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Why does the Monk dedication list becoming trained in unarmed attacks as a bonus when everyone is already trained in them?

There are two ideas I had for barbarians. The first is to allow the rage bonus to damage to apply to weapons with the thrown property in addition to the current list. This would somewhat help with the ranged issue they currently have by allowing even the less powerful weapons like darts to be more effective. The other change would be allowing barbarians to add half their rage bonus to attacks. If this happened, here's what their bonus hit chance would look like compared to a fighter.

Level____Barb (while raging)____Fighter
1____________+1___________________+1 with non-exotic weapons
3____________+1___________________+2 with chosen weapon group
7____________+2___________________+2 with weapon group
13___________+3 (weapon fury)_____+3 with weapon group
15___________+4___________________+3 with weapon group
19___________+4___________________+3 with all non-exotic weapons

If weapon fury was removed, then that would place the barbarian just behind the fighter in terms of innate accuracy when they're raging.

There's also a part of me that wants rage to grant an athletic bonus, but that's because I've played 5e which gives barbarians advantage (roll 2 d20, keep the highest) on strength checks while raging. 5e is also why I'd like to see the barbarian's resistance show up earlier than level 9 (5e raging resistance is a flat half damage from bludgeoning, piercing, and slashing attacks with extra damage types included based on the subclass you pick, and it's given at level 1).

It's not exact, but the description of the Potent trait suggests that ability increases are retroactive.



When you invest an item that has the potent trait, it improves one of your ability scores, either increasing it by 2 or increasing it to a total of 18, whichever grants the higher score. This gives you the benefits of the new ability score: increasing Intelligence lets you become trained in an additional skill, increasing Charisma adds to your Resonance Points, increasing Constitution gives you more Hit Points, and so on. These benefits go away once the investiture runs out.
A potent item grants this benefit only the first time it’s invested within a 24-hour period, and you can benefit from only one potent item at a time. If you attempt to invest a potent item when you already have one invested, you don’t gain the ability score increase, though you do gain any other effects of investing the item.

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Gain a +2 conditional bonus to damage rolls with melee weapons and unarmed Strikes. The bonus is halved if your weapon or unarmed Strike is agile. This bonus increases by 1 at level 3 and every 4 levels thereafter.

This is unambiguous. You can deal extra damage with any melee attack, but I'm curious if it would make sense to allow barbarians to also get this bonus damage with thrown weapons. The most common narrative reasoning for the extra damage is your rage makes you stronger, and therefore hit harder. This narrative seems like it should also apply to thrown weapons, to me at least. Though an interesting note, a barbarian can still get the bonus damage while using a finesse weapon and attacking with DEX. I can see not getting the bonus damage with bows, but only because there isn't any sort of overdraw mechanic.

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Hello all. Because I had nothing else to do today, I went through the entire magic item chapter and looked at what they make you spend resonance on. I've compiled my thoughts about them and what I'd change below. I've also split the items up by groups and ordered them by level.

These changes haven't been made with any extensive thought towards balance (excluding items that give access to spells, where I just shrug because I don't know how to balance spells that just cost resonance) or necessary/potential price changes, just by what feels right to me in regards to resonance usage.

The first change I'd make is that crafting any magic item would require investing in the project each day you work on it, if for no other reason than to give a narrative reason for why most consumables no longer need resonance to use.

Alchemical Items:
There should be no resonance cost to use or make them.
I’d go one of two routes. Either every activation for ammunition is changed to trigger on a hit, or you can regain the spent resonance if you miss and can recover the piece of ammunition. This might require explicitly stating whether or not ammunition is destroyed on use.

  • Bracers of Armor (2+)-no problems
  • Sturdy Shield (2+)-where are the master and legendary wooden and steel shields?
  • Bracers of Missile Deflection (3)-Why do these need to be invested? They only work when activated.
  • Magic Armor (3+)-no problems
  • Ghoul Hide (5)-no problems
  • Lion’s Shield (6)-no problems
  • Spellguard Shield (6)-It seems odd that this gives a somewhat passive bonus without needing to use any resonance. I’m not complaining though
  • Dragonslayer’s Shield (9)-Same as above
  • Forge Warden (9)-other than the passive, no problems
  • Rhino Hide (9)-no problems
  • Breastplate of Command (10)-Why the 1/day limit?
  • Celestial Armor (10)-Why the 1/day limit?
  • Demon Armor (10)-There’s no damage die listed for the deadly trait. And another 1/day
  • Electric Eelskin (10)-Are the two activation actions the Somatic and Verbal actions for shocking grasp? If so, it should only cost 1 resonance to cast it
  • Arrow-Catching Shield (11)-no problems
  • Mail of Luck (12)-Remove the 1/day. If you’re getting crit enough to use it multiple times a week, you’re having a bad week.
  • Barding of the Zephyr (13)-no problems
  • Floating Shield (13)-no problems
  • Plate Armor of the Deep (13)-no problems
  • Reflecting Shield (17)-no problems
  • Indestructible Shield (18)-seems like the level is too high

Overall: The shields seem to follow their own rules that let them give passive bonuses without needing any resonance, but most of the armors seem to work fine as is.
I’d make oils cost resonance to craft, but not to use.
  • Anklets of Alacrity (14)-the acrobatics bonus doesn’t seem to require investment
  • Belt of Giant Strength (14)-activation seems extremely specific, but only the strength increase seems to require investment
  • Belt of Regeneration (14)-the regeneration effect seem weak, but also only seems limited by resonance
  • Circlet of Persuasion (14)-skill bonus doesn’t require investment
  • Diadem of Intellect (14)- skill bonus doesn’t require investment
  • Headband of Inspired Wisdom (14)-augury from your own instincts seems to imply that it should work differently than the spell
Overall: pretty good
I’d make potions cost resonance to craft, but not to use, and would adjust a few of the time limits; generally making them longer.
I’d make scrolls cost resonance equal to the spell level in them to craft, but not to use.
Use a resonance to add the charges when invested, no resonance to use the spells in the staff. Either slots or charges only.
  • I’d start by removing the consumable tag from almost all the trinkets. I’ll mention the ones I would keep as consumables.
  • Jade Cat (1)-Why do you have to be trained in Acrobatics to use in? I could see it as a crafting requirement
  • Owlbear Claw (1)-Is there any character who can get expert proficiency with a weapon and doesn’t get access to its critical specialization? Move the requirement to a crafting requirement.
  • Potency Crystal (1)-2gp to spend resonance to replicate a +1 weapon. Just let it serve as a stopgap until you can buy/craft an actual +1 weapon.
  • Wolf Fang (1)-Shift the training requirement to a crafting requirement.
  • Bloodseeker Beak (2)-Does the bleed damage stack if you crit with a knife?
  • Returning Clasp (2)-It’s a cheaper version of returning, but costs resonance to use.
  • Feather Step Stone (3)-move the skill requirement to a crafting requirement
  • Monkey Pin (3)-move the skill requirement to a crafting requirement
  • Savior Spike (3)-move the skill requirement to a crafting requirement
  • Fear Gem (4)-move the trigger to when you hit
  • Bronze Bull Pendant (5)-I’d give it 2 triggers, before the roll to get a +2, and after the roll to avoid a crit fail. Also, move the skill requirement
  • Onyx Panther (5)-Move the skill requirement to a crafting requirement
  • Grim Trophy (6)-The trigger is fine, but move the skill requirement
  • Mesmerizing Opal (6)-Change the trigger to after the roll. Move the skill requirement
  • Mummified Bat (6)-Other than consumable, not problems.
  • Effervescent Ampoule (7)-Move the skill requirement
  • Murderer’s Knot (7)-Get rid of consumable.
  • Swift Block Cabochon (7)-I’m not sure if this one should stay a consumable or not. Maybe it lasts until the shield breaks?
  • Gallows Tooth (9)-This one specifically mentions breaking the trinket, so I’m okay with keeping it a consumable, though I wouldn’t mind removing it.
  • Iron Medallion (9)-Fine except for consumable
  • Vanishing Coin (9)-move the skill requirement
  • Emerald Grasshopper (10)-move the skill requirement
  • Mending Lattice (11)-move the skill requirement
  • Alabaster Reliquary (12)-Just remove consumable. Maybe it breaks with the shield.
  • Dazing Tremblant (12)-Remove the consumable
  • Obsidian Reliquary (12)-Same as the alabaster one, doesn’t break unless the shield does.
  • Sunstone Beads (13)-This skill requirement makes sense.
  • Viper’s Fang (14)-This might be too strong if the skill requirement is removed, but I’m not completely sure.
  • Ghost Dust (15)-move the skill requirement
  • Spell Sliver (17)-Remove the consumable

Overall: Most shouldn’t be consumable, but they still cost resonance to activate. Pretty much every proficiency requirement in a skill to use a trinket should be moved to be a requirement to craft it instead.
Choose either resonance, charges, or treat them like staves.
  • Handwraps of Might Fists (2+)-no issues
  • Magic Weapon (4+)-no issues
  • Dagger of Venom (5)-not sure about the 1/day, maybe make it cost more than 1 resonance to activate? Just removing the limit might be too powerful
  • Fighter’s Fork (5)-While this could be magical, I just imagine a Bloodborne trick weapon. I don’t think this should cost any resonance.
  • Bloodletting Kukri (6)-Does the bleed damage stack with the knife critical effect? Also, the THP seem useless for when you’re supposed to get access to this.
  • Javelin of Lightning (8)-It’s fine, but I’d prefer to be able to activate it on a hit, otherwise you just wasted and destroyed your weapon for nothing.
  • Spell Duelist’s Wand (8+)-I’m fine with these needing to be invested, but like the dagger of venom, I don’t know about the 1/day spells. “Resonance” number of disintegrates per day is too strong though.
  • Gloom Blade (9)-no problems
  • Flame Tongue (10+)-Maybe require investment in order to cast produce flame. Also has a 1/day. This one I’d be okay with just removing the limit.
  • Oathbow (10)-This makes sense for how to put time limits/restricted uses on a magic item.
  • Dwarven Thrower (13)-no problems
  • Holy Avenger (14)-Why can’t the action to detect alignment be the Interact Activation. Save the Command Activation for the dispel magic ability. Another 1/day also. Also, a Paladin can’t craft this alone without multiclassing to get the spells required.
  • Luck Blade (19)-I’d remove the 1/day reroll. At worst, you’d almost never roll a nat 1 again, though crit failing could still be possible.
  • Mattock of the Titans (19)-Remove the 1/day requirement on the earthquake replication. In one more level, a barbarian will be able to do the same thing once a minute.
  • Sky Hammer (19)-no problems

Overall: A lot of 1/days that I think should be removed, though I’m not sure what to replace it with on some of them.
This is the big section.
  • Aeon Stone (1+)-they seem fine
  • Brooch of Shielding (2)-it works, but tracking the number of missiles absorbed might be a little clumsy
  • Hand of the Mage (2)-no problem
  • Hat of Disguise (2+)-Is a superior disguise a mechanical term, or is that just qualitative for the spell disguising your voice and scent as well?
  • Doubling Rings (3+)-It’s a bummer about these not working with thrown weapons. I might add that ability to the level 11 versions (maybe pick 2: potency, property, or thrown)
  • Clandestine Cloak (5+)-Granting a spell is hard to balance without daily limits, so I’m not sure what to do about that.
  • Coyote Cloak (5+)-not bad, but the Survival skill (specifically foraging) seems a little weak
  • Crafter’s Eyepiece (5+)-I’m not really understanding the benefit of being able to make a temporary item while crafting
  • Hat of the Magi (5+)-I’d start by fixing prestidigitation. Also, more granted spells to balance.
  • Necklace of Fireballs (5+)-Reword it so it’s clear that you only have to spend 1 resonance to use the necklace.
  • Persona Mask (5+)-no problems
  • Phylactery of the Occult (5+)-no problems
  • Ring of the Ram (5+)-no problems. Even the cooldown makes sense. I’m picturing Harry Dresden’s force rings
  • Tracker’s Goggles (5+)-They’re functional, but boring.
  • Boots of Elvenkind (6+)-no problems
  • Choker of Elocution (6+)-I first misread this as a choker of electrocution. Very different item. No problems
  • Dancing Scarf (6+)-no problems
  • Demon Mask (6+)-I’d just remove the daily limit on this
  • Eyes of the Eagle (6)-no problems
  • Goggles of Night (6+)-it’s fine
  • Ring of Energy Resistance (6+)-no problems
  • Ring of Lies (6+)-no problems
  • Slippers of Spider Climbing (6)-Either get rid of the investment, or let the climb speed be for investing, and let an activation cause them to work on greased, icy, or oiled surfaces for 10 minutes
  • Alchemist Goggles (7+)-They work, though the 16th level version doesn’t mention anything about the screening penalty. I assume you still get to ignore it, but I don’t think it’s explicitly stated anywhere.
  • Boots of Bounding (7+)-While functional, they jump bonuses are very underwhelming
  • Gloves of Storing (7)-seems fine
  • Healer’s Gloves (7+)-These could be a possible solution to the current dearth of healing if you removed the daily limit.
  • Horseshoes of Speed (7+)-Like the boots of bounding, they work, but the jump bonus is underwhelming.
  • Phylactery of Faithfulness (7+)-The daily limit is here as well, but I’m okay with this one. Also, you shouldn’t have to have an item to be warned if you’re about to do something anathema. The GM should warn the player, then the player decides whether to go forward or not.
  • Ring of Wizardry (7+)-seems fine to me
  • Spell Duelist’s Gloves (8+)-Granting spells for resonance is hard to balance without daily limits
  • Armbands of Athleticism (9+)-They work, even if the extra bonus is a little boring.
  • Belt of the Five Kings (9)-no problems
  • Cloak of the Bat (9+)-It works. Not a fan of 1/day until you spend for the higher level version.
  • Collar of Inconspicuousness (9)-no problems
  • Knapsack of Halflingkind (9)-Like the bag of holding, I’m not sure what the cost should be, if any, of accessing extradimensional space.
  • Cloak of Elvenkind (10+)-It isn’t clear whether raising the hood to get a Stealth bonus costs resonance, but I’d make it free.
  • Daredevil Boots (10+)-These feel magical, especially if you have Cat Fall
  • Druid’s Vestments (10)-no problems
  • Messenger’s Ring (10+)-no problems
  • Ring of Counterspells (10)-no problems
  • Ring of Maniacal Devices (10+)-It’s unclear if you can get the thieves’ tools without using resonance. I’d say you could.
  • Cape of the Mountebank (11)-Remove the daily limit
  • Gorget of the Primal Roar (11)-Why can’t anyone activate this to do an AoE Intimidate? Why only those who are non-humanoid via a polymorph effect?
  • Robe of the Archmagi (11+)-The activation is powerful, but I’m not a fan of 1/day.
  • Ring of Climbing (12)-functional, if a little dull
  • Ring of Swimming (12)-functional, if dull. Reminder that you’ll still need a way to breath underwater.
  • Winged Boots (12)-They work, but the time limit of 1 minute seems short.
  • Robe of Eyes (17)-no problems
  • Whisper of the First Lie (17+)-no problems other than being unable to upgrade a 17th level Whisper if it’s already degraded from the 20th level version.
  • Inexplicable Apparatus (19)-This seems too high a level for what it does.
  • Third Eye (19)-These effects seem in line with a 19th level item.

Overall: Worn items are kind of all over the place. Some are fine, others have issues, but at least none of them seem completely terrible. Balancing for items that give access to spells for resonance seems like a nightmare to balance if you remove 1/day limits.
Everything else:
  • Feather Token (1+)-I’d remove the consumable tag and let them be returned to a feather by spending resonance.
  • Holy Water (1)-no problems
  • Runestone (1)-no problems. Maybe remove the consumable, but probably not.
  • Unholy Water (1)-no problems
  • Everburning Torch (2)-no problems
  • Wayfinder (2)-no problems
  • Bag of Holding (4+)-There’s a lot already written about bags of holding, and I’m somewhere between the “no resonance needed” and “spend 1 to invest in the morning” camps. It definitely shouldn’t cost multiple resonance to remove or place an item.
  • Divine Prayer Beads (5+)-get rid of the 1/day
  • Dust of Appearance (5)-no problems
  • Skeleton Key (5+)-not really a fan of putting in a daily limit just to remove it with a higher level item. I’d say to get rid of the level 5 version, but I wouldn’t want to get rid of the starter +2 [skill] item. I guess I’d leave it as is.
  • Thurible of Revelation (5+)-it’s fine
  • Chime of Opening (6)-It’s fine, but the 10 use limit has the same issues as wands.
  • Primeval Mistletoe (6+)-make the tree shape casting cost resonance instead of a daily limit, and make the planting of the mistletoe take time and resonance instead of a daily limit.
  • Traveler’s Any-Tool (6)-While it is magical, I’d probably let it work without spending any resonance.
  • Bottled Air (7)-no problems
  • Candle of Revealing (7)-How tiny is the candle if it can only burn for one minute? I feel the time limit isn’t quite right.
  • Candle of Truth (8)-Same as above, I think the time limit should be longer, though this one can’t be extinguished. I guess all high level/high profile dealings are either very terse, or both sides bring a stock of candles.
  • Dust of Disappearance (9)-no problems
  • Horn of Blasting (9)-make the two action activation cost 2 resonance instead of the daily limit
  • Immovable Rod (9)-remove the resonance cost. These things are too much fun to play around with as a party.
  • Elemental Gem (10)-no problems
  • Maestro’s Instrument (10)-The problem with most things that grant spell access is that they’d be too strong if the only cost was spending resonance. I don’t know a good way to balance them after removing their daily limits.
  • Doctor’s Marvelous Medicine (12+)-no problems
  • Possibility Tome (18)-no problems
  • Virtuoso’s Instrument (19)-Same problem with granting spells without a daily limit

Overall: most of the rest of the stuff is okay. The items that grant spells are an issue to balance right if the daily limits are removed.