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Commander Victoria Telluris Ceres, of Telthani's First System Fleet


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Captain | Stamina 28/28 | Lifeblood 12/12 | AC 16/12/14 | Ref +3 Fort +2 Will +7 | Init +2 |



About Viktoria Ceres

Ceres takes enormous pride in her placement in the Navy and as such takes every opportunity to introduce herself with her naval title. Telthani have only one fleet, making the distinction meaningless - but still, it feels so good to say!

Ceres Telluris grew up in the suburbs of Tentatha, in a small apartment house with her parents. They were hard working folks and as a result, the young girl spent significant time with her grandparents (mothers side). They were both astronomers, and Ceres inherited their sense of wonder and amazement about space. However, from her fathers side she also inherited technical knack and blended the two into her very own dream of working as a space engineer - abroad the Space Station with the Navy.

After collage, she went straight for higher education. During her time at the University, she enrolled in the Navy OTC program - something she always dreamt of. Ceres graduated at the top of her class, and was accepted into the honour rolls and now holds an Bachelor's Degree in Space Engineering.

Right after university, she entered cadet training with the Navy and served her term as Ensign. During the Solar Storm incident, she volunteered to ferry the demolition experts to the incoming asteroids during the Operation Shield (the Navy codename for the project, which aimed to deflect the trajectory of the incoming rocks with carefully placed explosives). When Project Shield proved too inefficient (the demolition experts worked slower then anticipated, unused to zero-g) she was part of the task force which instead used the antique shuttle weaponry to blast the asteroids off course. For her participation in these events, she earned a promotion and a citation for Meritorious Conduct Under Fire - in this case, malignant high-velocity rocks.

She has, for a time, considered furthering her academic career and adding a Master to her repertoire. However, for some reason, she keeps getting denied entrance to the course. Obviously, some sort of malicious computer error has entered their system or something ... Right...?


Str 12 Dex 15 Con 12
Wis 12 Int 20 Cha 11
Edu 15 Soc 11

Stamina 28 Lifeblood 12

Bab +2, Ref +3 Fort +2 Will +7

AC 16/12/14

Melee -1 Navy Foil (1d4+1 x2, Slashing)

The Navy Foil is a curved foil, or rapier, and is the traditional dress weapon of Navy officers. With practice, a dedicated swordsman can weild the slightly awkward weapon with deadly grace. Ceres have used it to try and decapitate a bottle of wine. Once. Needless to say, she doesn't have a clue how to actually use the bloody thing!

Range +4 Mwk Snub SMG (1d10 x2, Piercing) 30/30 Rounds, 1/4(+2)/10(+3), 24m, +2 to hit within close range [Laser Dot]

or +3 Autopistol (1d10 x2, Piercing) 15/15 Rounds, 45m

CR 2500+900+Weapon+10000

150 Navy Foil
Free/800 Mwk Snub SMG + 120 rounds (3 magasines)
100 Flak Jacket
20 Cold Light Torch
1000 Mechanical Toolset
500 Long-Range Com, TL 7+
250 Personal Communicator
250 First Aid Kit (TL 8)
100 Dose of Medicinal Drug
250 Portable Computer (Linear)
250 Autopistol + 75 rounds
250 Laser pointer

10280 CR Left
+216000 (lottery)

Bluff 5 +5
Climb 1 +6
Diplomacy 5 +8
Driving Dex 1 +6
Forward Observer 1 +9
Gunnery Wis 5 +9
Know Edu:
Know (Navy Procedures) 3 + 8
Know (Astronomy) 1 +6
Know (Intergalactic Law) 1 +6
Know (Homeworld) 1 +6
Know (Geography) 1 +6
Leader Int/Cha 5 +13
Navigation Edu 5 +10
Pilot Dex/Int 5 +13
Profession Wis:
P\Survey 5 +9
Recruiting Edu 1 +6
Technical Edu:
T\Electronics 1 +6
T\Engineering 1 +11
T\Gravitics 1 +6
T\Mechanical 1 +6
T\Astrogation 1 +6
T\Comms 1 +6
T\Computer 1 +6
T\Medicinal 1 +6
T\Sensor 5 +10

All participants of the Navys OTC gets a series of basic courses with mostly historical content, aimed to instil a feeling of awe. And to make sure the High Command isn't embarrassed should the jumppoint ever open. Topics such as navigation (both stellar and planetary), navy customs and jump procedures are discussed and complimented by gruelling tests and simulations.

A navy officer is expected to know both how to lead and obey - true even for the small but proud Telthani System Fleet. The commissioned officers are expected to know how to organize and put the grunts to work, even if such skills are mostly used during drills planet-side.

Ceres major area of expertise is space engineering, but due to the limited number of personnel deployed she is expected to have passable knowledge in many subjects. Basic maintenance tasks of various sorts fall under her responsibility - from fried electronics to leaking vents and first aid.

When not maintaining the space station, its crew operate it as a glorified weather satellite. The stations scanners are used to monitor both planetary and solar weather, patching the data trough to meteorological stations on the surface of Telthani itself. When the opportunity came, Ceres took the chance to broaden her skillset with a basic course in Surveying. Astronomy had fascinated her since she was a child - an alternative career choice had she not joined the navy engineers.

Traits: Ship's Crew (Climb), Patient Calm (T\Engineer), Tireless Logic, (Raical: Heart of the 'Fields' [T\Engineering])

Even since the artificial gravity seldom works as advertised on most of the space station, there is a lot of climbing to be done. Climb there to fix that, climb that to fix the gravity - then climb back. And for economic and safety reasons, jetpacks are merely for emergency uses during spacewalks.

The Navy engineers are drawn from those with the patience to work the ancient devices without loosing temper or patience. Always dreaming of a position aboard, Ceres took great care to hone herself into such a person. The act of working with complex engineering became like a solemn prayer, giving praise to the wonder of the machinery and her luck for working with it.

A brilliant mind ready to tackle any challenge, Ceres is driven and posses the skill and willpower to pull trough in challenging times.

Drawback: Naive

Ceres combat experience is limited to weapon drills and live fire practices. Well, there was that one time when a raccoon managed to slip onto the base - triggering an intruder alert and searchparty deployment, but that was solved with leftovers from the mess and a towel. The concept of a pub-brawl is as distant to her as the rest of the Imperium appears to be.


Armour Proficiency (Light, Vac Suit), Weapon Proficiency (Marksmen, Laser, Ship's Weapons), Professional Speciality (T\Engineering), Vessel\Wheeled, Vessel\Ship's Boat, Skill Focus (T\Engineering), Low/Zero-g Adaption, Low/Zero-g Combat, Damage Control, Vessel\Starship


Bachelor's Degree in Engineering

MCUF - Earned during the solar storm incident. Very proud of this one.

MCUF - Earned during shore leave. Undid big mess cadetts managed to cause - superior officer impressed. Not as genuine, more political.

Combat Wings (MCUF) - Acquired Ace status during the last battle against Sons of Isolation.

Lt. Commander in the Navy (O4)

Translation Sickness:
Note, Ceres suffers from Translation Sickness. Whenever she transits a warp point for the rest of her life, she'll need to make a Fort Save. DC 15 for the first 100 jumps, DC 10 thereafter. Failure results in puking and a -2 to all checks for 24 hours. Success results in no puking and a -2 to all checks for 6 hours.

Motion sickness suppresses puking!

Counter 54/100