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Just wrapped up character creation Sunday. Figured I might as well drop a post in here in case anyone comes looking for a group later.

We are meeting biweekly from 1:00-6:00 (people start arriving about noon so we're ready to go by one, & I start wrapping up at 5:00 so people can head home at six).

If you're interested, just search for CJ Kremp on FB or send me an email at Sean.Kremp@SSA.gov (can also call me at 720-390-7896 as I should have that line active by the time someone is interested).

We've got 4 regulars right now, I prefer to have a group of about 6 just so that way we can make sure we never have to cancel a session. Running RotR AE, and I'm down in Littleton so you know roughly where we meet up.


You might have more luck in the the local PFS forum.

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Not really looking for more people, just putting out there for people in the area looking for a NON-PFS group. I've experienced how hard they can be to find in the past. Thanks for the suggestion though!

Shadow Lodge

A little research shows you're already on there anyway. You already know this so I'll just add to what the buzzard said for others.
Although it is a PFS forum and primarily used for organizing organized play along the front range the rockymountainpfs.com site also has sections for finding non-PFS games.

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