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In the Bestiary, the young green dragon entry (and other green dragon entries) under the reaction ability Twisting Tail it says "Trigger: A creature within reach of the dragon’s tail uses a move
action or leaves a square during a move action it’s using."

Shouldn't it say stride action and not move action in 2e?

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I am baffled as to how this keeps making it into core rulebooks in multiple editions. This is one of, if not the first, rule thrown out by DM's across the board. Saying a paladin must be lawful is somewhat reasonable, although I'm not a fan of limiting classes especially core ones by alignment at all, but saying they are good makes no sense given Clerics alignment restrictions (or lack thereof). Why can a paladin not follow an evil or neutral god and match their god's alignment, while Clerics can follow neutral/evil gods?

BigNorseWolf wrote:
elemental resistances tend not to stack with each other.

Maybe not a great example, but many of the buffs from the class are untyped, would they stack?

For example If I had 2 Level 3 Knight Chandlers (With 1 point of Illumination) whose candles were right next to both of the characters, would each character have 2 points of elemental resistance, or just one?

Good to know, thank you!

Hello, I tried to buy Path of War and Path of War expanded on Feb 7, 2017 and as of today (Mar 12, 2017), the order has yet to ship. When I ordered it said that Path of War was available and would send immediately, but Path of War Expanded would have to be back-ordered. When I paid it said it would send these orders as separate shipments, it required me to enter my address information in twice and everything. I cannot even download the PDF's that come with the order, which makes absolutely no sense as I have already paid for them. I would like to cancel this order and be refunded my money.