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Love alot about the playtest. Same concerns as many people here, hoping a bunch was cut out to make it playtestable, bones are good, and not feeling adding Level + Proficiency to everything.

It's almost certainly not going to change. It's the kind of deep assumption in the mechanics of the game that doesn't lend itself to change: they built the whole game and possibly their business model on this.

That being said, it is on basically every roll, therefore adjusting it might not break things horribly. So, a potential house rule: instead of a flat adjustment, make the Proficiency modifier a fraction of your level:

Untrained: +(Level x 1/8) (round up!)
Trained: +(Level x 1/4)
Expert: +(Level x 1/2)
Master: +(Level x 3/4)
Legendary: +(Level x 1)

Or something like that. This way you get +1 in a Trained roll every fourth level, +1 in an Expert roll every other level, +1 in a Master roll every level except for every fourth, and +1 in a Legendary roll every level. At 20th level Untrained rolls are only +2 better than at first.

Basically, you'd get better at everything, but the rate at which you get better in things you didn't invest in is slower.

The example ability arrays in the playtest rulebook aren't that different form the expected array for 4d6 drop lowest: 16, 14, 13, 12, 10, 9. Having a series of boosts is a nice middle ground that avoids points but keeps it controlled and locks the abilities to values have meaningful consequences (multiples of 2). It ain't bad at all.

Stormbinder wrote:
The stat design and the way PCs are built is one of the most enjoyable aspects of PF2 I have seen thus far. I think for DMs who want weaker PCs they can enforce the rolling rule or maybe they can include somehow 3 modes of play in the final product: Gritty fantasy/ Heroic fantasy/ and Legendary Fantasy. Each of these would reflect different schools of thought regarding PCS. Gritty is mundane/Tolkien fantasy, military style fantasy and/or historical fiction, Heroic Fantasy would be Sword & Sorcery more Howardian style heroes and default D&D style heroes and Legendary would be mythic style fantasy where PCs are scions of like Hercules was and so forth.

This could be implemented with a short mention in the GMing section about adjusting the overall power level by adjusting the base ability block before any boosts. Like if you want everyone to start out "normal" the abilities all start at 8 instead.