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Assuming you are picking your race for thematic reasons or for speed etc. Why would anyone not take Adopted Ancestry for humans as their 3rd level general feat especially if starting at level 5 or above? In the long run it turns 1 general feat into into 4 class or general feats. At this point I'm not sure why every Wizard isn't an elf with this and every Sorc isn't a Goblin with this....

Hmm, it seems like the barbarian idea may not work as well as I'd hoped. I do want a dwarven character that will duel weld Dwarven War Axes. However if I don't play a barbarian. My group is going to basically make me play tank so I'll need to find a way to boost my AC while Duel Welding.

All in all I really like the idea of a Raging Dwarf with War Axes though.

I might consider the two weapon fighter... but I'd rather stick with barbarian. I'm definitely wanting to stick with the War Axe. I'm hoping that the raging bonus will help deal with some of the penalitys for duel welding them. I think that makes it -4 -4 correct?

I'd also like to note this is my first experience with pathfinder. I'm still trying to pick up all the changes which is the main reason I'm asking for some advice/builds.

We are starting at level one. I don't think my GM is going to be overly stingy with weapons and armor but he did say specifically that attribute items would be very hard to come by. In our last game we had some characters that really abused some loop holes and hes trying to crub that by keeping the stat levels lower I think. He's always been good about compensating up to a point so I assume if it turns out I'm completely ineffective without a stat boosting item he will give me one.

We will likely play all the way to Epic but it will be over a few years... the last campaign we played was 4 years long and ended at level 22 I think.

Mostly Damage. I can role play without any real skills or anything... maybe come combat maneuvers not sure.

Ok, so I'm looking to build a viable Dwarf TWF Barbarian that Duel wields Dwarven War Axes. It doesn't need to be min maxed but it does need be reasonably competent. I will be playing it from level 1. Anything Pathfinder is Legal. I maybe able to swing some 3.5 stuff but it will have to be approved... IE Oversized TWF.

We are using this stat array 16,14,12,12,10,10 and no starting stat can be over 16. Also DM says that stat boosting items are very rare and that the best I can hope for is going to be a +4 item around level 10 and if I'm super lucky maybe a +2 item around that same time.

I've played around it and haven't been able to come up with anything that I feel is going to be viable. Any ideas?