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I love a guy who take no s@~& from those scumbags and loves to get up close and personal with them... My vote is for Tamrin

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So now that we got a picture of Nigel so we know how he looks like but...

when a community have played all the first 8 season like the PFS community on Discord, you get pretty use to coming up with a idea of how he lookslike... and I believe one of the members have made a really close picture of how he looks and it is has been accepted
So we know this is the picture of Nigel in "call of the copper gate"

Fake Nigel.

but... who is this poser! this is not the Nigel I know... this guy looks like he has his s+%! together and can actual run a museum...

So! paizo I have a offer that! you guys get my friend knives´ Picture of The Real Nigel! who is incompetent! who is always in trouble and needs a pathfinder to help him free from something that have manifested in the Blakros Museum! the Nigel who is completely lost when he is not a part of the trouble but when it happens on the museum... I give you the true Nigel Aldain that we all know and love... and hate!

Real Nigel.

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Elven wrote wrote:
"Oh, I wouldn't say causing trouble. I try to fix trouble actually, take down corrupt guards taking bribes and the like. But that is neither here nor there.

gives the half-elf a guick glance then shrugs "well what floats your boat...

Ery wrote wrote:

"Apologies: My name is Eryzule, Lord of Tea."

The elf laughs lightly as he rubs the side of his neck. He looks to the fox with a shrug, uncertain of what to say on the matter further.

The soldier looks at the fox fiddling around between the elf´s legs while talking to the elf

"Glad to meet you Eryzule, I´m Kobad I am pretty new here so it seems you have been around a bit. What can you tell me about the training grounds if I may ask?"
he looks at the elf with his tired look

Grr wrote wrote:
A small, fuzzy gray fox wearing a pink ribbon that reads "This end towards enemy" with a bottle of brandy in his jaws and puts it at the gunmans feet. The brandy is labled in common and tien as "Elixir of Fox Comprehension"

The soldier throws the empty "Elixir of Fox Comprehension" bottle next the pouch of bullets

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Hey jo I am one of those filthy Gunslingers in PFS
or I am starting one up...

but I have a hard time finding out what are guns place in the world
because it is infecting the price of the bullets and black powder.
I take it as there is nothing like GUNS EVERYWHERE as we can´t use revolvers but is it commonplace guns or are we down to emerging guns?

the problem is that I have a hard time finding it in the additional resources... anyone who have found it out?