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Full Name

Varidenel Daudadomur


| EAC 14 KAC 15 | SP 8 HP 14 RP 4 | Fort -1, Ref +6, Will +1 (+2 vs enchantment, immune magical sleep)


| subzero ice carbine +4 (1d8 C/P; 60’), surv knife +4 (1d4 S) | Spells lvl 1: 2/3 | Paradox 2/2, Focal 1/1 | Active Conditions:* N/A


Precog 2 (Doomed Future) | Init +7 | Percep +8 (low-light vis), SM + 6 | Speed 30’, Stealth +8

About Varidenel Daudadomur

Varidenel Daudadomur
Male elf dream prophet[pw] precog 2 Galactic Magic 8
N Medium humanoid (elf)
Init +7; Senses low-light vision; Perception +8
Boons slotted: Multidisciplinary Approach - +1 circumstance bonus to Life Science


Defense SP 8 HP 14 RP 4
EAC 14; KAC 15
Fort -1; Ref +6; Will +1; +2 vs. enchantment spells and effects
Immunities magical sleep
Speed 30 ft.
Melee survival knife +4 (1d4 S; operative, thrown, analog)
Ranged subzero ice carbine +4 (1d8 C/P; automatic) or
. . survival knife +1 (1d4 S; operative, thrown, analog)
Precog Spells Known (CL 2nd)
. . 1st (3/day)—comprehend customs[COM], death's door[GM] (DC 14), overheat (DC 14)
. . 0 (at will)—injury echo[GM] (DC 13), psychokinetic hand, stumble[GM] (DC 13), token spell, vanishing trick[GM]
Str 10 (+0); Dex 16 (+3); Con 9 (-1); Int 16 (+3); Wis 12 (+1); Cha 10 (+0)
Skills Acrobatics +8, Athletics +0 (+8 to jump), Bluff +4, Culture +8, Diplomacy +4, Life Science +5*, Mysticism +9 (+13 to identify a magic item, +13 to arm or disarm traps), Perception +8, Piloting +8 (2 ranks), Profession (Archaeologist) +11, Sense Motive +6, Stealth +8; (reduce the DC of Mysticism checks by 5 when identifying spells as they are being cast and to recalling knowledge about arcane symbols and magic traditions)
* Includes +1 circumstance bonus from Multidisciplinary Approach boon
Feats Improved Initiative
Languages Aklo, Azlanti, Castrovelian, Common, Drow, Elven, Eoxian, Sylvan
Other Abilities elven immunities, elven magic, paradox[GM], shunt condition[GM]
Combat Gear medpatch, mk I serums of healing (2); Other Gear second skin (upgrade: leapers), subzero ice carbine with 1 battery (20 charges)[AR], survival knife, aura-translation kit[AR], battery, book (magical theory - prophecy)[AR], datapad[AR], everyday clothing, fire extinguisher, flashlight portable light, holy book (livarian dreamers)[AR], hygiene kit, lighter[AR], personal log (physical book)[AR], professional's tools, starfinder backpack[AR], starstone compass, trapsmith's tools, credstick (809 credits)


ACP Boons:
Multidisciplinary Approach (Cognates, Social Boon): The Cognates believe that a multidisciplinary approach to knowledge is fundamental to the future stability of the Starfinder Society, and you have cultivated contacts in a variety of fields of study. When slotting this boon, select either Life Science, Mysticism, or Physical Science. You gain a circumstance bonus to that skill check equal to half your current Cognates Reputation Tier (rounding up).

Doomed Future:
Doomed Future You are cursed with visions of a terrible future. Whether it’s the distant awakening of a Great Old One, a post-apocalyptic realm where automatons have conquered the stars, a magical cataclysm triggered by well-intentioned experiments, or a future where the Swarm encompasses all known worlds, a seemingly inevitable future is inseparably linked with your consciousness. Though you can see only glimpses of this doomed future, you struggle to avoid it, hoping your actions will eventually change the terrifying visions you receive.
Focal Paradox (1st level): Fortitude saving throws
Improved Anchor (9th level): Visions of your future haunt you, but also provide insight into what is to come. Once per day when you regain your spells, you gain a free paradox of 20 that you can use only on a skill check made to recall knowledge.
Greater Anchor (15th level): When you succeed at a Fortitude save against an effect that normally has a partial effect on a successful save, you instead suffer no effect.
(Galactic Magic, p. 11)

Paradox (Su) - 1st Level
Your unique relationship with time allows you to dexterously manipulate its flow at key moments, allowing you to know what's going to happen before it transpires. Each day when you regain your spell slots, you also gain a number of paradoxes equal to 1 + half your Dexterity modifier (minimum 2) and lose any unused paradoxes from the previous day. Whenever you gain these or any other paradoxes, roll 1d20 for each and record the result associated with that paradox. You can never reroll paradoxes.
Many precog abilities allow you to use a paradox in place of a specific d20 roll you would make, using the paradox's associated result instead of rolling a random result. The paradox functions in every way like a normally rolled die; a paradox of 1 functions as a natural 1, and a paradox of 20 functions as a natural 20. You can't use a paradox for a die that has already been rolled or rerolled, and you can't reroll a paradox. Some precog abilities simply require you to use a paradox without using its associated result. Regardless of how you use a paradox, it is lost and can't be used again.
At 1st level, you can use a paradox in place of your d20 roll for an ability score check or caster level check. In addition, you can use a paradox on a d20 roll associated with your anchor's focal paradox; once per day when you do, you immediately gain a new paradox.
At 3rd level, you can also use paradoxes in place of your initiative checks, Reflex saving throws, and skill checks (for skills in which you are trained).
At 5th level, you can also use paradoxes in place of your attack rolls, Fortitude and Will saving throws, and skill checks (for skills in which you are untrained).
Modification for Starfinder Society Play: Paradoxes cannot be used on secret rolls or other rolls that the GM makes (such as those to disable devices).

Temporal Anomolies:

Shunt Condition (Su)

Source Galactic Magic pg. 13
You can delay the onset of dangerous conditions. As a reaction when you or an ally would gain the shaken, sickened, or staggered condition, you can use a paradox to delay the onset of the condition for a number of rounds equal to half the paradox (minimum 1).