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One of the things that I have always liked about Pathfinder is the fact that, when it comes to classes, you can explain them pretty succinctly by pointing to a character in popular media to serve as an example. A player or newcomer might have no idea what the difference between a Brawler and a Monk is, but you can help clarify by saying that one is Captain America while the other is Pai Mei. Some class concepts are so broad that people who don't even play tabletop RPGs can name some characters who fit in with them; Barbarian, Fighters, Rogues, Wizards, Investigators, Vigilantes, etc.

But as Pathfinder's class roster has grown bigger, it's gotten a little harder to put faces to concepts. Wizards are easy, but who stands in for an Arcanist? Who represents the distinction between a Slayer and Rogue? Or a Paladin and a Warpriest?

Some character concepts are familiar, but just lack a distinct character to identify them with. If you or your players have played an MMO in the last decade, then Summoners really aren't that foreign a concept. But who in fiction best fits them?

This is a thread to suggest characters in popular media who emblemize some of the more esoteric classes in Pathfinder, just for fun. A little wiggle room is allowed, and if you think a character fits more than one class, that's fine too. It's likely a character fits into a broader class concept before a more narrow definition, so try not to get mired in the details; this is all in the name of fun. And if you're having trouble with a particular class , go ahead and ask; it might be that someone else can help you. Don't be afraid to draw from any media; literature, comics, movies, anime, video games, etc. Whatever it takes to fill in the blanks!

So, yeah.


I'm the DM for a pretty randy bunch of PCs running through the Shackled City. It's pretty complete already, yeah, but I need a little help from the source. See, I want to put in a bunch of side-quests, bounties, romances, all that crap. Which brings me to several points:

First off, I need IDEAS for some of these useless side-quests. What do you guys recommend?

Second, how does one move romance along in a tabletop RPG? I'm a second bass and bigger than all of my players, so there's no way in Hell I'm speaking in-character for Jil or Celeste. Just letting you know now...

And finally, does anybody have a piece-by-piece soundtrack for Shackled City? I know it's been asked before, but I've been looking for suggestions ever since I saw the soundtrack for Savage Tide in Dragon. Not really necessary, but fun to speculate.