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You know, where we could hang out as our characters and stuff? I got a lot of fun roleplaying out of that.

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Pretty much what the title says. I figured those of us collaborating on the Maniaron setting could use a separate thread to discuss things not directly related to the existing threads.

For convenience, here are links to the existing sources: Maniaron wiki, deity thread, deity doc, settlement thread, settlement doc

I recently saw a thread about plant type races and thought to myself, "Hey, why don't I make that plant alien I made up with the ARG's race builder?". I quickly ran into some hurdles, however, and had to come up with some custom options. Problem is, I don't know how much they should cost. If anyone could leave some helpful suggestions, that would be much appreciated.

Magical Racial Trait:
Telepathy (? rp): You can communicate telepathically with any creatures within 100’ that have a language (as per the universal monster ability).

Weakness Racial Traits:
Almost Humanoid (? rp): You do not possess any of the immunities afforded by the plant type. I needed this one because the plant type was more expensive and powerful than the race should be.
Voiceless (? rp): You cannot speak aloud, relying on your telepathy to communicate. You cannot perform any action that requires a somatic component. I think I'll have an alternate racial trait or feat that lets them make somatic components with their olfactory organ.

I was thinking about how outsiders were defined back in 3.5 (specifically, the body and soul being one unit) and realized that if this were true in Pathfinder, planetouched don't get an afterlife. Unlike mortals, whose souls depart their bodies after death, an outsider is destroyed because by killing its body, its soul is also killed (explaining why it takes a true resurrection to revive one). So unless it works differently in PF, or native outsiders get some sort of loophole, death is pretty much the end of the road for them (this would also make that ARG errata more horrible, having tieflings and aasimar stuck with the lifespan of a human and then permanent oblivion).

If I'm wrong about this, please elaborate. My planetouched characters will thank you.