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Farald Faraldsson was trudging home through a rapidly darkening forest after a long day felling trees when he heard the wail of a child in distress. Following the sounds, he found a young boy cornered by a wolf. Faraldsson leapt to the child’s defense and chased away the beast with his axe. Even in the dim light, the woodcutter could see that the boy was grievously wounded - the wolf had cut deep gashes in his face and savaged his right leg.
Faraldsson gathered up the child and hurried home to the cabin he shared with his wife on the outskirts of Hofn. It was only by the light of the hearth-fire that they discovered that the foundling was half orc, most probably abandoned by a birth mother who could not bear the burden. Faraldsson and his wife were were shocked, but decided to tend to the child; it seemed doubly cruel to save the boy only to cast it out again. Besides, with the injuries he had sustained, he might not survive the night.

But life’s spark burned hotly in the boy; he lived on despite the wolf’s mauling. Faraldsson and his wife had dearly wanted a child, had prayed for one - perhaps this little half-breed was their answer from the gods. Despite the scandal their actions would inevitably cause, they adopted the child and named him Vimir

The wolf’s attack did not claim Vimir, but it has marked him for life. His face is criss-crossed with scars which give him a permanent half-scowl and he walks with limp, which inspired the epithet “Break-Leg.” Still, Vimir has grown into a tall, rangy youth and working with his father as a woodcutter and carpenter has given him impressive physical strength. His arms and shoulders are powerfully built from hauling lumber and swinging axes and mauls.

Now that Vimir has reached adulthood, he has begun to chafe under his status as thrall. He's prone to brooding, torn between wanting to do right by his adoptive parents (thralls themselves) and a desire to break free of his second-class status.

Throughout his life, Vimir's parents have tried to teach him forebearance in the face of others' hostility. Vimir has grown up with few friends and often despairs that he will never gain the respect, or even tolerance, of the people of Hofn. He is eager to prove himself, perhaps even win his freedom