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Shadow's Status | Alodoan/Human


Fighter 5 | AC 14 | HP 14/49| Vision | PP +3 | S=+6* | D=+1 | C=+4* | I=+ 2 | W=+ 0 | C =+2

About Victor von Gladden

Victor von Gladden (Gordon Philistine)


Human Fighter 5 - Charlatan
Languages – Alodoan, Dwarven
Alignment Lawful Neutral
Init +1; Senses Perception +3
Speed 30’

AC 14 (Chain Shirt, Shield)
HP 49
Saving Throws
Strength +6, Dexterity +1, Constitution +4 , Intelligence +2, Wisdom +0, Charisma +2

Melee +7 – Longsword 1d8+6
Ranged +4 – Longbow 1d8+1 [12 Arrows]

Gladius - When drawn, this weapon sheds a bright light in a 15-foot radius and dim light for an additional 15 feet beyond. It causes no damage or negative effect to living creatures or constructs. When wielded against undead, infernals or entropic creatures, this magic weapon grants you a +2 bonus to attack and damage rolls. In addition, the weapon deals an extra 1d6 radiant damage to undead, 2d6 radiant damage to infernals and 3d6 radiant damage to entropic creatures.[/b]

Str 18 (+4)
Athletics (+7)

Dex 13 (+1)
Acrobatics (+1), Sleight of Hand (+4), Stealth (+1)

Con 14 (+2)
Int 15 (+2)
Arcana (+2), History (+5), Investigation (+2), Nature (+2), Religion (+2),
Wis 10 (+0)
Animal Handling (+0), Insight (+0), Medicine (+0), Perception (+3), Survival (+0)
Cha 12 (+1)
Deception (+4), Intimidation (+1), Performance (+1), Persuasion (+1),

Proficiency Bonus +2 (Strength, Constitution, Athletics, Deception, History, Perception, Sleight of Hand)

Proficiencies All Armor and Shields & Martial Weapons.

Racial abilities +1 Strength & Charisma Ability Scores +1 extra skill proficiency (History), +1 feat.

Fighting Style – Dueling – When Fighting with a melee weapon in one hand, gain +2 to damage rolls with that weapon.

Second Wind – On my turn use a bonus action to regain hit points equal to 1d10+Fighter level.

Action Surge 1x Day - One additional action on my turn. Use once then need a short or long rest.

Martial Archetype - Battle Master - Combat Superiority - Superiority Dice 4x d8. Regain after short of long rest.

Extra Attack.


1. Disarming Strike.

2. Parry.

3. Riposte.

Feat: Martial Adept
Maneuvers 1 – Sweeping Attack (hit one creature can expend superiority die to strike second creature within 5’ damage equal to roll of superiority die)
2 – Riptose (if a foe misses, expend superiority die and use reaction to attack back)
Resist DC = 13
If have one superiority die (d6), gain another. Fuels maneuvers, when expended regained when finish shor or long rest.

Tool Proficiencies: Disguise Kit, Forgery Kit

Equipment: Set of Fine Cloths (2), Set of Traveler’s Clothes, Disguise Kit, Signet Ring of Imaginary Nobleman (House Sigil Two Snakes with Eyes which Appear to Wink), Explorer’s Pack (Backpack, 1 bedrolls, mess kit, tinderbox, 10 torches, 30 days rations, water skin, 50’ hemp rope), Two Handaxes, Leather Armor (stored in a backpack), Forgery Kit (2), Thieves’ Tools, 50’ silk rope, whetstone, crossbow bolt case, 20 extra crossbow bolts, Perfume (vial), Bullseye Lantern, Oil (2 flasks), Signal Whistle, Ball Bearings (Bag of 1,000) (2), Sealing Wax, Robes (brown), Steel Mirror, Soap (5 bars), Grappling Hook, Pitons, Crowbar, Two Person Tent, Blanket.

Donkey & Saddlebags.

Belt Pouch 52 GP.
5 SP.

False Identity: Victor von Gladden

Handsome but not stunningly attractive, Victor uses clothing to accentuate his best angles. His hair is still close cropped though he has regrown a beard (not to change his appearance or anything, it is just cold with this brisk wind about these islands!). His eyes are a hazel green color and he stands 6’ even and weighs 200 lbs. his build is rather muscular. His hands are a bit coarse despite spending several years doing as little as possible. He is 28 years old.

Gordon grew up in Koth, a city far to the south of Iarishea in Alodoa. His parents were farmers who lived a simple life as their farmer parents before them and so it went on for as long as anyone could remember, which was not that far back. Gordon dreamed of a life far more rich, with the key word being rich, than that of a farmer. Why should he toil the field all day? After all he was smarter and more skilled than anyone he knew in the countryside. As a young man, still working the farm and dreaming large, a Bard from Iarishea passed through town. Seeing the town for what it was, he planned to stay only one night, but that night was all that Gordon needed. Speaking to a few of the local toughs, Gordon convinced them that the Bard had riches beyond their wildest dreams and that it was all theirs for the taking. In the dead of night, they struck and attacked the rooms of the Bard, Cornelus Milus. No doubt Cornelius would have perished had Gordon not arrived with the authorities in tow, he himself wielded a sword and cut off his hair and thick beard. After all, he wanted to make sure that no one confused him for another person right? The toughs were brought down and Cornelius was saved, all thanks to Victor von Gladden.
Cornelius thanked Victor profusely. Victor explained to Cornelius how his ancestors grew up in Iarishea. His grandfather, Ryborn von Gladden and was down on his luck because of heavy gambling debts owed to the Crime Lords of Urandoma. Those debts forced him to flee taking his family with him here to Koth. “You see Cornelius, if I could just get back I could claim my rightful place in Iarishea’s aristocracy! Imagine the story you could weave from that?”
Cornelius seemed to find the idea invigorating. He agreed to bring Victor to Iarishea to reclaim his birthrite. As they arrived in the capital city Victor with Cornelius’ assistance, began poring through the Hall of records to find the land and titles that belonged to Victor. After a day of studying the official forms, Gordon worked feverishly through the night to forge the correct papers to lay his claim to a keep fallen into disrepair!
For five years, Victor (Gordon) was able to keep up the charade. His time was well spent learning history and perfecting sword forms he could only dream of as a commoner. Like all good things, this too came to an end as the family who truly owned the land that Victor stole returned from captivity in far off Vangar where they were taken by a raiding party.
Victor was arrested and was about to face a trial when he was sprung by a dwarf named Branhilde. On her travels to Iarishea searching for recruits for the Solution Society she heard the local gossip about Victor, if that was his real name, and offered to buy the criminal for a song. She found his angle one that the Society could use, and he was handy with a weapon!
Victor’s first stint did not go too well and Branhilde has been rethinking her decision. Still, he showed some promise with his elaborate scheme so she will give him, and the rest of the misfits who botched a few jobs a chance to sink or swim, literally right off of the island of Baylor!

Scam - I forge documents.
Personality Trait - I lie about almost everything, even when there is no good reason to.
Ideal – I’m determined to make something of myself.
Bond – I fleeced the wrong person and I must work to ensure that this individual never crosses paths with me or those I care about.
Flaw – I can’t resist swindling people who are more powerful than me.