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Full Name

Thorek Ironspark


LG Dwarf Warpriest5 l hp 47/47 l AC22 (T13, FF20) l F +7, R +4, W +6, Ini +2 l CMB +3 CMD15 l Minor Blessings 2/3 l Fervor 2/4 l Dorn-Dergar: Reach








Angradd, Torag




Dwarven, Common, Sign Language



Strength 16
Dexterity 14
Constitution 16
Intelligence 10
Wisdom 14
Charisma 6

About Thorek Ironspark

Male dwarf Warpriest5
LG Medium humanoid

Init +2; Speed20ft; hp47
Light0-66lbs Medium67-133lbs Heavy134-200lbs
Current Carry Weight: 94lbs
AC22 (+9 full plate, +2 Dex, +1 deflection); Touch13, Flat-Footed20 [+2 dodge vs goblinoids/aberrations]

Fort +8, Ref +4, Will +7 (extra +3 vs poison & spell effects)

CMB +6, CMD18
BAB +3

Dorn-Dergar +7 melee (1d10+5)

Scimitar +7 (1d6+3; 18-20/x2)

Throwing Axe +5 melee/ranged (1d6+3)

Shortbow +5 ranged (1d6)
Weapon Focus (Dorn-Dergar)
Combat Reflexes
Power Attack [-1atk, +3dmg]
Furious Focus
Quick Draw

SKILLS (2/level)
Heal +7 (2 ranks, +3 bonus, +2 Wis)

Perception +10 (5 ranks, +3 bonus, +2 Wis)

Sense Motive +9 (4 ranks, +3 bonus, +2 Wis)

Survival +9 (4 ranks, +3 bonus, +2 Wis)

Craft [Traps] +6 (3 ranks, +3 bonus)

Linguistics +2 (2 ranks; Skilled)
Glory of Old: +3 to saves vs Poison, Spells, & Spell-Like Abilities instead of +2

Ironfang Survivor: +2 dodge bonus to AC against goblinoids, and once per day when you attempt an Intimidate, Sense Motive, or Stealth check against a goblinoid, you can roll two dice and use the better result.
Common, Dwarven, Giant, Sign Language

Marshal: +3 to the Militia's Force organization checks

"Hemlock Harriers" Current Stats:
Rank: 4
Treasury: 74gp
Training Score: 26
Current Teams:
--Informants (Tier 1 Intelligence)
--Patrons (Tier 1 Treasury)
Available Actions:
--Gather Information
--Earn Gold
--Change Officer Role
--Dismiss Team
--Drill Militia
--Guarantee Event
--Lie Low
--Recruit Team
--Special Action
--Upgrade Team


Darkvision 60ft
Slow & Steady
Hatred (+1 attack vs orcs and goblinoids)
Craftsman (+2 to Craft checks with stone & metal)
Deep Warrior (+2 dodge AC vs aberrations; +2 CMD vs grapples)
Weapon Familiarity

Aura: As the cleric ability

Minor Blessing: 3/day (DC12); Fire & Good
>Swift Action to add +1d6 Fire or Holy damage to weapon for 1 minute

Sacred Weapon: 1d8

Fervor: Standard Action: positive-energy touch (2d6); Swift Action: cast spell on self, or channel-heal 2d6

Spells (Including Bonus Spells from Wis):

Spells Per Day: 4*/5/2/-/-/-/-
Spells Prepared:
[1]: Shield of Faith, Stone Shield, Divine Favor, Protection from Evil,
[2]: Shield of Shards, Resist Energy


+1 Dorn-Dergar (15lbs)
+1 heavy wooden shield
Mswk scimitar
Mswk full plate
Ring of Protection +1
Belt of Constitution +2
Potion of Cure Light Wounds
[2] throwing axes (2lbs each)
Shortbow (2lbs)
Quiver w/25 arrows (3lbs)
Backpack (2lbs)
50ft hemp rope (10lbs)
Grappling Hook (2lbs)
Ironspark signet ring (--lbs)
Explorer's outfit (8lbs)
Flint & Steel (--lbs)
Bedroll (5lbs)
Winter blanket (3lbs)
Healer's Kit 10/10
[2] waterskins (4lbs each)
[4] days' trail rations (1lb each)
9gp, 2sp

Fireward Gel
Potion Cure Light Wounds
Healer's Kit 10/10
Bloodblock dose
Cloak of Resistance +1


The Ironspark clan holdings can be found on one of the lowest inhabited layers of Kraggodan, and as such the Ironsparks have a reputation for producing fine rangers and hunters of the dark things below. Thorek grew up with visions of joining the famed "Fire Eyes Company," a small order of holy warriors and rangers devoted to Angradd--holding the terrors of the Darklands at bay with sacred fire. Upon reaching the age of majority, he became an initiate of the group, accompanying patrols in the tunnels around the Sky Citadel.

Youthful, hot-headed and overeager, on one fateful day Thorek's brashness led his squad into disaster. As the patrol carefully laid an ambush for several hook horrors, the overconfident dwarf attacked without waiting for his captain's order, and his headlong charge put him in the radius of one of the tunnels' numerous Fire Glyph traps, badly injuring him and alerting the monsters. Unwilling to leave him to die, the rest of the patrol rushed forward and were able to push them back with fire & steel, saving Thorek's life--at the cost of three of his comrades'.

The Fire Eyes Company censured Thorek for his ill-discipline, and ordered him to the surface for the duration of his five-year probation. For the last four he has served as a bodyguard for dwarven merchants in the human lands of Molthune & Nirmathas. The posting has been relatively easy, at least until the Molthuni siege of Kraggodan began almost two years ago. When Thorek and several dozen other dwarves attempted to return home via one of the main trading tunnels, they were rebuffed by disciplined patrols of hobgoblins--the infamous mercenaries of the Ironfang Company. After several vicious skirmishes the dwarves were forced to withdraw, but Thorek took their measure and found them too competent by half...not a desirable trait in a goblinoid.

Unable to return home, most of the dwarves have travelled to Glimmerhold, but many still remain in Nirmathas, and so Thorek stays, making his slow circuit of the local villages to check on his charges.

Thorek stands 4' 7", thickly muscled and keeping his black beard unusually short. The left side of his face and neck bear ugly burn scars, but his green eyes have a determined cast to them. Thorek has learned caution perhaps too well, and his opinion of humans is decidedly mixed--while he likes many he has met as individuals, as a people he doesn't think they know much of anything--between Molthune's rapacious hunger for land and wealth and the Nirmathis' ridiculous bickering and weak community ties, humans make him wary. While he neither drinks nor smokes, he has a weakness for long-winded jokes and honey pastries.