to use with her injection pistol is really making her pretty happy.

I have a mechanic who was going for the injection pistol route, when biohacker was announced we both realized how much 2 levels would improve his needlin game, its perfect because in game he likes to take blood samples of everything possible and adds to his sorta mad gray scientist persona.

I have been trying to think of a way to implement Zurkhan as a playable race, though mainly for making NPCs for encounters down the line.

As a race that basically are the Viltrumites (from the comic Invincible)/Kryptonians in terms of power level, they will probably have well above average stat bonuses that depend on one of the three "castes" that NPCs fall under in the bestiary. So they'd probably have one stat they all get a bonus to (+4) and then the subtype determines their penalties/other bonuses. I'm thinking that each one grants a +4, and they get a penalty of -2 to two other stats.

I'd like to think of the race as an advanced race from pathfinder with a certain amount of RP like a gargoyle or the like.

These would again mostly be used for making NPC characters to lead the conquering forces of this Zurkhan Empire I have thought of in my own home brewed setting I am using for my campaigns.

With these new classes coming out I am seeing quite a few opportunities for multi-classing previously available. I'm fairly new to the game (about 3 months of familiarity, I just started to DM) and I'm always looking for ways to make some tricksy NPCs.

It seems like from other discussions I've seen Vanguard works well with operative and solarian potentially.

I feel like 1-3 levels of biohacker with Mechanic and Technomancer would be pretty useful as well.