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RPG Superstar 2013 Top 32

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- Something like the Witcher or Nathan Drake; an adventure game starring one of the iconics, Eando Kline or someone else?
- An update of Baldur's Gate style classic RPG, with gorgeous graphic and a dense, convoluted plot?
- A giant Golarion set MMORPG?
- A fantasy version of For Honor, with the iconics duking it out in some famous Golarion locations?
- Something else entirely?

I'd love to hear your ideas

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Hi all, I’m building a character who is a warrior who has previously been seduced by, and made to serve for many years, a fey such as a dryad or nymph. He know carries a small wondrous item which provides some protection from future attacks of this nature. I could homebrew an item, but I wondered whether an item of this nature already existed in Pathfinder, or in 3rd edition D&D. Anyone have any ideas? Wealth-by-level isn’t an issue.

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Hey all,

Any suggestions for an appropriate deity for a tiefling serpent shaman (druid archetype) who is to embark on the Serpent's Skull adventure path? I'd like her to be good, or at the very least neutral aligned. Poison and the jungle are significant themes.


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Hi folks,

When it comes to RPGs, the world-building and lore are always what engages and excites me. I’ve enjoyed exploring Golarion, and prior to that the Forgotten Realms.

I’m curious to learn more about Greyhawk as a campaign setting; to get a sense of Oerth as a place. I know that Greyhawk’s evolution as a campaign setting was not as straightforward as other ‘game-worlds’, largely because it was one of the first.

If I really wanted to get a taste for Greyhawk, what five books/modules/accessories would fans recommend?

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Hey all,

I'd rather like to explore the Pathfinder comics, but as a comics noob I'm not sure how this should be done. I want digital formats rather than something physical - pdf like the other Pathfinder products would be super, but I can't seem to find this in the store. Ideally I want to start with the 'hardcover' compilation of Dark Waters Rising.

Where should I be looking?

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Hi all,

I'm building an NPC evil human wizard who'll be serving as a spy for your typical 'evil cult taking over the kingdom'. His main focus is building a ring of informants to report to him and obtaining new magic (be it spells or items) from his enemies. He's 7th level and doesn't have a familiar.

Any suggestions as to suitable feats or spells - either mechanical or flavourful.

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Hi All,

I'm building an orc villain (10th level barbarian). Part of his schtick is being ugly; so hideously ugly that I'd like it to have some mechanical ramifications. Are there any feats that represent such a thing (perhaps providing Intimidate bonuses or some such)?

He also hails from the Darklands. I remember there being a Close Quarter Fighting feat back in 3rd ed, does Pathfinder have anything similar?


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It looks like the magus in my campaign is soon to acquire a new spellbook, and I want to add a few 'rare' spells by adapting some suitable spells from 3.5 that never made it into Pathfinder.

Any suggestions for 3.5 spells (or from even older editions) that might be a good fit for the magus?

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Hi All,

This would normally go in the Paizo Publishing Forum, but it seems a little cluttered (!) at the moment.

What was the first module published by Paizo (presumably 3.5) set in Golarion, leaving aside Dungeon adventures and Adventure Paths.


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I'd like to know a bit more about the Strix (including Golarion specific lore). Where can I find the good stuff? The information in the Advanced Race Guide is good but brief, and I couldn't find them in the first three bestiaries.

Are they covered in more depth elsewhere - perhaps in backmatter for one of the adventure paths?

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I can't find the answer online, nor in the books I have access to. Any suggestions?

A key? A smiling mask?

Answers welcome!

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Hey all,

I came across the Orc Torc during voting on my Ipad, and wasn't able to 'keep' it. Although it might not have been as Superstar as some of the other entries, it appealed to me, especially as I'm running a rather orc-heavy PbP campaign at present.

If anyone has it, or the creator is out there, could they post or PM me please?


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Other than beneath Tian Xa, where are ratfolk to be commonly found on Golarion? Is there anything that could be reasonably called a homeland, or at least a likely spot for numerous warrens. I'm imagining somewhere south of the Inner Sea, but I'd be interested to hear any ideas.

One thing that I’ve been pondering recently is how much players and DMs factor the age of the PCs into their own roleplaying as well as their interactions with NPCs (and the NPCs’ reaction towards them). If you choose to use the average starting ages for human PCs for example, you’re going to end up with some very young characters out to save the world.

Of course, I didn’t bat an eyelid when I was a teenager playing AD&D, but as a (considerably . . . sigh) older adult it’s more of a conscious effort to roleplay my PC as someone who’s not yet hit 20. I’m curious to know if other characters take this into account and how it informs how they play their characters. It often seems people play their 16-year old PC with all the world-weariness and confident badassery of a latter-day John Wayne (or whichever aging action star you choose to mention), which often strikes me as odd.

From the other side of the DM screen, it’s often the case that many of the NPCs in the campaign world are older than the PCs. How much do the DMs out there let this colour their encounters? I find that many of my NPCs end up talking down to the PCs, assuming these ‘wet-behind-the-ears’ adventurers probably don’t know what they’re doing. This often makes for fun roleplaying, especially when the PCs prove their expectations wrong. On the other hand, it can feel a little wearisome for both DM and players when Pimply Paul the Still-Pubescent Poleax Master strides into the sixty-year old Lord’s hall expecting to be lauded as a hero but instead gets ignored as a callow youth unworthy of anything but a quarter-ration of mead.

Of course, there’re plenty of underage heroes in film and literature to look at for inspiration (Luke Skywalker springs to mind, and . . . ugh, young Ani, some of characters in Game of Thrones also bear consideration). There’s also the issue of how far our real-world conception of ‘youth’ translates into a medieval or fantasy world - although irrespective experience should still count for a lot.

This is a bit of a ramble to be honest, but I’d still be interested whether similar thoughts also cross the minds of players and GMs.

For the pedants :-)
- Yes I know there’s no requirement to use the starting ages listed in the rulebook.

- Yes I know it’s just a game. Consider this post aimed at the role-players.

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Hail my fellow Paizonians,

I'm currently writing up a sage NPC for my Golarion campaign. We are currently in Lastwall and the PCs will be encountering said sage to receive some lore of varying quality.

My idea is something akin to Hunter S. Thompson in a fantasy setting - a literate, brilliant man but also a profound drunk. He's come to the Freedom Town to spend some time living within a stone's throw of the orc tribes to find inspiration enough to write his 'great work.'

Where should this fellow come from? Should be somewhere in Golarion with a strong scholarly tradition, where a man could ostensibly make a living as a writer.

I've been running a campaign in Lastwall for the past six months, and somehow have managed to avoid answering the above question directly.

So what do you call a chap or chapess from Lastwall?

My best guess would be a Lastwaller . . .

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Who else thinks the above expression is becoming a little wearisome?


Hi All,

I'm building an orc cleric whose spells are granted by a demon or daemon rather than a god. The cleric's focus is spreading plague and corruption. Can anyone with infernal knowledge suggest a suitable patron (reflecting the disease element) for the cleric - I'm not too sure which demons and daemons are active in Golarion.

Also, is there an archetype or something similar to cover a cleric who worships a powerful outsider rather than a god?


I'm currently DMing a PbP, Follow the Flood Road, on these 'ere boards, and my bold adventurers are currently travelling along the ruins of Harchrist's Blockade.

Harchrist's Blockade marks one of Lastwall's historical borders with Belkzen, but I'd like to know more about the general who built it. I've seen some scattered references to Harchrist in Golarion lore, but nothing amounting to much more than he was a hero of Lastwall.

Can anyone give me more on the man? Perhaps some paizo writers who know their stuff can give us a bit more information, should they pass by?

All help appreciated!

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Hi All,

I play a neutral dhampir cleric of Sarenrae, who channels negative energy. She sees herself as beyond redemption, but finds a role for herself as a vampire slayer.

After ten levels as a cleric I'm looking at the Holy Vindicator prestige class. With its bleeding stigmata, the powers seem to jive really well with the dhampir background.

However, one problem I forsee is that the Vindicator's 3rd level power; faith healing, is useless to me. It allows me to automatically empower all cure spells, but this can only harm me (as a dhampir I can only be cured by negative energy).

Of course, I could ask my DM to house rule that in my case faith healing works with inflict rather than cure spells, but is there any way convert cure spells to negative energy whilst still making them cure spells? Perhaps a feat or class feature? Ideally looking for a core Pathfinder solution, but 3rd party content and even old 3.5 stuff might fly.


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Hi All,

I'm running a PbP on these 'ere boards set in the Hold of Belkzen and latterly the Realm of the Mammoth Lords. I know these lands have a large population of 'megafauna', based on extinct post Cretaceous animals - mammoths, woolly rhinos, terror birds, sabre-toothed tigers, aurochs, etc.

This seems like a fun seam to mine for encounter ideas, and I'd like to expand my menagerie of creatures to use beyond those presented in the bestiary.

First off, I'd welcome any third party or 3.5 era references to such creatures not covered in Pathfinder.

More importantly, for the boffins, can you suggest any cool species which haven't been given much RPG love, and I'll try have a stab at statting them up!

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My current campaign has several Varisian NPCs in it. I figured they'd be rather creative when it came to convoluted, over-the-top oaths and curses, perhaps a little like Captain Haddock from Tintin.

Trouble is, I'm struggling to do them justice when the opportunity presents itself.

I wonder if I could trouble of imaginations of our Forumites for some imaginative swearing? Obviously let's keep it humourous without stumbling into poor taste.

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I'm interested in all suggestions, from official Pathfinder creatures, but covering old 3rd ed sources, 3rd party sources, or simply just ideas of animals that would make cool familiars for orcs which I can homebrew later.

Ordinary animal familiars and improved familiars too.


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Adventurers! Please dot the Gameplay thread with your chosen battle cry!

Flee puny manlings! Flee like panicked lemmings! I will stalk you, I will hunt you down! When your fear has exhausted you, and left you weak and feeble, I will come upon you and crush your skulls!

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With regards to days, weeks and months, Golarion cleaves quite close to the real world. Does this extend to telling the time within a given day? Can you say "I'll meet you tomorrow at 10 o'clock," and expect to be understood? Do clocks exist in the more technologically advanced nations? What methods do people use in marking time (hourly temple bells for example, as in the Forgotten Realms setting)?

Hail fellow Pathfinders!

I'll probably be posting several questions on this board as I prepare to launch a PbP set in Lastwall and the Hold of Belkzen in the next few days. I hope they don't all sink below the surface!

I'm starting the campaign in Lastwall's city of Vigil, wonderfully detailed in Cities of Golarion. Beyond Lastwall's entry in the Inner Sea World Guide, are there any other good sources on the realm? I know, for example, that the adventure path modules often contain good information in their gazetteers.

Most in Lastwall rest their eyes on the northern horizon looking only for danger, for the fragile frontier is all too close. Beyond lies the Hold of Belkzen, where the orc hordes that descend upon Lastwall are spawned year upon year.

Most rest their eyes on the horizon looking for danger, but not all. The eyes of Dierik Ironcoffer look for profit. The deluges of spring have nearly played themselves out, and soon the Flood Road will be open. If by blade, coin or cunning he can get his caravan safely through the Hold of Belkzen, he believes he can make a fortune in ivory in the strange Realms of the Mammoth Lords.

His wagons are ready and packed with trade goods, his hardened retinue of handpicked drovers, haulers and guardsmen await his word. But on this journey, he knows just the usual sturdy men under his banner will not be enough. He will need skill at arms. He will need bravery and imagination. He will need magic. In short, and although the thought of it engenders a twitch right on the end of his nose, he will need adventurers . . .

Hello all! Follow the Flood Road is a Pathfinder PbP campaign set in Golarion. My rough concept builds the campaign around a group of PCs hired to provide specialist protection for a caravan seeking to follow the Flood Road from Lastwall, through the Hold of Belkzen and into the Realms of the Mammoth Lords. I’m brimming with ideas and adventures tied to this conceit, but I also want to make a ‘sandbox’ play style integral to the campaign. If your PCs follow Dierik all the way to the Realms of the Mammoth Lords is ultimately up to you, the players. It’s your world, and you can turn off the road any time you choose (just be careful of the orcs; they love it when adventurers wander off the trail).

I intend to run recruitment for about a week (dependent on interest) before choosing players.

GM & Player etiquette:

This is an open-ended campaign, and I hope it will have the potential to run and run, so please only sign up if you’re committed to the long haul.

That being said, we all live in the real world. My expectation is that players can post at least daily. Once a group has been chosen we’ll decide whether this will include weekends. Of course, times will arise when this is impossible, but please try to let GM and players know in advance if possible.

If a player can’t post for his character in a 24 hour period the GM will take temporary control of their character and post an action for them (in most cases taking a fairly neutral action).

It hopefully goes without saying that we all want to be respectful and polite to each others as players. Our characters might think otherwise though, but if you decide your character doesn’t like another character, make sure their player knows as much, using either a PM or the Discussion thread.

Playing by post; how it works:

I’ve never run a PbP campaign before, so I’ll be cutting slack and no doubt asking for it. That being said; try and follow standard PbP conventions, summarised most eloquently here:

Useful Link

Normal format for in character gameplay posting is third-person, present tense. Try and do your best with spelling and grammar so it’s an easy and enjoyable read for all.

When the group’s finalized we’ll conclude how best to share tactical maps and player handouts, but it’ll probably be with Dropbox or Google Documents.

Character Creation:

And so, onto the good stuff! I’m looking for four 1st level characters (perhaps one or two more if there are submissions I really love). We’ll try and ensure a balanced party, but good characters come first.

Name I try my best to be an open-minded GM, but naming conventions are a pet peeve of mine. I want the campaign world to be as believable as possible, and for me, clumsy and real world names break the spell. Don’t call your character John, or Elizabeth or Jose. The Inner Sea World Guide has great example names under each race. By changing a few choice consonants or vowels it’s easy to create something original that retains the same feel. I’m happy to provide suggestion names if anyone is struggling.

Abilities 20-pt. Buy. No set restrictions but ridiculous min/maxing will be noticed and frowned upon.

Race and Class No 3rd party content, but otherwise feel free to use any of the Pathfinder sourcebooks. Archetypes welcome. With regards to race, I’m not a fan of ‘escaped circus freaks’ adventuring parties (although the one Chewbacca rule is cool). Furthermore, the campaign world will not ignore odd races for the benefit of the party. Full-blooded orcs and goblinoids in particular will be given very short shrift in Lastwall, where the campaign begins. The bottom line is ‘standard’ races are much more likely to make the cut; more oddball lords and ladies better have a really convincing and fascinating backstory. And perhaps a disguise.

Alignment No evil characters please. Furthermore, we want the kind of characters who are happy working as a team, and (at least for the time being), are interested in signing up for a long and dangerous journey as caravan guards.

Wealth Maximum starting wealth, but don’t blow it all at once. They’ll be additional opportunities for shopping before the caravan sets out. Lastwall is known for the quality of its horseflesh, and PCs will get the opportunity to purchase some local horses with some interesting traits of their own. That being said, mounts are not mandatory, you can always ride on a wagon.

Character traits Two traits. A list of campaign traits I’ve written for the campaign will shortly be posted seperately, you may choose one if you wish but it’s not mandatory.

Appearance, Background and Personality crucial of course, but it needn’t be of epic length. Remember your character is only 1st level, so you probably don’t have years of adventuring experience behind you.

I’d also like each player to specify three things they’d like to see happen to their character during the campaign. These could be character-driven plot resolutions (e.g. find my long-lost sister), bizarre notions (e.g. drink tea with a dragon), or mechanically driven ambitions (e.g. take some levels in the shadowdancer prestige class); it’s up to you.

Gaming Philosophy:

I got into the hobby during the 2nd edition days, so I guess I’m what you’d call old school. From my perspective, I want this campaign to tell a great story, with the PCs front and centre and the decisions and desires of the players pushing the action. I enjoy good roleplaying, interesting characters, and a good bit of action to the get the juices flowing.

On the whole, I play Pathfinder as you find it in the book, but there are a couple of notable exceptions.

Experience I won’t be awarding experience but instead levelling up the party together at appropriate intervals. The pace of advancement will be slow (it’s a PbP after all), but hopefully not torturously slow. I find characters who gain levels every week difficult to believe in!
Good roleplaying will be rewarded by non-XP benefits, such as bonuses to rolls in certain situations, establishing friendships with powerful individuals or organisations, and perhaps the odd gift.

Wealth-By-Level will be ignored. Fortune may favour you with riches if you go looking in the right places, but don’t count on it. On a similar note . . .

Chances to purchase magic items and magic shops are part of the Golarion world, but that doesn’t mean to say you can get any item wherever and whenever you want. Stocks are limited and randomly generated. Crafting is fine, but I’ll be expecting a bit of old fashioned adventuring to procure unusual components and ingredients rather than just throwing gold at an item until it appears.

As regards to Golarion, I stick to ‘canon’ where possible and where the DM gets to fill in the gaps I like to keep things as close to the spirit of the setting as possible. That being said, I haven’t read close to everything about Golarion, so I might get things wrong.

Background – Your Campaign Starts Here!:

The campaign begins in Vigil, the fortified crusader city that guards Lastwall’s borders against the Hold of Belkzen to the west and the dark forces of Ustalav to the north. Vigil is far more than a military outpost; it is a great, thriving city and a symbol of hope and endurance. It is full of crusaders, but also music, faith and unwavering courage.

It is in Vigil that Dierik’s Taldan adjutant, Second Master Santrian has recruited the PCs to protect their caravan on its great journey to the Realm of the Mammoth Lords. The PCs have yet to meet Dierik himself, but the man has some reputation as a master merchant who has mustered caravans along trails the length and breadth of Golarion. Once, long ago, people say he was one of the knights who broke the horde of Warlord Graukrad in 4695 AR, but until now he had not been seen in Lastwall for more than a decade.

That the Watcher-Lord and the Precentors Martial would let any man, old war hero or not, lead a caravan from their gates straight into enemy territory seems decidedly strange . . .

PCs should be aware that only sworn citizens of Vigil are permitted to bear arms greater than a staff or dagger within the city.

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Apparently if I make a post, then the option to create a campaign, with all the relevant tabs should appear.

Hmmm, let's see ...

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Hail fellow Pathfinders!

I'll probably be posting several questions on this board as I prepare to launch a PbP set in Lastwall and the Hold of Belkzen in the next few days. I hope they don't all sink below the surface!

Cities of Golarion's entry on Vigil in Lastwall briefly mentions creatures called vodyanov; "a group of malign watermen supposedly able to transform into fish ... given their ability to hide among the animals or even local humans, these creatures have proven impossible ... to extirpate."

Have these creatures ever been presented fully as monsters (perhaps in the Carrion Crown adventure path given the Ustalavic ties)? The closest I could find was the vodyanoi in Bestiary III , but this seems more like a newtman than the monster described above.

If nothing else exists that suits me fine, I can homebrew something tailor made to fit the party, but I prefer to use canon where available.

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Hail fellow Pathfinders!

I'll probably be posting several questions on this board as I prepare to launch a PbP set in Lastwall and the Hold of Belkzen in the next few days. I hope they don't all sink below the surface!

Anyway, first question: what is a hopeknife?

The Inner Sea World Guide makes mention of the small town of Trunau . (Manhome to the orcs), the last human settlement surviving within the lands of the Hold of Belkzen. An evocative little passage has this to say: 'Children on their twelfth birthday are presented with a hopeknife and showed precisely which arteries to cut should they or their families be taken alive by the orcish hordes' .

Has a hopeknife ever been statted up as a weapon anywhere? Or is it merely a descriptive name for a dagger?

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Riverhelm (Ranger)

Thought to be descendants of Hanspur himself, riverhelms are the unmatched pilots of the Sellen, taking their bonded keelboats up narrow creeks forgotten by the Riverfolk and braving rapids no one else would dare.

Natural Pilot (Ex): At 3rd level, a riverhelm gains Skilled Driver (water) as a bonus feat. This replaces endurance.

Bond of the River (Ex): At 4th level, a riverhelm develops a close bond with his keelboat. He can purchase or craft the keelboat, and must live aboard for a week before receiving any benefits.

When aboard his keelboat, a riverhelm gains a +1 morale bonus to attack rolls, saving throws and skill checks and heals naturally at twice normal rate. He has a superb understanding of his vessel, gaining Expert Driver (water) as a bonus feat and a +3 bonus to Craft checks to repair his boat. A riverhelm suffers no penalty piloting his boat with half crew or more. For less than half crew, base DCs are increased by 10, and he can even pilot his craft alone; base DCs are increased by 20.

A riverhelm can get the best from his keelboat even when it is damaged. When aboard, penalties incurred due to the broken condition are halved. In addition, the keelboat takes 15 rounds to sink completely rather than the usual 10.

This ability replaces hunter’s bond.

Blessing of Hanspur (Ex): At 7th level, a riverhelm gains a swim speed of 20 feet when wearing no armor or light armor. This ability replaces woodland stride.

Mystical Pilot (Su): At 11th level, the water's flow serves a riverhelm’s whim, carrying him wherever he wishes. His keelboat’s speed is 60 feet and acceleration 30 feet even when travelling against the water current. This ability replaces quarry.

River Womb (Sp): At 12th level, if a riverhelm submerges himself fully in fresh water he gains water breathing and sanctuary (as per normal caster level) for up to 5 consecutive minutes per level. For each minute submerged, he recovers a hit point, but taking any action ends the effect. This ability can be used once per week and replaces camouflage.

Ethereal Pilot (Sp): At 19th level, a riverhelm can pilot his keelboat into the Ethereal plane once per day. This functions as ethereal jaunt, affecting the keelboat and all onboard. When travelling ethereally, the keelboat can sail through normally solid terrain as easily as water, although when it returns to the Material plane it must do so on water or be destroyed. The effect’s duration is equal to 3 + Wisdom modifier hours. Anyone disembarking from the keelboat causes it to return to the Material plane instantly. This ability replaces improved quarry.

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Hi All,

I'm converting an old 2e NPC who possesses an enchanted dagger with an invisible blade. Has such an item ever been statted up in Pathfinder or 3e? I'm seem to recall seeing something of its ilk somewhere, but my searches haven't revealed anything.

Any advice appreciated

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Hi All,

I've had great help in the past from Paizo forumites finding appropriate levels for homebrewn spells for my Forgotten Realms campaign, and I need your aid again.

These two spells are designed for an important NPC ally in the game, and might eventually find their way into the hands of the PCs. The NPC is a wild mage. In 2e, wild mages had their own suite of spells, which they lost in their perfunctory 3e update. I'm going back to the 2e way of doing things, but don't worry about wild magic, simply judge them as normal spells.

I'm looking for suggested levels and other useful suggestions. Please keep in mind this is for my homebrew game, so any balance issues can easily be tweaked in game.

Arcane Disassembly
abjuration (wild) Level sorcerer/wizard ?
Casting Time 1 immediate action
Components V, S
Range personal
Target you
Duration instantaneous
Saving Throw No Spell Resistance No

A rare spell harnessing the raw chaos of the Weave, arcane disassembly allows the caster to convert magic cast at him into a spell of his own choosing.

The caster casts arcane disassembly as an immediate action when he is made the target of any spell. The caster makes a Spellcraft check (DC 20 + level of spell cast upon him). Failing the check means the spell cast against him takes effect as normal.

Success indicates the spell has no effect on the caster, who may use its energies to cast any spell he has memorised (if a wizard) or on his spell list (if a sorcerer). The spell chosen must be of equal or lesser level than the spell consumed by the arcane disassembly. The cast must then cast the converted spell on his next turn (without losing a spell slot) or let the arcane energies dissipate as a standard action. Arcane disassembly cannot be used against spell-like abilities.

Summoner’s Bane
enchantment (compulsion, wild) [mind-affecting]
Level sorcerer/wizard ?
Casting Time 1 round
Components V, S, M (a broken link of chain)
Range medium (100 ft. + 10 ft. per level)
Area 50 ft. radius spread
Duration 1 round/per level
Saving Throw Will negates (see below) Spell Resistance No

This spell causes chaos amongst summoned creatures, causing them to run amok regardless of the wishes of the poor fool responsible for conjuring them onto the battlefield.

The spell affects all creatures of the outsider type, plus any creatures conjured by a summon monster, summon nature’s ally or similar spell. It also affects eidolons.

Creatures conjured via a summon spell and under the control of the spell’s caster are confused even if they would normally be unaffected by this condition. The summoner must make a caster level check (DC 20 +1 per HD of creature) for each summoned creature within the area of effect of the summoner’s bane. Failure indicates the summoner has lost control of that creature for the duration of the summoner’s bane. Uncontrolled creatures continue to suffer the effects of confusion even if they wander outside the area of effect of the summoner’s bane.

Outsiders that are not beholden to their summoner, or have entered the prime material plane of their own volition (via a gate or other such means) make a Will save each round of the spell’s duration or be staggered. This condition applies even if the outsider would normally be immune. Any successful save indicates the outsider has overcome the summoner’s bane and is unaffected for the remainder of the spell.

Eidolons are paralyzed by the summoner’s bane for the duration of the spell unless it or its summoner makes a Will save (roll using the higher save). A summoner can end his eidolon’s paralyzed condition at any time by sacrificing some of his hit points (equal to half the CL of the caster of summoner’s bane). These hit points are lost, not gained by the eidolon.

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Hi All,

I'm pondering starting a new campaign focusing on the orcs of the Hold of Belkzen. Beyond the information in the Inner Sea World Guide, are there any good sources for this region (sourcebooks, adventures etc.)

The only thing I can think of is 'Skeletons of Scarwall', though I admit my Golarion-fu is weak!

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I’m old school (or perhaps that should simply read old), and random encounters continue to part and parcel of the Pathfinder games I GM. I’m interested in hearing about other GM attitudes and processes towards random encounters in their campaigns.
I tend to use random encounters mainly to spice up overland journeys, and to a lesser extent in cities and dungeons. On the whole, I still adhere to 2nd edition (which I think is more or less identical to the 1st edition version) method where a random encounter takes place on a 1 (or sometimes 1-2) on a 1d10, checks being rolled at different times of day. If a random encounter takes place, I find a random encounter table (sometimes Pathfinder, but often from older editions) and make a roll. In many cases I’ll create my own table, although this might only be based on 1d6 dice roll with six interesting (and location specific) encounters.
I ignore CR completely when generating a random encounter. My players know this and treat them with care, and I never spring a dangerous foe on them without numerous avenues of escape. Sometimes ‘encounters’ end up being nothing more than seeing a dragon soaring in the bushes whilst the PCs cower in the bushes.
I’m interested in hearing what other approaches other GMs take, mainly with a view to stealing them for my own game. Also be interesting to hear if there are other game aids and articles out there which might be worth a look.

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Map of Refuge

Aura strong conjuration; CL 9th
Slot none; Price 30, 000 gp; Weight 1 lb.


Constructed from thin strips of wood bound together by string and illustrated with faded inks, this map depicts a small, nondescript island lying in the center of an empty ocean. The map has no key or notations; there isn't even an indication of north.

If cast upon the sea (a free action) at least one mile from shore, the map sinks. 5d4 rounds later, an island roughly half a square mile in size rises from the depths where the map disappeared. The sea within 60-ft. of the island’s shore becomes shallow enough that a ship can drop anchor, and the island is easily accessible by small boat. On the island itself, fresh water can be found, plus trees sturdy and tall enough to be used in ship repairs. Foraging on the island reveals bushes bearing a strange but nutritious fruit; enough can be gathered to equal 100 trail rations, although after a week the fruit quickly sours and becomes inedible.

The island persists for exactly 24 hours before crumbling back into the sea. It takes 5d4 rounds for the island to completely break up, after which the map of refuge reappears on the now choppy seas. The disturbance caused by the island’s collapse makes the map difficult to find; unless a successful DC 40 Perception check is made the map of refuge floats away unnoticed to find whichever new owner the ocean currents deem worthy. Even if the map is recovered, its power cannot be used again for another month.

Apart from the fruit, materials removed from the island do not degrade; wood remains strong and water remains fresh.

Requirements Craft Wondrous Item, major creation Cost 15, 000 gp

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One of the players in my upcoming Shackled City campaign will play a drow inquisitor (actually, a drow noble: he rolled so appallingly on his ability scores that I took pity on him. Even so, his highest ability scores are a couple of 13s!)
Before anyone sneers, this is the first time he’s played a drow, despite our group’s long history of playing Forgotten Realms campaigns. Our group are all canon junkies, but I’m none too familiar with the Greyhawk campaign setting and I’m wondering how best to fit this character concept into a) Greyhawk and b) the Shackled City campaign.

Do Greyhawk drow only worship Lolth or do they have a pantheon? The player says his drow was born in a drow city (suggestions?), so he’s unlikely to worship any of the human gods.

More importantly, we need to find a reason for the PC to be in Shackles and motivated by the adventure path. I’m still familiarising myself with the whole adventure path and looking for ideas.

One idea I have is that Adrimachus has someone offended or slighted Lolth. The PC is compelled to embark on the adventure thanks to dream visions and prophecies from Lolth, who wants her revenge. Another idea is that that Lolth (0r one of her priestesses) wishes to retrieve a lost item from Carceri. Divinations indicate that a way to Carceri might be found in Cauldron, and the PC is sent to investigate on behalf of the drow.
Any ideas and suggestions are welcome!

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Hi All,

I'm building my first alchemist character to take on the Shackled City adventure path. The alchemist's an elf, and given the traditional association of elves with archery, thought it'd be great if the PC could somehow attach her bombs to arrows and shoot them across the battlefield. Is there a discovery or feat that allows me to do this?

The character is 1st level.


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Hi Paizonians,

I'm currently playing a rock gnome cleric of Baervan Wildwanderer. Due to my adventuring party's lack of solid healing magic, I opted for cleric rather than druid.

However, the clergy of Baervan were famed (in 2nd ed.) days for having giant raccoons as animal companions. Are their any feats that allow a non-druid/ranger an animal companion? I seem to recall something of the sort back in 3.5 days, but haven't succeeded in digging it up.

RPG Superstar 2013 Top 32

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Hi Paizonians,

Once again I'd like some advice on the appropriate levels for these spells I've designed for my Pathfinder campaign. Thanks in advance.

Attentive Arbour

School transmutation Level cleric, druid, ranger
Casting Time 1 standard action
Components V, S
Range personal
Target you
Duration 1 minute per level
Saving Throw Will negates (harmless) Spell Resistance No

This spell causes the forest itself to conspire to conceal its caster. Branches and leaves shift as the caster moves, helping to hide him from his enemies.

This spell is effective in a woodland setting, as well as other areas where the vegetation is thick enough to provide some level of concealment. If the caster moves out of the vegetated area into open ground (such as moving into a clearing), then the spell ends and all benefits are lost (even if the caster subsequently moves back into the woodlands).

The spell grants the caster concealment, including a 30% miss chance. The caster can move freely through undergrowth as if he had the woodland stride special ability. He gains a +5 bonus to all Stealth checks and can move his full speed and still use Stealth with no penalty.

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Hi all,

I'm sure these are questions that have come up many times before, but please indulge a newbie. A recent encounter generated the following grapple questions.

Do the attack roll penalties for being grappled also affect CMB rolls (for instance, to break a grapple?)
If succeed a CMB check to break a pin, are you then free to act, or do you simply revert to the grappled condition
If player A succeeds in grappling Enemy A, can player B then attempt to pin Enemy A on the same round, or is player B’s only option to aid another on player A’s grapple attempt?

Thanks all!

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Hi All,

I'm looking for an outsider of 6 HD or less (as summoned and bound by a lesser planar binding spell) that resembles a gargoyle to some degree (or has the means to make itself look life a gargoyle).

This is for an adventure I'm writing. A nycaloth came to mind, but it's too powerful.

I'm open to creatures from any Pathfinder sources, but also from 3.5 sources, Planescape, and even older D&D sources.


RPG Superstar 2013 Top 32 , Star Voter Season 6 aka Transylvanian Tadpole

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I’ve just very much enjoyed reading through the final submissions for this year’s RPG Superstar. I find the analysis by the judges very insightful and illuminating; with one exception. With all due respect to Ryan Dancey, I feel a lot of his blunt analysis to be bordering on rude. Whilst the judges feedback should not be sugar coated (as James Jacobs pointed out), the other judges have succeeded in offering criticism in a respectful manner. I’m not sure Ryan has.

I’ve no doubt the man knows his stuff, and there’s also no doubt that freelancers in the industry need thick skins, but does RPG Superstar really need a Simon Cowell?

RPG Superstar 2013 Top 32

Once again, any thoughts on appropriate spell levels would be helpful. I was aiming for low levels with this batch.

A couple were designed for a raptoran druid PC in our current party.

Dissembling Draught

School transmutation Level sorcerer/wizard ?, bard ?, druid ?
Casting Time 1 standard action
Components S
Range Touch
Target One cubic foot per level of water or drinkable liquid
Duration see below
Saving Throw Fort negates Spell Resistance No

This spell causes any normal, drinkable liquid to become a potent alcohol. The transformation is not detectable by taste (although a spell such as detect poison will serve), but anyone drinking more than a small amount quickly becomes quite drunk.

A creature must make a Fort save each time it drinks the equivalent of a cup of affected liquid. Each failed save indicates increasing drunkenness, with the creature sickened after the first failed save, nauseated after the second, and unconscious after the third. If the creature drinks a large quantity of liquid in a single sitting (such as draining a waterskin), it may need to make all three saves simultaneously (and possibly fall instantly unconscious).

Affected liquids must be consumed within an hour of the spell’s casting to have an effect. Whatever condition affected creatures find themselves in, they return to normal after one hour.

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Hi all,

Another question which may underline my ignorance, but the following conundrum came up whilst building an eagle animal companion.

Intelligence is the ability associated with the fly skill, but most animals have very low intelligence scores. Thus mechanically, shouldn't they be taking a massive penalty to fly checks due to only a few skill ranks and a quite unfriendly ability modifier?

Or do low intelligence birds use a different ability modifier with the fly skill (perhaps wisdom?) in the same way some lighter animals can use dexterity in place of strength when making climb checks?

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Hi All,

I'm building a mage for my current campaign. She 20th level, probably a wizard although maybe a sorcerer. She's previously been an occasionally seen NPC, but the coming campaign arc suggests she'll be a much closer ally of the PCs and might even accompany them on a couple of adventures, so she's finally getting a full set of stats.

Previous campaign lore has determined she's capable of changing into a panther (via supernatural ability rather than cast spell), and I'm trying to find a way to represent this power mechanically. I've considered making her a lycanthrope, but this seems a little obvious.

I'm interested in suggestions of any arcane-orientated feats, prestige classes or similar that grant a character some kind of beast form. Third party and old 3.5 material are welcomed as warmly as core Pathfinder rules.


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I rolling up a 2nd level lizardfolk druid, and I'd like him to save a dinosaur animal companion.

Are there any options available to him under the RAW? 3rd party content is nominally ok.

If not, does anyone have any suggestions for dinosaurs that might make suitable animal companions for a low-level druid. They don't necessarily have to be statted out (I can do that), but I'm pretty sure I won't be able to get a tyrannosaur past my GM, so I guess we're looking at the smaller side of the dino spectrum.


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