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Ravingdork wrote:


Madame Karina, corporate spy and criminal mastermind - N female venerable human operative 15 (outlaw theme, spy operative specialization)

After realizing that there were no modifiers for aging in Starfinder, I decided to make a character who was a complete badass, despite their advanced age. This is the culmination of that endeavor. I hope you all enjoy it.

Many thanks to Voss, The Mighty Khan, Cathulhu, and others, who advised me in this thread on how I might best accomplish this task.

This one is probably my favorite. Ms. Marple meets Jason Bourne, ha! Tons of rp potential. Could be fun to have one of the PCs end up being one of her presumed dead children.

One of the infamous Runelords escaped Galarion before the gap, secreted off world by loyal minions. His goal? Claiming the starstone at the heart of Absalom station and becoming a god, and he's perfectly willing to destroy the entire station to get it. His minions have spent centuries infiltrating governments and organizations forcing the PCs to look for alies in unlikely places.