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For those with out of place animal companions or familiars, there is an oft unlocked upon ability that has cause untold amusement for me.
Share Spell is awesome, as you can Polymorph your companion into something else for the time in town. Anything from Alter Self to Vermin Shape.
Nothing says surprise than a tree turning into a Tiger, or a Halfling into an Eagle, or Butterfly into a Bear.
Be it from surprising bandits, smuggling a Bear into a ballroom or a cunning halfling/eagle swap in the middle of a neutral stronghold, it's an amazing and amusing ability.
Heck, I've even seen it be used to turn an Elemental Familiar into a skeleton along with it's master, so the fighter could (badly) impersonate a Necromancer.

Derailment aside though, an Ooze companion named Major Mucus is amusing. Much like my fascination with using an Awakened Goldfish Sorcerer as a villain in a dungeon.

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I am no longer allowed to build Muscle Wizards, be they powered by martial prowess, arcane might or cult of Personality.

I am no longer allowed to throw monkey wrenches in the GM's plot by killing a vital NPC and myself by falling down a set of stairs, off a ladder or balcony.

I am no longer allowed to suggest that we do things simple and straightforward, as the party will then devolve into Machiavellian scheming as something has to be up if I'm making reasonable suggestions.

I am no longer allowed to pull out an item of minor importance that the group picked up ages ago and use it to solve the complex puzzle the GM just laid out for us because he forgot we had it.

I am forever banned from having an actual chess game against the Half Ogre's player instead of simply role playing it.

I am no longer allowed to work with the GM and have the party find out I was the BBEG the whole time, and have me take over as the GM brings in the reoccurring villan to aid the party in the final battle.