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Necro but is it just me or is "the venemous" far and away the best title? To the point where it is begging for a Nerf of some kind? Like it's legitimately come up at my table that the rajah should just put that title on everyone, and the bind seems to add too much: ignoring immunities completely, buffing other poisons, and rendering targets flat-footed for basically the entire fight.

I know this is extremely late but i'm not sure where else to post this question, do the free ability enhancement customizations you get count towards the limit on the maximum number you can have per level? for example if I take nimble as a customization at first level and then switch to astral skin are those points wasted until i switch to something heavier or do I get plus four to dex?

Also, for awakened blades who have levels in aegis and psion, does the path of the warrior ability progress astral suit while the manifester levels affect psion or do I have to pick which to progress?