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But in 3.5 Sunder never was an attack action. So since that FAQ didn't touch on attack actions it's irrelevant.

In fact, it might be argued that the added language of sunder being an attack action rather than just "a melee attack" is an indicator of an intent to change the action type.

Or it might not be that but just an effect of rewriting the chapter.

The point is that _3.5 is irrelevant since there's been a huge rewrite of those rules after that_.

Hi all!
I have a problem. Some nights ago, we were having a gaming session, and I was a bit drunk... I asked the DM if I could play and he said "only if you can keep to your character and manage your rolls" and I was like okay i can do that.

So i roll up this tengu ninja, because you know, tengu ninjas are cool. We start talking with some random guy, and I'm all like, "i'm gonna flip out and kill this guy!" because that's what ninjas do when they're not flying.

So my party gets sense motive checks and realize what I'm up to so we roll initiative. my DM is that kinda DM that rolls everything upfront and never fudge because that's like cheating, so we roll as normal. since I've got like +5 init and they've got like +2 dex I get to start, then the guy then the others.

So i'm like drawing my dagger with my springloaded wristsheath and attack with my +4/-1 routine against his flatfooted AC and got a bit lucky and hit with both attacks so i dealt 1d3+1d4+2d6+6 damage and splattered the guy all over the place since he was a commoner lol that was fun i thought but then they all looked mad at me and I was like "hey that was totally in character AM A NINJA BAYBEE!"

But then i sobered and now I realize that was maybe a little bit stupid but i really think it's the DM's fault I mean he could have just told me i couldn't play, he shouldn't have trusted me and shouldn't have settled for asking me to be able to play my character and managing my mechanics... I mean i didn't even lie i did manage it! And he should also have fudged the rolls despite never doing that...

Yeah he's totally an incompetent DM. that's the issue.