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Looks like the registration link is broken.

Given the wording in the CRB I would rule it as one magical item per slot, if you want to swap them its going to be:) Standard action remove item, move action to stow, move action draw, standard action equip. Especially since it has been ruled that activating an ioun stone is a standard action, anything other than that is trying to skirt around the rules.

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James Risner wrote:
David Birchbauer wrote:
Any tables still looking for players?

yes as of last night

I also heard a potential SFS game, but I don't think that ever got a GM or confirmed players. I can make a warhorn session for it if I can find a GM and players can then join.

I just looked they have two full tables. With nothing

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Any tables still looking for players?

There are a number of events that I have created recently that I am unable to edit/modify. Whenever I attempt to do so I get the /nostore error page after about a minute or so. affected event codes are:

# 93,047
# 93,114
# 93,832
# 93,833

The first two have been cloned ( I was told there was an issue with cloning events) so I created the second two events and am still having the issue. I have tried from multiple devices, and browsers on multiple different days and have had consistent problems.


It looks like there is a typo in the high tier loot. +1 greenwood str bow for 550g +100g per str addition.

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TimD wrote:
David Birchbauer wrote:
My question about Pact Servant, why not allow it in a limited case

Because paladins.

This helpful message brought to you by your friends at Team Evil™.

Please note that the exception that I was envisioning was for a specific archetype of a cleric. Nothing to do with paladins. If the trait was restricted to only apply to cleric energy channeling abilities (which in this case it would, since you still have to be within 1 step of your deity aka LN) for PFS. As I read it you would still follow an evil deity, but for cleric purposes (read channeling) they are neutral, but for everything else they are considered evil still.

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John Compton wrote:
There continue to be no plan to introduce the Pact Servant faith trait into the organized play campaign. Others here have suggested some fun alternatives if you're interested in an Asmodean with a knack for healing others.

The only real option that has been given was a Life Oracle, however that defeats the two things I actually wanted to do. I was looking for

A) A cleric
B) the Asmodean Advocate archetype

My goal wasnt a follower of Asmodeus, but rather the fairly cool archetype that is PFS legal, (Allows profession Barrister as both Diplomacy and Bluff, you get a familiar and improved familiar for free) and to fill the role as a healer. (I have some good RP ideas for this) If you take a oracle you loose both the skill differences, free familiar, and the whole RP side just tanks in regards to quality. My question about Pact Servant, why not allow it in a limited case (Make the archetype mechanically feasible for PFS play since negative channeling clerics rarely actually work). Make the wording apply to a single archetype in PFS and see how it works?

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Michael Monn wrote:
Im not sure that you really need this archetype for PFS. You can already have a negative energy cleric; I actually have one that worships Abadar. If you wanted to, you could have a LN cleric that worships Asmodeus.

The thing is I want a positive channeling cleric of Asmodeus

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Jeff Morse wrote:
Any sources for these? Not sure what they do and there be a lot of sources now.

Asmodean Advocate - Pathfinder Player Companion - Dirty Tactics Toolbox (pg 16)

Pact Servant - Pathfinder Campaign Setting - Distant Shores (pg 23)

Pact Servant lets you treat Asmodeus as LN for purposes of divine spell casting (aka you can pick how you channel)

Please note that above I state that the archetype can be overpowering, however it should read the trait instead.

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Is there any way that that faith trait could be allowed with the Asmodean Advocate archetype? I really like the flavor and idea behind an Asmodean Advocate. However for PFS being a negative channel cleric has major drawbacks and you loose most of the effectiveness as a cleric. I know the archetype can be over powering/allow some odd things if it is blanket approved, but can PFS allow it under the stipulation that it can only be used with the cleric archetype?

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I am reviewing the pregen sheets and it looks like the level 4 pregen bard Lem isn't a legal build.

1) Both Acrobatics and Stealth skill points don't add up. (Each requires a extra skill point)

2) Looks like there are an extra 2 skill points in addition to the above (4 total extra skill points) which are being used he doesn't actually have.

3) Should have an additional language

I might just be misreading the sheet, but it looks off.

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Is it possible to purchase an item with prestige (since the card states worth at lest 100gp per lvl) since the actual value exceeds the requirements does the usage of prestige negate the success criterion?

This was in response to a Ticket that I filed with HeroLabs about a bug in their system. They are arguing that they need to track every ammo application, regardless of how its actually used, and that each part of dose should be tracked, since there isnt an errata or FAQ for it.

When applying blanches or balms they can treat up to 10 pieces of ammo (Normally) Can I get a ruling on weather each dose can be sectioned up into uses per piece of ammo, or if all affected ammo must be treated at the same time thus consuming the item?

I am trying to find a master list of all products and their pubcode.


PZO9086 - Iron Gods 2 “Lords of Rust”

Does such a master list exist? I found some via the product catalog but others (Notably the PFS stuff) isnt listed