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I guess you missed the part where the online portion of 4E was OPTIONAL.

Yeah I too am not excited by FR being the first published setting. Not because I dont like it, but because I have been there done that, and it doesnt hold the nostalgia that Greyhawk has for me.

Heathansson wrote:
Think they'll bring back Dark Sun?

I would be very surprised if they did. I would like it if they did, but I am not holding my breath.

I am excited and hopeful as well.

Looking forward to seeing what paizo is going to offer in the 4e realm.

Aberzombie wrote:
My group got together for the first time yesterday since "The Announcement". We pretty much figure we have about 10 years worth of 3.5 gaming we can do before we have to switch. That gives us plenty of time to digest 4E (and 4.5E, 5E, 5.25E, and so on....)

LOL... we do to, but one of the other players and I (the other DM in our happy little gaming group) will probably roll over to 4e as soon as it comes out, and either convert 3.5 campaigns or just write our own. Guess we will have to wait and see how hard it will be to convert. If they streamlined the DMing process as much as they claim their should be plenty of time to convert...

I'm excited too, and optimistic.

...if it does "suck", well I have enough 3.x books and published adventures (mostly in my hard copies of Dungeon) to have games for many many years to come.

I think it is going to be good though. Yes it will be different, but 3.0 was a huge difference from 2nd edition, and IMHO much better than its predecessors.

I just hope WoTC doesnt leave Paizo totally in the lurch. Paizo did a lot of good things for D&D (and in turn WoTC).

I am NOT at all excited about running FR or Eberron (the two supposedly WoTC supported campaign worlds), so I will be looking to Paizo or some other publisher to supply a 4e campaign world for me (assuming we convert).

To Quote from WotC 4e FAQ:

"This question was asked in the seminar I was at and, to the chagrin of the designers, Mac will not be supported for the on-line gaming table and character generator/visualizer. I believe it was Bill Slavicsek who siad "while you Mac guys are vocal, our research indicates that there are only three of you." Which got rumblings from more than half the people."




Macs suck <just my opinion, yours may differ> Their adds make me want to put my foot through my television. I hate those commercials. "I'm cool cuz I'm a Mac, and your not cuz your a PC." !#$%!$^!@$^!!!!! <again, just my opinion and yours may differ>.

But back to the question at hand. I too am curious what Paizo is thinking about 4e with Pathfinder and the Gamemastery Modules. It would appear from the answers so far in this thread that the 4e announcement took them by surprise too. That really surprises me. I would have thought if anyone had been in the know it would have been some Paizo staffers. Guess Vecna really did do a good job of helping them keep this a secret.

Sharoth wrote:
I have a feeling that they will stick to 3.5, since 4.0 will be a WotC exclusive. ~sighs~ sorry.

Not true. WoTC has already said there will be a 4e SRD and they are pre-releasing it to certain publishing companies.

thanks for the link. of all the goodies they have put out for this campaign it would have been nice if they would have done a nice map of this for us...

oh well...

my group burned the lucky monkey down... it was a fun night. of course now there is a big giant patch of brown mold where the lucky monkey used to be... poor shensen...

The party I am running through SCAP now are the same 3 players that started the campaign over a year ago. They are currently level 12.

Seven character deaths, out of that one was a TPK.

Our first death happened at the end of Chapter One while fighting the dwarf/troll BBEG. The character was a human rogue.

Second death occured in Flood Season while fighting Skaven Umbermead. A goliath barbarian fell prey to the phantasmal killer spell.

Third, fourth, fifth and sixth deaths occured on the occaision of a TPK in the Kuo Toan temple while fighting the Erinyes guardian. The first character to go down was the partys only original member, a half-fire elf (UA variant race) fire domain (UA variant class) sorcerer. The second two to go down were one players character and his cohort, both were followers of St Cuthbert, one a Paladin and the cohort was Cleric if I remember correctly and the last was a dragonborn favored soul / warlock.

The seventh death happened during the quest to find Alec. A duskblade fell to two hill giants.

I think that has been it.

James Jacobs wrote:

It is indeed something I threw together for my home campaign, and it is indeed for 3.5. However... it doesn't really exist in any form aside from a stack of stat blocks, some of which are written on paper by hand, so there's not really anything to send out that would make any sense to anyone but me, alas.

However, I'm a huge fan of the older adventures (as is Erik), and we've talked about updating other adventures as well now that it seems that Maure Castle is a success. I've got my own list of adventures I'd like to see updated... a list that (for the most part) runs a lot like the list of the 30 Greatest Adventures article we did in Dungeon 116.

So there's a question! Of all the 1st edition and 2nd edition adventures, which one would you like to see updated the most?

Keep on the Borderlands would be somethign I would love to see converted and published in Dungeon.

I have recently obtained a copy of the Hidden Shrine of Tamoachan that I was planning on converting to 3.5 for my own group, as a one nighter 4 hour adventure. I have been reading through it, and was planning starting the update process tonight...

Over the last 4 years I have turned my former beach bunny wife turned accountant into a full on geek. She loves the Star Wars movies, LoTR, and has even started playing D&D. She jokes that I have corrupted her.

Yet as with any relationship she has rubbed off on me as well, and she has encouraged me to watch movies I otherwise might never have watched, and in so doing I occaisionaly find inspiration, encouragement and new reasons to not be anything but what I am.

This past weekend she encouraged me to watch Finding Neverland, and it is just such a movie.

I had heard it was a tear jerking girlie film, so I had steered well clear of it. While it did turn out to be a bit of a tear jerker, the movie left me something else as well. It showed me there was nothing wrong with my wild imagination, and it gave me some new ways to envision things. Most of all though it encouraged me to write, even if they were just scribbles in a journal, random notes and thoughts, it doesnt matter, just write.

The movie has another virtue as well. Johnny Depp gives us a suberb performance as the author of Peter Pan.

I think all of us gamers are looking for our own Neverland, perhaps this movie will help you find it.

Somehow I knew when I saw you had replied to my post you were going to tell me the hardcover had the answers i sought. Yet one more reason for me to purhcase the hardcover.

Thanks for the tidbits! You Rock!

Does anyone have any info on how old Cauldron is? or at least how long humans have lived there?

Anykind of a brief history of the city?

This is what I am going with


Thugs (3) - Daring Rogues
Ruphus - Cleric of St. Cuthbert
Guard Patrol - City Guard,
Jil - Sharn Cutthroat
Jenya - Cleric of Bane
Fellian - Deepshadow Elf
Fario - Human Wanderer
Ghelve - Nebin
Skulk - Medium Astral Construct


Raggamoffyn/Skulk - Mummy
Yuathyb, Dark Stalker - Githzerai
Dark Creepers - Goblin Sneaks
Skulks - Medium-size Astral Constructs
Fiendish Dire Rats (3) - Dire Rats
Grell - Grell
Choker - Choker
Dread Guard - since the dread gaurd is supposed to be a gnome sized suit of armor i am going to use the Gnome Fighter
Hobgoblins (2) - Hobgoblin Sargeants
Pulverizer Automatons - Pulverizer from Chainmail
Small Monstrous Centipedes - replacing this encounter with a displacer serpent
Medium-size Monstrous Spider, Small Monstrous Spider (2) - replaceing this encounter with 1 large monstrous spider
Mimic - its a chest so I am using a chest from Heroquest, but there are chests in the back of the DMG that can be photo copied and cut out to use as a mimic chest counter

Malachite Fortress

Stone Spike - Stone Spike from Chainmail
Xukasus [Ogre] - Ogre
Hobgoblins - Hobgoblin Sargeants
Zarkad, Hobgoblin Jailer - Hobgoblin Sargeant
Animated Mass of Chains - <i may drop this creature from the encounter or replace it with a regular sized dread guard>
Lemures - Lemures
Mimic - This mimic is a gong, as I use the dundjinni mapping software there is a gong in it so I will use the gong.
Fire Beetles - I am replacing these with glowing fungus, and non-violent glowing beetles
Hammerer Automatons - Hammerers from Chain Mail
Krylscar Endercott, Male Human Warrior - Human Commoner, unless the PC's decide to outfit him or he outfits himself, then I will use a man-at-arms.
Coryston Pike [female human] - healer
Maple [Female Halfling Rog] - Lidda, Lidda Adventurer
Goblins(3) - Goblin Skirmishers
Kazmojen - Urthok the Vicious,
Prickles [Howler] - Chainmail Howler
Pyllrak [Durzagon] - Duergar Warrior
Vhalantru - Beholder
Thirifane [Female Human Tra] - Evermeet Wizard

Derek Poppink wrote:
Anyone have a good idea for the demodands? I chose Bloodhulks for the Kelubar (they are corpulent and strange) and Chokers for the Farastu (thin, could be covered in tar), but then I realized that the Chokers are small. I have no idea what to do for the Shaator (Blue Slaad? Aspect of Orcus?). In Asylum the party can encounter as many as 10 Farastu at one time, so it would be good to start collecting the appropriate mini early.

i think i am going to go with the harbinger ghoul for the faratsu, unless we manage to get a faratsu out of angelfire...

i am really hoping we see some demodands in angelfire...

i think the bloodhulk is an excellent choice for kelubar

shaator - if you want to drop some dough, you could always go with the Nurgle mini from GW, but i think they are like 50 dollars each. I am thinking about getting some green stuff and trying to do a couple of my own.

sad_genius wrote:

Given the placement of Sasserine in Greyhawk; across Jeklea Bay from the Hold of the Sea Princes and next to the Amedio Jungle, would it be fair to say that the city would be under the control of the Scarlet Brotherhood? Is there anything in the adventures that contradicts this or would make it a problem?

I am going to be running the AP in Greyhawk as well. I dont think you will have a problem with the Scarlet Brotherhood influence, but I doubt the real power in Cauldron would have let the brotherhood have much influence, or keep any kind of a strong presence there. I would think he would have eliminated any Scarlet Brotherhood as soon as he found them out.

As far as the SB being in control of Sasserine. Sure, but I get the impression from reading through the AP that most of the Nobles are of good or neutral alignment. If there is an SB presence in Sasserine I would think it would be subtle, still behind the scenes.

Take them out, use and abuse them... these inserts were made for using!

<standing on the top of a tall building>


I recently uncovered a trove of my old Dragon mags dating back to 84/85, and as I flipped through the pages of the old mags I marvelled at how much better things have gotten.

I have every Dragon for the last 3 years, every Dungeon for the last 1 year (starting with the Adventure Path).

I like the silicon sorcery, and novel approach pages. I loved the article about sewers. I do think the letters from the readers section could stand to be a bit shorter. (I almost never read them anyway).

Like Mark Hart said I like mixing the history with D&D articles. (except for the one about Knight vs. Samurai.. wasnt too keen on that one).

Erik you have my kudos and compliments. Keep up the good work! Same goes for the rest of the staff.

I am with Alexandra, and AG.

I almost never read the fiction in Dragon, and I am usually annoyed when it appears in issues.

I have tried to read some of the fiction, but I usually find it uninteresting.

The only one I ever read all the way through was the one that was a tie in to the Bloody Eye novelette.

I do read FR, and Dragonlance Books, and I am looking forward to the Eberron books, but I am not interested in losing gaming content in Dragon to support established authors.

I was doing some fall organizing this past week, and uncovered a box of old Dragon Mags that go back to 1984/1985.

What struck me is how the older covers were fanciful, and artistic they had NOTHING to do with the content of the issue, and more over they often depicted scenes that could not be found in a dungeons and dragons game unless you had made up some serious house rules.

Like little 4 inch high (wingless) human looking primitives riding poisonous frogs. ( I love that cover, but there is no such race in first edition D&D

How about the cover that was ripped off from a scene from the Lord of the Rings. The dragon on the bridge in the dungeon, fighting with the armored centaur. The dragon was not even like a D&D dragon, it was missing an entire set of limbs, and an armored centaur in first edition? yeah right.

For my money, I like the new covers a whole lot better. They are still artistic, and vary in style from a pulp comic feel to creepy (I dont know why but the cover with the warforged face just gives me the heebee geebees).

As a one time wanna be artist who didnt quite cut the mustard, I think the new covers are great. As a long time gamer I think the new covers are awesome!

I rather like the Wil Save columns. Perhaps because I find myself at a similiar point in life.

An adult with time enough for an every other week game, and while I wish I had more time, I just don't.

Its nice to know there are other adults out there that love the game as much as I do.

Keep 'em coming Wil!

My characters decided to rip the curtains down one at a time, which lasted until the twins dropped their first attacks onto the characters then the chase was on.

We had a blast with the curtain room. Kudos to Mr Bulmahn!

One of the players ended up falling through the trap door into the junk room it was hilarious!

I had two problems with the adventure;

1. the initial key to the map was a little confusing to me at first, I had to read it a few times to understand where everything was at. Same issue as Asmo had.

2. the collapsing stair damage was mighty high. In fact so high it would have killed the half-orc barbarian in the party if it weren't for some fudging dice rolls on my behalf when I rolled near max damage for the fall.

I rather like the site based adventures, and dungeon crawls. When writing things for my own campaign the site based adventures in Dungeon allow me to concentrate on the bigger picture, and help keep me from rehashing the same dungeon dressings, traps etc.

I say keep 'em coming!

That said though, my favorite adventure in Dragon so far has been Mad Gods Key! :). I scaled it up and worked it into my own campaign with great success. The players loved it!