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I have two questions relating to the Rise of the Runelords game. We are now in the second follow up pack.

1- If a barrier card summons a henchman for us to fight and it is defeated, then the summoned henchman card says that we can attempt to close that location. That seems to bypass the henchman that was selected for that location and seems to cheapen the conflict and make the resolution of the scenario much too easy. What is the proper way we should deal with such summoned henchmen? Should we seek to defeat it only as a way to defeat the barrier and ignore the invitation to close the location?

2-On the bottom of several cards it say under Recharge "None". Does that mean that those cards can be recharged at no cost?

Finally, can anyone tell me where I can find the page that shows some updated rules for Rise of the Runelords?

Thank you in advance for your advice and instruction.