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So, I know it is mentioned that it is a free action to dismiss the transformation, but I can't find anywhere where it mentions how long it takes to actually transform, is it a free action, move action, standard action, or Full-Round action?

Could you duel wield Soulbolts?

I know that for the Soulbow, you could actually use TWF and/or MWF with the Mind Arrows, so I am wondering if it is the same here.

Ssalarn wrote:

The wall is still the veil itself, so it uses the general rules for veil durability-

"Veils are mostly physical constructs of akasha, and as such can be targeted by effects like a Sunder attack; a veil that takes more than twice the veilweaver’s level in damage in a single attack is suppressed and does not function for 1d4 rounds. Veils have a Hardness score equal to the veilweaver’s level and gain a bonus to saves vs. targeted effects equal to the amount of essence currently invested. Veils can also be targeted by dispel magic, mage’s disjunction, or similar spells effects, and are treated as a magic item when determining the effects. A veil successfully affected by a Mage’s Disjunction is suppressed for the duration of the spell and effect and any essence invested in a suppressed veil becomes unavailable until the effect ends."

I could definitely see a feat or arcana for the Magus to convert his pool into temp essence, but that would probably be something we'd have to look at doing in a future supplement; the last piece of the initial product is now well into layout.

Ah, okay,I could not find that bit in the Deavic PDF. Thanks for the clarification!

I am playing in a campaign where my Character is a Half-Orc Magus.
I just gained enough XP to level, and am gaining a level in Deavic.

That said, I would love to see a feat that allows a Magus to use his Spellpool to create Temporary Essence.

Ssalarn wrote:

Hey guys, we're talking about potentially using the Crusader's Shield for a Soulknife archetype in the new Augmented release that focuses on being a mobile tank, so if you have any feedback on the Shield that either

a) you haven't shared

b) I maybe missed and haven't responded to


c) you just came up with because you hadn't really looked at it before I posted this

please let me know ASAP.

I think it should be pretty solid, but now that it's looking at possibly crossing into another product, I just want to make sure there aren't any little issues that have been overlooked

I was looking over the Shield, and noticed that whatever it blocks deals damage to the Veil, but you do not mention the HP, or starting Hardness of the wall produced by the Veil.

Would it be the HP and Hardness of the Shield used with the Veil?

Also, what happens if the Wall takes enough damage to destroy it, do you just spend another move, or Intimidate action to bring it back up, or do you have to wait a few rounds before you can produce the wall again?

Also, since the wall is made of Akashic Energy, how light is it?
Could a creature on the other side push against the Wall, and move it back, effectively just doing a bull rush?

What about the Veilweaver who uses this Veil, other than being prevented from moving about, can the character perform other actions while the Shield is up?
Say, cast spells, drink a potion, or use a Use Activated item?

If your allowed to cast spells, what about Teleportation spells, your not physically moving, so could you still move about via Teleportation?