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That's quite the change, sorcerers having four options for types of magic. And *primal* magic? Haven't seen that before. I'm intrigued.

I was (still am) hoping that the Oracle class remained an option in a future release, if not core, but a divine sorcerer overlaps so much mechanically with what Oracle was that I have to wonder if they have a future.

Hi folks,

Over on the pfsrd, I found a great page of community rules on conducting a foot race, some of which I incorporated into my own house rules. There's a chance I may post my house rules in the future, and though I'd expect this homebrew stuff doesn't demand citations the way academic and professional works would, I still want to be thorough and give credit. The problem is I didn't save the page address and haven't been able to find it again.

Therefore, I was wondering if someone has seen the rules on pfsrd before and could point me to the right page.

Again, it was from community generated rules. The key mechanic I incorporated from it was that if the participants didn't all share the same base speed, then those with base speeds higher than the slowest base speed got a +4 bonus on their upcoming die roll for every 5' their base speed exceeded the lowest base speed.