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Cats Eyes
Aura faint divination; CL 5th
Slot --; Price 30,000 gp; Weight --
This pair of crystal marbles works in concert. Holding one up to the eye allows the user to see through the other, regardless of the distance between them, provided both marbles are on the same plane. The user can rotate the marble in hand to change the view through the other. The cats eyes grant the user low-light vision. Otherwise, the user's vision, including any spells or special abilities in effect, functions through the link between the two marbles. Peering through the cats eyes provokes attacks of opportunity.

In addition, you can hold a single cats eye in your hand and concentrate to divine the location of its mate. This functions as a locate object spell, except that the target object is always the other cats eye.

Any creature can use a cats eye and the magic functions regardless of which marble is used. So, it is possible for someone else to pick up a remote cats eye and use it to spy on the original user.
Requirements Craft Wonderous Item, clairaudience-clairvoyance, locate object; Cost 15,000 gp

Its no inconvenience at all. Thank-you for your quick reply.

I just placed an order, after much adding and subtracting from my shopping cart. Now, 4 items that I had previously removed are magically back in there again. This is not a problem for me, since my order went through correctly. I thought I should let someone know all the same. I have not changed my cart since the necromantic incident.

I'm still excited!

I think this would be an appropriate time to praise Paizo for the fine job they've been doing.

I sort of "left" when my Dragon and Dungeon subscription abrubtly ended. But, I'm back now. I got a taste of Rise of the Runelords, came back for the Campaign Setting, and am now kicking myself I didn't subscribe sooner (Oh well, that's what back-issues are for).

The quality of the products is amazing, and they really care about what we think! IMHO, the PF RPG is a much better product for having evolved through this open play-test. I could "fix" my 3.5 game with more house rules, but 90% of what I would do is going to be in the PF rulebook. I'm pretty stoked about that!

Thanks, Paizo!

I like this item A LOT, including the name (which seem to have a love it or hate it thing goin' on). To me, the term "Haunted Shoes" could have been coined by commoners, who would be frightened by them - and inclined to discard them. This adds a nice twist as to why a magic item would be just laying around some old ruins. When found as trasure, I imagine the shoes choosing a likely new owner and following him/her home...

Thank-you Lisa, Vic & Fayries

I don't know how I got 3 printings in my head. I tried to satisfy myself with the PDF, but I'm finding reading it on-screen inconvenient. I will check Amazon.
PS to any fellow Canucks out there, Chapters.ca does not have it :(

Will there be a 4th printing, or is this the end of the run?

QUOTE: "3rd edition. And my cold, undead fingers have ghoul touch, so don't even try it!"

Kobold Cleaver, you crack me up! And, echo my sentiments exactly. Like most, I'm over-invested in 3.5 (not like thats a bad thing!)

My take is that 4th is going to be the house rules of WoTC's current set of designers. So why not stick with, and add to, our own?

As for the on-line play, I think it will feel too much like an MMORPG, but SLOWER. This doesn't sound like fun to me. I know what will happen, I'll sit in front of the computer, but end up playing something else instead.

I don't like what I've seen trickling out from "Wizards of The Cash-grab" so far, and I find the new site confusing as the Depths of Pandemonium. Even if 4th is a good rewrite, a complete rewrite will mean new problems; guaranteed.

The only question in my mind, is where is Paizo going? I'll gladly stay with them if they stay 3.5! (hint, hint) If they go 4dventure, I *may* follow, but definitely not until 4.5!