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Tangent101 wrote:
I think that a roof collapse putting out the fire should do nicely. After all, the rogue should have noticed the trap door with that perception check... so why penalize the party?

Yes, this is what I ended up thinking. Still adjusting to the role of GM. I tend to over think things, and then end up missing all the details and the simple solutions.

Well. Finally had a chance to play the session. It went... interestingly. After luring the bandits outside by setting the stable on fire, the rogue snuck in to the great room, shoved all the bedding in the fire to light the place up. At this point the bandits were wandering back inside (no use fighting the fire in the stable at this point) and cried out in panic. Iozoze came in out of sight of the players hiding in the north woods, and put out the fire. The characters heard the noise of the icy breath and noticed the lack of burning down, and Izoze went to have an angry chat with Rorshak. At this point, the rogue snuck in to one of the bedrooms and started a second fire, while several other party members started firing arrows in through the window and then entering the great room (not realizing the rogue had set the second fire). Izoze came out in the commotion after a few bandits were felled, the fire spread quickly (had to make up a mechanic, just said once per round, each tile adjacent to the fire caught fire on a 4,5,or6 since it's all rather flammable). And with the place starting to burn down around them both the party and the bandits fled through different exits.

And then, at this point, I realize that right before the fire the rogue had snuck through the trophy room and aced a 29 perception check and I blanked and completly forgot to mention the trap door >.<. So at this point I feel the need to give them a fair chance at rescuing Lady Argentia but I just don't know what to do. They won't run through the fire I'm sure, so I'm thinking of maybe having a partial roof collapse drop enough snow to extinguish at least that half of the house? Any advice/ideas?

Well, the pyro is new at this, so I gave him fair OOC warning between these two sessions. He's still gun-ho on the idea, so whatever. Forgot about Izoze though, that should be interesting... He'll rally the lazy buggers and get a good search going too. Heh heh heh, try to mess with the DM will you!

Yes, the problem is, the party is greatly overestimating how important Argentea is to the bandits, and underestimate how quickly fire spreads. Their goal is to flush the bandits out WITH Argentea, the snatch her in the confusion, but I'm pretty sure the bandits will just bale, it'd take too long to uncover the hatch, get down there, and drag her out. Even if they tried they'd probably be toast before the got out, plus most of them are distracted by the current stable-fire going on ( I think I have some budding arsonists here.

I'm a newer GM and I'm running this and I need some advice. My players really want to burn down the lodge with the bandits in it. Now, the issues I'm running in to with this id is a) that sounds like it'll be complicated to track and b) I would say it has a very good chance of killing Lady Argentea. What do I do?

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Ya, I'm thinking of just saying they found a small satchel with the coins nestled in a low branch of the tree one of the sprites was in, possibly salvaged from the ambush site or something.

I'm a new GM, and I could use a bit of help. My characters got past the Sprites last session, and now all of the sudden one of players asks me "how does a 9inch tall creature cary 14GP worth of coins". I am at a loss...