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So we just wrapped RotR AE this afternoon & our group is ready to move on to CotCT.

My players expressed discontent with the Epic Fantasy Purchase method we used last time, so I'm curious to hear from other GMs & players which of the other four methods presented in the Core Rulebook (Standard/Classic/Heroic/Dice Pool) are thought to be popular & balanced?

For me as GM, I like balance which is why I've trationally been a fan of the Purchase method. My newer players didn't like how daunting that was for them last time when they didn't know the game well enough & felt by ~10th level that it hurt optimizing their characters. We may have 1-2 new players again with this next campaign so I wouldn't want to see that happen again. My experienced players said while it's great for specialist classes (aka single ability score focused), the hybrid classes (aka multi-ability score focused) don't fair as well & aren't as fun to play. I'm fine with changing the method since my #1 concern is that my group is having fun. However, while they presented a few homebrew options I'm a little hesitant to try those when the Core Rulebook still does offer four other methods.

What say thy forums? I appreciate any input. We have two weeks until our new character creation session so I want to think about the pros & cons of the options out there long & hard before we roll dice on New Years Day. Thanks all!

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I'm a HUGE advocate of the PDF's, which works great on a private, view only wireless hard drive library for my biweekly group. However, I'm starting to find that even with search features, trying to keep my entire collection on my iPad for PFS at my flgs is just a nightmare.

Sooo, with that, besides (obviously) the core rulebook, what else do other experienced GM's recommend to carry around to each session?

While we're at it, as I'm discovering there are some significant logistical differences between being a mobile gm for pfs & having everything on hand for a homebrew game, what other things do you recommend for a "GM kit" so to speak.

I'm really trying to use pfs as a way to hone my skills & become a better gm overall since it puts me out there rubbing shoulders with people outside my group & discover what other players & masters have learned over the years. Thanks all!

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So longtime GM, first time trying to be great at it lol. Now that school is long finished & my career is looking to be on autopilot I'm trying to use my newfound free time to improve my game running abilities. I like to use modules & adventure paths, but I want to pull things out & build up a campaign journal. Let alone I'm new to that in general, I want to also fill out NPC, Kingdom/Army, & Settlement sheets (another project I'm trying to do in Adobe right now).

As I go through & see either monsters or named NPC's, what do other GMs fill out? Just the named NPC's? If the mosters have class levels do you fill out some for them? Do you just make one for everything?

I want to get away from simply using the block in the scenario. As my entire collection is in PDF, it's too cumbersome to flip back & forth like I used to with the old 3rd/3.5 books. I'd like to put things that actually fit into a sheet of somekind that I can print off & have on hand during my sessions, leaving my iPad to just run the scenarios or lookup rules quickly. Am I making this more difficult that it needs to be haha?


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Just wrapped up character creation Sunday. Figured I might as well drop a post in here in case anyone comes looking for a group later.

We are meeting biweekly from 1:00-6:00 (people start arriving about noon so we're ready to go by one, & I start wrapping up at 5:00 so people can head home at six).

If you're interested, just search for CJ Kremp on FB or send me an email at (can also call me at 720-390-7896 as I should have that line active by the time someone is interested).

We've got 4 regulars right now, I prefer to have a group of about 6 just so that way we can make sure we never have to cancel a session. Running RotR AE, and I'm down in Littleton so you know roughly where we meet up.