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Thank you.

Can you explain exactly how the suffocate spell works?
When cast does the target make an immediate save? If successful are the next saves cancelled and the spell is over but the target is staggered or is the target staggered each round it makes its save? If there is a save on the casters turn does the target drop to 0 at that failed save or after the failed save on its turn? If the target goes after the caster does this in essence mean 2 saves in 1 round for a 3 round spell? How does healing effect the progress of the spell? If a failed save drops the victim to 0 and he gets a cure light wounds is he positive and concious, does the healing fail due to suffocation mechanics, if he fails another save does he again drop to 0 or immediately skip to -1 and dying because he has now failed another save and escalated along the spells path? How does the Heal spell interact with this spell?

Thank you in advance.