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Vaelkas wrote:
The soul weaver has an ability on their table called Nexus Powers but there is no seperate bolded heading for it in the class desciption. Instead the Bound Nexus ability seems to include all the nexus powers in it. Also while the table seems to indicate that you gain a limited number of Nexus Powers, the text does not mention this. Instead it implys that you can use any of them when you are the appropriate level. So how do the Nexus Powers work?

My apologies, I figured out the Nexus Powers become available at those levels like deeds. Just a moment of unfiltered stupidity by me. The first part of my post still seems to be appropriate though.

The soul weaver has an ability on their table called Nexus Powers but there is no seperate bolded heading for it in the class desciption. Instead the Bound Nexus ability seems to include all the nexus powers in it. Also while the table seems to indicate that you gain a limited number of Nexus Powers, the text does not mention this. Instead it implys that you can use any of them when you are the appropriate level. So how do the Nexus Powers work?

Something to keep in mind.

I don't own them but you may want to check out Dragons Revisited and Dragons Unleashed. They could have what you are looking for.

Do androids need to sleep?

I know they are humanoid so they should, but if they aren't subject to fatigue or exhaustion how do they know when to sleep?

What happens if an android decides to stay up for a day or 2?

Off Topic:
Also what is they difference between "immune" and "not subject to"?

Does this stack with the Pathfinder Advantage?

Ravingdork wrote:

How do you determine the spell level for a WoP combination that is not shown on the Effect Words Combination table?

For example, what level spell is a 3/2 combination, or a 4/5, or a 1/2/3?

3/2= 5th level (3/3)

3/2/1= 6th level (3/3/3)

One of the example spells (selected alignment shield enhance form grave bane) is a 4/2/1 combo and the last line notes that alignment shield (1st level word) could be swapped for a 2nd level word without changing the level of the spell. PRD link

DarthPinkHippo wrote:
Have a link!

There you go.

A couple of quick questions:

1. Will there be any new bardic masterpieces in this?

2. Any new talismanic components? Midgard specific ones perhaps?

Thanks for any answers.

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Dale McCoy Jr wrote:
We have sold a grand total of 23 copies so far. 20 was my first goal which here a second spell word PDF. So I will get to work on that. We are still short of my goal for a full redo of the rules so if you have not yet picked up a copy, show your support and download Book of Magic : 10 Undead Spell Words today.

Fixed that for you and purchased.

IQuarent wrote:

So they age and die at the same rate as humans? Great, now I have to rewrite his whole backstory... :/

I believe you, but I'm interested to know where James stated this...
James Jacobs wrote:


I'm going to try to get the ARG errataed so that aasimars and tieflings reach adulthood and have starting ages equal to humans. Because beyond the two contradictions Mort pointed out above...

** spoiler omitted **

A quick glance at the other race ages listed in the ARG and all those look fine—either they're like drow or svirfneblin and have always had established ages, or they're new races who haven't had significant NPC appearances that rely heavily upon their childhood history being on a time scale equal to that of a human.

Now... I suppose I COULD say "Tieflings and aasimars age differently in Golarion," but that's super obnoxious. The rulebooks don't have a built-in campaign setting, but Golarion DOES assume you're using the rulebooks, and as such, what's in the rulebooks SHOULD match what happens in Golarion as much as possible.



thejeff wrote:
Grick wrote:
thejeff wrote:
Yes there is a bonus to stealth checks, just like that section says. It's the same thing as the one you add to the Perception DC. When you're invisible you're harder to detect.
So you're claiming the bonus to stealth checks applies even when no stealth check is being made?

If you want to phrase it that way.

When trying to detect a moving invisible creature it's 20 points harder than if he wasn't invisible. That's what I'm claiming.

If you call those points a bonus to stealth checks and add them to the creature's stealth roll, that works. If you just add those points to the Perception DC, that works too.

Not really. If you go by this then a Ninja 20 with 25 Dex (+7 Mod) and maxed stealth (+3 class skill) has a DC 30 to be noticed standing naked less then 10 ft. away from you. You know since he has a +30 stealth bonus. Also wouldn't the DC to even notice an invisible creature be stealth bonuses +20 since your stealth bonus sets the perception DC to begin with by this interpretation?

If said ninja then uses vanishing trick is the DC 50 to notice him then (DC 70 to pin point)? What if he has a cloak of elven kind (+5 to stealth) does that also make him harder to notice just by wearing it? Even if he isn't using stealth? I'm pretty confused how a stealth bonus is being used when stealth is not.

How about an example if the above ninja has skill focus (stealth), stealthy, and the cloak of elven kind and then uses vanishing trick what is the DC to notice/pin point him while he is standing still not using stealth? I get a DC 20 to notice and DC 40 to pin point. Or should it be +20 (invisibility) +20 (standing still) +23 (stealth ranks plus class skill) +6 (skill focus) +4 (stealthy) +5 (cloak of elven kind) = DC 78 because a stealth bonus applies whether you used stealth or not?

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Pg. 51 Pistolero - Up Close and Deadly.

The first line of the deed implies that you get to choose to spend your grit when you hit, but the third line says you must spend the grit before the attack roll. I believe this needs to be clarified.

Up Close and Deadly:
Up Close and Deadly wrote:
Up Close and Deadly (Ex): At 1st level, when the pistolero hits a target with a one-handed firearm that is not making a scatter shot, she can spend 1 grit point to deal 1d6 points of extra damage on a hit. If she misses with the attack, she grazes the target, dealing half the extra damage anyway. She must choose to spend the grit point before she makes the attack roll. This is precision damage and is not multiplied if the attack is a critical hit. This precision damage increases to 2d6 at 5th level, to 3d6 at 10th level, to 4d6 at 15th level, and to 5d6 at 20th level. This precision damage stacks with sneak attack and other forms of precision damage. This deed replaces the deadeye deed.

Also on the same page under the Mysterious Stranger the Clipping Shot deed lets you do half the damage of an attack that missed for 1 grit, but the last line says; The cost of using this deed cannot be reduced with the Signature Deed feat, the true grit class feature, or any similar effect. I think that Up Close and Deadly should have this line as well. Even though it is only doing half of the precision damage this is still a little to good in my opinion. My apologies if either of these were brought up already I didn't read the whole thread.

You could try the 1 on 1 adventures by Expeditious Retreat. I have never used them but they may be just the thing you are looking for.

Hello and congratulations everyone. I'm not a backer yet but I was wondering through which site would the 3PP PDFs be fulfilled? Would it be through,, or some other site? Sorry if this has been asked and answered somewhere else I didn't find it.

About the whole TWF and order of attacks, I dug up an old post (2008) from Jason Bulmahn about this.

Jason Bulmahn wrote:

Page 139 of the Beta, first paragraph. It states that you must take your attacks in order from highest to lowest, and that if you are wielding two weapons, you can choose which ones to attack with first. That makes it seem to me like you cannot swap back and forth between hands, and must choose one to attack with first, going from highest to lowest, before repeating this with the other hand.

That said, I am not really sure this is absolutely necessary.

Jason Bulmahn
Lead Designer
Paizo Publishing


Now that is from the Beta so things may have changed, but it is all I could find. If things have changed Mr. Bulmahn will have to let us know, but the language under Full-Round Actions still seems to support this interpretation.

Personally I would probably go all Monk using the Ki Mystic and Weapon Adept archetypes. Then pick up Spider Step and Cloud Step which combined with a monks High Jump should simulate the wuxia style of running up walls and gliding through the air with no problems. The Crane Style line I think shows how in the movie Li Mu Bai was never really the aggressor in the fights and offers some more AC eventually. Use an adamantine Jian* as your weapon and you should be golden.


Luven Lightfingers Gear & Treasure Shop pg.8 and 12
Jian Cost 17gp Dmg(S) 1d6 DMG(M) 1d8 Critical 19-20x2 Range - Weight 4lbs. Type S Special monk
Jian: A specially balanced longsword with a sleek hilt, sans-cross guard and a similarly styled pommel. The pommel often has a swivel for attaching a ribbon, cord, or horsehair plume, the movements of which emphasize the fluid motions of the blade or are used to distract the opponent. Anyone proficient with a longsword can also use a jian.

Sounds like what you want is this ability

ARG pg.235 wrote:
Frenzy (2 RP): Prerequisites: None; Benefit: Once per day, whenever a member of this race takes damage, it flies into a frenzy for 1 minute, gaining a +2 racial bonus to Constitution and Strength, but a –2 penalty to AC.

it is and advanced trait. Your race sounds like angry Tanuki to me.

Samsung Galaxy S and Asus Transformer tf101 with keyboard. Looking forward to some great apps keep up the great work paizo!

Ah. Dang you're right. I wonder if Ironskin would stack with any of the archetypes that replace flurry hmm. Anyways thanks for pointing that out Cheapy.

Cheapy wrote:
Petty Alchemy wrote:
Vaelkas wrote:

EDIT: Also I am really liking the Ironskin Monk Archetype for Hobgoblins (and that picture of the hobgoblin is sweet). Take a level in fighter and you have a monk in plate mail!
Tell me more, tell me more (like does he have a car?)

Nope, no car :p

The Ironskin monk is, as the name says, a monk based on shrugging off attacks. Rather than focusing on mobility, they focus on ... tanking, almost. It replaces the Wisdom to AC and the AC bonus, but unfortunately (for the platemail idea at least) still loses Flurry of Blows and Fast Movement if he wears armor.

Actually the only thing he should lose from the armor would be Resilience (Evasion for Fort saves). Tough as Nails replaces Fast Movement so no worries there. I don't see any thing in flurry of blows that says you lose it in armor, am I missing something?

Flurry of Blows:
PRD wrote:

Flurry of Blows (Ex): Starting at 1st level, a monk can make a flurry of blows as a full-attack action. When doing so he may make one additional attack using any combination of unarmed strikes or attacks with a special monk weapon (kama, nunchaku, quarterstaff, sai, shuriken, and siangham) as if using the Two-Weapon Fighting feat (even if the monk does not meet the prerequisites for the feat). For the purpose of these attacks, the monk's base attack bonus from his monk class levels is equal to his monk level. For all other purposes, such as qualifying for a feat or a prestige class, the monk uses his normal base attack bonus.

At 8th level, the monk can make two additional attacks when he uses flurry of blows, as if using Improved Two-Weapon Fighting (even if the monk does not meet the prerequisites for the feat).

At 15th level, the monk can make three additional attacks using flurry of blows, as if using Greater Two-Weapon Fighting (even if the monk does not meet the prerequisites for the feat).

A monk applies his full Strength bonus to his damage rolls for all successful attacks made with flurry of blows, whether the attacks are made with an off-hand or with a weapon wielded in both hands. A monk may substitute disarm, sunder, and trip combat maneuvers for unarmed attacks as part of a flurry of blows. A monk cannot use any weapon other than an unarmed strike or a special monk weapon as part of a flurry of blows. A monk with natural weapons cannot use such weapons as part of a flurry of blows, nor can he make natural attacks in addition to his flurry of blows attacks.

EDIT: Added the bit about Tough as Nails.

Patrick McGrath wrote:
Matthew Morris wrote:
Patrick McGrath wrote:

What is the book is good stuff, but I was a bit disappointed there were not any trapfinding archetypes, unless I messed them.

Something like the Divine Disarmer: a halfling based Inquisitor archetype would have been cool.

Sounds like a KQ pitch to me :-)

Kobold Quarterly

EDIT: Also I am really liking the Ironskin Monk Archetype for Hobgoblins (and that picture of the hobgoblin is sweet). Take a level in fighter and you have a monk in plate mail!

James Jacobs commented on the age thing for tiefling and aasimar here.

Well it's your game and if that it's what works for you then do it (as long as you're the GM otherwise get permission first). Just realize that the system might not balance out so well with the higher level spells. Its not like James Jacobs and all the other designers are going to come to your house and make you do it "the right way" whatever that is.

kevin_video wrote:

Has anyone figured out how to do the SLA for custom races? Like how many points it costs per level for X number of days? Looking for a point cost on doing a 9th level spell 3/day and my total came to 27 RP. Somehow I think that's incredibly high considering the drow noble only cost 6 RP for all of theirs. I'm sure I'm reading something wrong.

Also, am I the only one who noticed that there's no fast healing or regen abilities? So we can play a bugbear but not a troll?

Well first off the rules only support giving up to a 4th level spell as a spell-like ability with the advanced trait (Spell-Like Ability, Greater pg. 231). So unless you bend the rules a bit you couldn't do a 9th level spell, but if you do then yes a 9th level spell 3/day would be 27RP. As for the drow noble I have them listed as:

Drow Noble:
spell-like ability, lesser 1RP (Divine Favor)
spell-like ability, greater 6RP (Dispel Magic, Suggestion)
spell-like ability, constant 3RP (Detect Magic)
spell-like ability, at will 16RP (Dancing Lights, Deeper Darkness, Faerie Fire, Feather Fall, and Levitate)

Those all seem to add up right to me and can be found on pg. 242. Fast healing is under Defense Racial Traits pg. 224 and costs 6RP and can be taken multiple times but increases by 1RP each time. Hope that helps.

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Archetypes and Sample Races:
Chapter 1
Dwarf - Exarch (Inquisitor), Foehammer(Fighter), Forgemaster (Cleric), Stonelord (Paladin).
Elves - Ancient Lorekeeper (Oracle), Spell Dancer (Magus), Spellbinder (Wizard), Treesinger (Druid).
Gnomes - Experimental Gunsmith (Gunslinger), Prankster (Bard), Saboteur (Alchemist).
Half-Elves - Bramble Brewer (Alchemist), Bonded Witch (Witch), Wild Caller (Summoner), Wild Shadow (Ranger).
Half-Orcs - Blood God Disciple (Summoner), Hateful Rager (Barbarian), Redeemer (Paladin), Skulking Slayer (Rogue).
Halflings - Community Guardian (Oracle), Filcher (Rogue), Order of the Paw (Cavalier), Underfoot Adept (Monk).
Human - Buccaneer (Gunslinger), Feral Child (Druid), Imperious Bloodline (Sorcerer), Wanderer (Monk).

Chapter 2

Aasimars - Purifier (Oracle), Tranquil Guardian (Paladin).
Catfolk - Cat Burglar (Rogue), Nimble Guardian (Monk).
Dhampirs - Cruoromancer (Wizard), Kinslayer (Inquisitor).
Drow - Cavern Sniper (Fighter), Demonic Apostle (Cleric).
Fetchlings - Dusk Stalker (Ranger), Shadow Caller (Summoner).
Goblins - Feral Gnasher (Barbarian), Fire Bomber (Alchemist).
Hobgoblins - Fell Rider (Cavalier), Ironskin Monk (Monk).
Ifrits - Immolator (Inquisitor), Wishcrafter (Sorcerer).
Kobolds - Bushwhacker (Gunslinger), Kolbold Sorcerer (Sorcerer Bloodline).
Orcs - Dirty Fighter (Fighter), Scarred Witch Doctor (Witch).
Oreads - Shaitan Binder (Summoner), Student of Stone (Monk).
Ratfolk - Gulch Gunner (Gunslinger), Plague Bringer (Alchemist).
Sylphs - Sky Druid (Druid), Wind Listener (Wizard).
Tengus - Shigenjo (Oracle), Swordmaster (Rogue).
Tieflings - Fiend Flayer (Magus), Fiendish Vessel (Cleric).
Undines - Undine Adpet (Druid), Watersinger (Bard).

Chapter 3

Changlings - Dreamweaver (Witch).
Duergar - Gray Disciple (Monk).
Gillmen - Eldritch Raider (Rogue).
Gripplis - Bogborn Alchemist (Alchemist).
Kitsune - Kitsune Trickster (Rogue).
Merfolk - Wave Warden (Ranger).
Nagaji - Naga Aspirant (Druid).
Samsarans - Reincarnated Oracle (Oracle).
Strix - Airborne Ambusher (Fighter).
Sulis - Elemental Knight (Magus).
Svirfneblin - Deep Bomber (Alchemist).
Vanaras - Treetop Monk (Monk).
Vishkanyas - Deadly Courtesan (Rogue).
Wayangs - Shadow Puppeteer (Bard).

Chapter 4 Sample Races

Centaur 28RP
Drider 35RP
Gargoyle 36RP
Gnoll 6RP
Lizardfolk 8RP
Ogre 23RP
Gathlain 12RP (Fey with plant wings)
Kasatha 20 RP (Four-armed humanoid)
Trox 28 RP (Large Monstrous Humanoid)
Wyrwood 20RP (Construct)
Wyvaran 17RP (Dragon)

Edit: Added Foehammer it is missing from the list at the beginning of the chapter that i was going off of. Thanks Foghammer!

The Magic Tail feat is indeed from a list but you must take them in order, sorry about any confusion with that. Catfolk get Cat Burglar (Rogue) and Nimble Guardian (Monk). Kolbolds get Bushwhacker (Gunslinger) and Kolbold Sorcerer Bloodline.

Mandra the Shredder wrote:

oooh cool, are the spells interesting/worthwhile? Also does the feat allow you to take the same spell twice? effectively gaining it as a 4/day?

Also what do you think of the race creation rules if you've looked them over yet? Did they add any near racial types such as Dragon?

Ok first off I'm not used to posting from my phone at work so that is why all my answers have been short.

You gain a new spell 2/day each time you take it no doubling up on them. So if you take it 8 times you get all the spells (disguise self, charm person, invisibility, etc.).

I have only briefly looked over the race creation rules but dragon, construct, undead, half-construct, half-undead and more are all in there. Everything seems pretty neat but like I said I'm at work and haven't really read it all yet.

Mandra the Shredder wrote:
Vaelkas wrote:
Nope just have to be a kitsune.
Any chance for a bit more info on the magical tail feat? Like is there a list of spells you can choose for it or is it just one spell and you get more uses of that spell when you take the feat multiple times?

There are 8 spells to choose from and you get them 2/day each.

Nope just have to be a kitsune.

dunebugg wrote:
For any of those who have already: what kind of nlikeew Kitsune feats are there?

They get 2 new feats;

Magical Tail - gain a spell-like ability and grow a tail, you can take it 8 times.
Realistic Likeness - look like someone you have encountered when you use your change shape ability +10 on disguise check.


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I think converting the Vampire Lord Template would be your best bet, though they are pretty dang powerful. Good luck however you decide to go.

Thank you!

Would it be possible to change the Advanced Race Guide into a subscription to the RPG main line and have it start with the ARG instead? Or will I have to cancel that order and place the subscription order myself?

Ashiel wrote:
KaeYoss wrote:
Wounds and Vigour: The fact that some effects can directly target vigour (i.e. negative damage) seems to be problematic. Channel negative energy has just become way scary.

Good lord, clerics become really terrifying with that system. Especially if they used some incense of meditation recently. That can turn many of the mid level inflict spells into save or dies or just dies. For example, cause serious wounds (3rd level) maximized deals up to 39 damage with a will save for half. With an 18 Con, that will 1-shot you on a failed save, and put you in critical/staggered condition on a successful save.

Some encounters would be effective impossible to overcome like that too. 12 1st level clerics (like a small cult) is only around CR 6. Except they could all just open the battle with Channel Energy and deal 42 wound damage, save vs 12 for up to 1/2 damage. You'd need a 21 Constitution to avoid getting 1-shot like that.

Umm, while channel is deadly under this system it isn't quite that deadly.

PRD wrote:
Negative Energy Damage: When a creature deals negative energy damage to a creature with a spell or effect, it can choose to deal wound point or vigor point damage (but not both) with the spell or effect. If that creature chooses to deal vigor point damage, the spell or effect deals negative energy damage normally, and that damage reduces vigor points only, even if it deals more damage than the target has vigor points. If the spell or effect deals negative energy damage to wound points directly, it deals an amount of wound point damage equal to the number of dice the creature would roll for that effect; if the effect deals a number of points per caster level (such as the harm spell), it deals a number of wound points equal to the caster level of the spell.

Also even though I like some of these variant systems (Wounds and Vigor and Words of Power from Ultimate Magic) I haven't used any of them as they kinda feel unfinished to me.

JiCi wrote:
Gluttony wrote:
Ashe: Magi can't normally take familiars, but with Eldritch Heritage and the arcane bloodline they can have one.
Oh, thought so...

Actually a Magus may gain a familiar as an arcana LINK