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As you enter the small bookshop in one of the many small side streets of Absalom, you get hit of a smell of musty old books and hard tobacco from the shop-keeper. He is sitting behind his counter, smoking his pipe like there is no tomorrow. You look around at the books stacked on books, shelves filled to the brim, and paper laying scattered around the corners. The shop is dimly lit as you walk deeper into the room. The shop-keeper exhales a cloud of smoke, he then asks "What can I help you with" "Just looking around... for now" you say "Suit yourself" the shop-keeper replies as he keeps smoking his pipe, his eyes follows you around as you walk past him. You scan one of the bookshelves that lies deeper inside of the shop, on the shelves you find a book between some dusty tomes, but this one is relatively cleaner than the other ones in the shop. You glare at the cover that reads ´An Endless World´. The shop-keeper exhales a second cloud of smoke and says "I would not open that book if I were you". Dispite his warnings you open the book, as you look at the shop-keeper. Looking down at the book, you can see it is about a cold and wet land with a bay explaining the landscape that is in the book. You find it weird that there is no heroes, no people... there is only description of monsters and animals, and as you keep looking through the pages, you feel like being sucked in. The next thing you feel is the feeling of free fall before hitting cold water. As as you find bearings you get into land, and you see the landscape from the book in front of you, but on the hill to the east you see a straw hut...

So I have thought about starting a server for some time and here we are! the server is Terrafirmacraft reloaded v1.5.5.

I have space for 30 people on the server hopefully with out lag. what I look for is people who just enjoy Terrafirmacraft, are up for some light rp and want to make a small starter town before venturing out in the wild to do their own thing.
so if you could be interested in playing, PM me.


Yo! I really want some clarification on Drugs... it says all the equipment in the core is legal, but how would drugs work?

how would addiction work with the end of the scenario... just like in PFS when you have ongoing conditions?

is it an evil act to take drugs or?

those are my two questions I hope it is not to much to ask :3

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So now that we got a picture of Nigel so we know how he looks like but...

when a community have played all the first 8 season like the PFS community on Discord, you get pretty use to coming up with a idea of how he lookslike... and I believe one of the members have made a really close picture of how he looks and it is has been accepted
So we know this is the picture of Nigel in "call of the copper gate"

Fake Nigel.

but... who is this poser! this is not the Nigel I know... this guy looks like he has his s#&~ together and can actual run a museum...

So! paizo I have a offer that! you guys get my friend knives´ Picture of The Real Nigel! who is incompetent! who is always in trouble and needs a pathfinder to help him free from something that have manifested in the Blakros Museum! the Nigel who is completely lost when he is not a part of the trouble but when it happens on the museum... I give you the true Nigel Aldain that we all know and love... and hate!

Real Nigel.

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Hey jo I am one of those filthy Gunslingers in PFS
or I am starting one up...

but I have a hard time finding out what are guns place in the world
because it is infecting the price of the bullets and black powder.
I take it as there is nothing like GUNS EVERYWHERE as we can´t use revolvers but is it commonplace guns or are we down to emerging guns?

the problem is that I have a hard time finding it in the additional resources... anyone who have found it out?