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Ok, thats cool, i'll probably do a fighter type class.

Thanks Tetsu!! I'll be trolling the Sunday afternoon events until I see it up.

Me! looking forward to it :)

My badge says 'Kevin Hammer'

I've also signed up 2 players on warhorn. Any chance of getting part 3 on Sunday? :) Thanks for running part 2 on Saturday TetsujinOni!!

Hi, i was wondering if psionic classes and content were allowed for this game? I want to play the soulknife class with the warmind prestige class.

I'm bringing my 2 teenage sons to our first PaizoCon and was really disappointed to see nothing free on Saturday and Sunday. We were able to get in on a core table for Scions part 1 on Saturday morning. We don't have any games to join Saturday afternoon or Sunday, there's nothing left! Here's 3 players that would love to play the trilogy! +++

Can I bring a PFS compliant character that I leveled up in my home game to play this at gencon 2013? Or do I need to have leveled a character up in official Paizo run events?

If I'm going to gencon to play this, should i bring a level 5 character ready to play? level 9? How does that work when going to gencon?

Is this a good one for me and my 2 sons to join in on for gencon? They are 10 and 12 and we've got moderate experience.. been playing Pathfinder at home for almost a year, but never with others.

Also, should we bring level 1 characters? level 5 characters? Anyone know what the norm is for when this gets run at gencon?