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Full Name

Theodric Silvui d'Ontalen




Sorcerer 6/Dragon Disciple 3 | HP 83/83 | AC 16 T 11 FF 15 | Fort +7 Ref +4 Will +7 | Initiative +5 | Perception +14 | Sense Motive +0






Neutral Good


Varisian, Taldan, Draconic, Thassilonian

Strength 18
Dexterity 12
Constitution 17
Intelligence 12
Wisdom 10
Charisma 20

About Theodric Silvui d'Ontalen

Full Sheet

Long brown hair tied back into a neat ponytail, Theodric stands shy of six-foot tall, in an immaculately-maintained, gold-trimmed crimson coat, a spear held across his back via a leather strap wrapped around his chest. His eyes are a brilliant gold colour, the first sign of where his magic comes from.

Compared to most mages, he's actually more well-built than expected, if a little more heavily-footed. If it weren't for the pouch at his side covered in arcane-looking draconic writing it would be hard to believe he was a spellcaster.

Surprisingly easy-going for a noble with little patience for the family business (so just as well he's got a couple of older siblings to inherit it all instead of him). He'll help where he can but if it involves pouring over financial ledgers or other paperwork he's likely to be found face-down in the book asleep.

He is quite proud of his magic and the clear draconic origin of it, and seeks to unlock more of that power.

While Theodric was born and raised in Magnimar, the d'Ontalen family traces its routes back to Taldor - where they left several generations ago as they felt the country was descending into decadence and an over-reliance on past glories - and see themselves as Taldan in manner but Varisian otherwise.

Growing up, Theo's family and retainers managed to keep him somewhat more grounded than his nobleborn peers. Which certainly helped for the trips his father brought him along to various towns the family wine trade passed through, such as Roderic's Cove.

On one such visit when he was only nine, he met a young boy there named Caraid. While there was a few years of age between them, the two hit it off well enough and Theo made a point to visit Caraid over the years. While originally they had met when Theo's father had tried to see Caraid's regarding some of his arcane research, this quickly ended after a few trips. It was a while before Theo learnt that the reason was because of the scholar's increasing anger. While Theo worried for his friend, their infrequent visits to the town meant he was never able to properly broach the subject.

When Magnimar came under attack as the city of Xin arose, he had been attending the ceremony reforging the Sihedron and had rushed down to help as clockwork monstrosities had landed at the city's coast. While it was all over by the time he'd arrived, he saw the devastation that had occurred and has no desire to see such a disaster happen again. This is what has driven him to master his magic and draconic abilities.


He has now come to Roderic's Cove without his father, only accompanied by a family retainer looking into some financial irregularities related to wine shipments passing through. Theo is mostly there just in-case some more magical might is needed, with the actual investigations being done by the retainer. He is hoping to find Caraid, finally willing to talk to him about his father.

Alika Saldana - Girlfriend
Sarana - Mother
Alantha - Sister
Martellus - Brother
Corvin - Father