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I don't have access to all the sources referenced here, and I'm still learning PF (pr. DnD3.5), but I'm thinking that Skald (Advanced Classes) could be a pretty nifty base class for a related build concept:

Cha magic and Inspired Rage grants bonuses (and thus new choices, oh you freedom fighter, you.) to whoever is present rather than controlling them, per se.

"Throw off your oppressors! Fight for your freedom!"

The ability to cast a spell of any type once a day is useful, especially for item crafters.

Alter Self is still on the bard spell list, and it's utility here is obvious. (so are Silent Image, Magic Mouth, and assorted other nice effects for this including Glibness and Eyebite.)

This would make this more of a debuffing buffer that can wade on in. If your allies use Rage features, this would be particularly potent.

I notice that nobody addressed the effects on the Medusa failing it's save (vs. the illusion) on it's gaze attack.

PRD seems to suggest that has about nothing to do with it. Odd.

Master Wertz:
Have you considered an Amazon (or other international warehousing fulfillment)relationship? Seems likely that a big part of your problem on individual pricing is the number of packages.

A trustworthy European (say) agent who could accept a large enough block shipment to get price breaks, ship the current order and stash the excess for some set time might well pay for their presence pretty swiftly.

I mean, I assume you did, but might as well throw it out there, JIC.

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When I first checked in a few days ago, I couldn't stay logged in for more than a minute or so. Now I've downloaded two of the books. That's improvement, right there.

So agreed: Go IT. Huzzah!

Skeld wrote:


It's organized around the different product lines, each of which is a little different and don't necessarily mix together.
"Role Playing game" is for straight-up rulebooks, intended for players and GMs, that contain minimal setting fluff. They're hardcovers and get ~3 books/year.
"Campaign Setting" is the opposite. They're specific to some facet of the setting, don't contain as much rule information, and are GM-centric. They're 64-page softcovers (usually) and get ~10 books/year.
"Companions" are player-focused, fluffy, 32-page softcovers. They contain a mix of targeted setting background and player options. They get about 1 book/month.
"Modules" are 96-page, self-contained adventures. They're softcovers and get ~4 books/year.
"Adventure paths" are 96-pages, softcover, and released monthly. 6 volumes to an AP; 2 APs/year.
Putting all the non-AP material in a single place would lead to some confusion as to what products are generic-ish...

What you have defined here is the difficulty of the problem needing solving, not a reason why these cannot be meaningfully combined. I do like this particular division, but there could be many other choices that work, and certainly some that are better for different things.

Designating something as officially tied to something else is not even tricksome. The trick is doing it efficiently.
Standard flags could make it abundantly clear what fits with what.

"Official who-the-what of the whatsit thing supplement 6 (Sidepath Product: The Wyrm Turns)" could be an official variant or whatever, but would be clearly linked to the other Wyrn Turns set.

"The Grand Panjandrum (Pathfinder Society Scenario)"

The isn't even a novel design pattern, man. I mean, there's no reason to become Amazon, here, but some polish here and there could help.

(Mmm. Kielbasa.)

UI Design is an art, not a science, but it has way too much science to leave to those who don't truly understand the reasons why clean is better. I'd argue improperly implementing simplicity and task-orientation is far worse than ignoring the concept altogether. (If you want to discuss that, shoot me a side line)

I agree that the site could stand some serious improvements; I would hope that nobody thinks that's something that should be done in a cavalier manner.

Credit where it's due: Those guys know their horses, but this is a job for the geeks.

(This got me thinking, though. I'm off to check out their help-wanted postings...)

So, basically, Paizo /.ed themselves with the Humble Bundle? I suppose that's a lesson to content owners everywhere...

I was getting logged out every minute or two, last night, and have yet to download anything, myself. Took an hour and a half to get on tonight, but I've stayed logged on for about an hour since. Improvement, that.

Kinda wish I could donate some of my hosting bandwidth to the cause...