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I have a conundrum.

I originally tried out Pathfinder Society a little over 2 years ago, shortly after Ultimate Combat came out I think.

In my first, and only, day of playing scenarios, we ran through 3 of them in roughly 4 hours. All resulted in TPK's and, with further events afterwards, saw me and the rest of my pathfinder crew abandon Society play in my hometown, we stuck to home games after that.
Now I'd like to try it out again, as I just moved to a new area, I figure I'd give it another shot. It'll take me a while to repurchase the books I'll need, so I've got a bit of time to solve my next riddle of sorts.

Now, the problem is, the GM at the time didn't give out Chronicle sheets, and it's been a fair stretch of time as well. I even had to make a new paizo account, as I still have no idea what my first one was called, or which email address it was tied to.

I know that we aren't supposed to get credit for scenarios we've already played or read through, but I'm not sure which of the scenarios I've played.

Now I don't want to break any of the society's rule intentionally or not, do any of the more experienced players and/or GMs want to help me figure out which scenarios I've played?
I'd hate to figure it out midplay and possibly wreck the game for others. I'm fairly sure these were from 2 years ago, they may have been older.

First Scenario:

Sent the party on a mission to a warehouse to collect an item. I know we got in and avoided combat, much to my barbarian's dismay and were fairly fresh when the final encounter hit. It was a 'rival' group of pathfinders looking to take our prize for themselves, they had cornered us in an alleyway and we were forced into fight when they refused to talk to us.
I remember there being a wizard, or at least a spell caster anyway, who one shot our Oracle with a critical hit from her quarter staff in the surprise round, followed by the halfling barbarian raging and felling our cleric in a single blow. The wizard was top of the first round and took out our bard with another critical hit, leaving me alone, and I was put low trying to get our objective away and come back with help.

Second Scenario:

Involved dealing with an undead outbreak in a fishing village. I remember one of the characters freaking out after falling off one of the boats, as they couldn't swim.
We got there and investigated, finally cornering the culprit, an evil cleric, who channeled once and wiped most the party due to the wounds from dealing with the undead under the cleric's control. I do remember that our contact in the village was the mayor, who wanted us to find his missing daughter and bring her, or her corpse back.

Third Scenario:

The third one pitted us against kobolds, we fell for far too many traps, the fact that we had 2 clerics didn't save us from an early wipe as they both went down to a pit trap, one triggering, the other getting knocked in. I went down to an arrow trap in that first encounter, I don't think we even succeeded on a single Perception check that entire game. The hook was something about finding a missing farmer, who had disappeared in a mountain pass while taking his livestock to market.

Anyways, thanks in advance.

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I did search for this, thought my search-fu may be a little rusty. Found a single thread, on the general Pathfinder board, though nothing Society focused.

Half Elves have a feat called Elven Spirit. This feat gives them the Elven Racial Trait, Elven Magic, and an option to swap it for a different trait that replaces Elven Magic.

Now I'm wondering if we could swap it for Lightbringer.

Feat in cut.

Elven Spirit:

Prerequisite: Half-elf.

Benefit: You possess the elven magic racial trait of the elves, granting you a +2 racial bonus on caster level checks made to overcome spell resistance. In addition, you receive a +2 racial bonus on Spellcraft checks made to identify the properties of magic items. Alternatively, you can instead gain any one racial trait that elves can exchange for the elven magic racial trait.

Special: You can only take this feat at 1st level. If you take this feat, you cannot take the Human Spirit feat.

The traits which replace Elven Magic are: Desert Runner, Envoy, Eternal Grudge, Lightbringer, Silent Hunter, Spirit of the Waters and Woodcraft.
Spirit of the Waters is out as you need Weapon Familiarity, which Half Elves lack. Besides, the important part can be mimicked by Water Child.
Lightbringer again requires an additional cost of Elven Immunities, a trait that in name, form and function, both Races share.

So can it happen, legally within Pathfinder Societies?

And yes, I ask as I wish to play a glowing half elf when I give Society Play another try, hopefully better than my first time.