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Hydrahead Monk (Master of Many Styles) 2 Fighter (Brawler) 4 Slayer 2; Initiative +0; Perception +12, HP 16/61 RAGE HP 32/77; AC 24, T 11, FF 24; Fort +12, Ref +9, Will +7; Stunning Head 3/3

About Tomorbataar


Init +0; Perception +12


AC 24; Touch 11; Flat-Footed 24; (+6 Natural; +1 Deflection; +4 Armor; +3 Shield)
HP (6d10+2d8+14=61)
Fort +12; Ref +9; Will +7 (+2 vs Charm, Compulsion, and Emotion)
Defensive Abilities: Bravery +1; Evasion


Speed 20ft
Space 15 ft; Reach 15 ft
Std: +15 Unarmed Strike (1d6+14) or +13 Power Attack (1d6+18)
Full: +15/+10 Unarmed Strike (1d6+14)/(1d6+11) or +13/+8 Power Attack (1d6+18)/(1d6+15)
+13/+8 Unarmed Strike (1d6+14/+11) and +13 Bite (1d8+6) or +11/+6 Power Attack (1d6+18/+15) and +11 Bite (1d8+7)
Special Attacks
3/day Stunning Fist (DC 14)


Str 21, Dex 10, Con 10, Int 13, Wis 12, Cha 8
Base Atk +7; CMB +14; CMD 23 (+2 Tripping; +1 Bullrush, Drag and Reposition)
Feats: Weapon Focus; Power Attack (Fighter Bonus); Toughness (Racial Bonus); Improved Unarmed Strike (Monk Bonus); Stunning Fist (Monk Bonus); Outslug Sprint (Master of Many Styles Bonus); Dragon Style; Outslug Weave (Master of Many Styles Bonus); Combat Expertise (Fighter Bonus); Outslug Style; Improved Trip (Fighter Bonus); Dragon Ferocity; Two Weapon Fighting
Traits: Detect Disobedience; Principled
Skills: Perception +12; Sense Motive +11 (+2 vs subordinate, can use as perception against subordinate's surprise attack); Intimidate +10; Survival +6 (+7 tracking); Knowledge (Dungeoneering) +8; Bluff -3; Acrobatics +5; Knowledge (Local) +5
Languages Common; Celestial
ACP of 3 already applied
Equipment: wooden armor, heavy wooden shield, wooden bed

Class Features:
Unarmed Strike: Higher unarmed damage, Unarmed Strike as a bonus feat, natural and manufactured weapon, no offhand
Stunning Fist: Stunning Fist as a bonus feat
AC Bonus: Wisdom to AC, touch and flat as well, and CMD, as long as wearing no armor
Evasion: Take no damage from a successful reflex save, functions in light armor
Master of Many Styles Bonus Feats: Two bonus style feats with no prerequisites
Bravery +1: +1 bonus to Will saves against fear
Fighter Bonus Feats: Three bonus combat feats
Close Control: +1 to CMB and CMD for Bullrush, Drag and Reposition
Close Combatant: +1 to attack and +3 to damage with close weapons
Studied Target: Can spend a move action to gain +1 to Bluff, Knowledge, Perception, Sense Motive, Survival, Attack, Damage, and Slayer DCs vs one target at a time
Track: 1/2 Slayer level on tracking rolls
Slayer Talent: Ranger Combat Style (two weapon fighting)
Commanding Voice: Intimidate vs DC to demoralize, if successful target commanded as spell, no creature more than once/day, +1 command per 5 I beat the DC


Tomorbataar is inflexible, stubborn, and, in a word, lawful. He doesn't care so much for good and evil, and morality isn't important in comparison to following the rules others set out. He's quite intelligent, and he's also perceptive and mindful, he's simply weak willed and differs to authority. He's taken vows of cleanliness and celibacy, and may have some difficulty maintaining them, as he lived in a swamp attached to several other beings his whole life, but he does his best and certainly does attempt to stick to their spirit. Occasionally he will attempt to enforce his vows on those who are particularly out of line, being genuinely worried about them. Add undead for extra fun.


He's always been strong, always able to fight and bite other heads, and he's always been unable to bring them in accordance with his ideas. Actually, they aren't his ideas. When he was younger, while the other heads were asleep, he awoke suddenly and found a person nearby. The person was dry, soft, and tasty, but he carried a particularly interesting scroll, which Tomorbataar read. It taught him many things, how to fight, how to act right, how to discipline the other heads. Eventually, however, the other heads got to it, and it ended up being destroyed, which offended Tomorbataar greatly. He then vowed to get out of the swamps and keep his distance from his dirty brethren. He still liked them...somewhat...some of them...but they were just so close, and so irritating. At one point he tried to relocate his brain, but it turns out that surgeons have hands for a reason, and also that they should never perform surgery on themselves. Plus Tomorbataar isn't even a surgeon. Then, sweet relief, they came to dry land, and he heard once more the voices like those of the soft, tasty, scrollbearer. Perfect.