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Liberty's Edge

A well traveled elf enters the bar and announces in a loud, clear voice.

Cheliax has sent out the call for mercenaries to help clear out some sort of unknown infestation near the Meandor Gap. The Society wishes to send a group to answer this call, as it offers us the opportunity to explore some ruins in the area that are typically not open to us! Those interested, please report to Venture Captain Sheila Heidmarch for your assignment!

Recruiting for Scenario 7-25 Orders from the Gate. Sign up sheet can be found here. I'll leave sign ups going until Sunday, and hope to get started Monday, November 6t. This scenario is for characters level 5-9.

Liberty's Edge

A rugged looking elf enters the lodge.

The venture captain in Galt has put out the call for a group of Pathfinders to retrieve some missing persons! Any of you sorry lot up to the task?

Recruiting for 9-02 A Case of Missing Persons for Gameday 6 here