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Radiant Oath

I am playing a human with an undead eidolon in Pathfinder society and wanted to get some rules clerifications:

I cast AOE Heal. Am I correct in this rules interaction:
Undead Critical Failure: I am damaged the amount the eidolon takes ONLY IF it is more
than I heal? [I have Energy heart positive so the damage he would take is reduced by
half my level]
Undead Fails / Succeeds / Critical Suceeds: I heal the amount rolled.

I think this is correct based on the wording from SOM page 53.
"Lastly, the connection between you and your eidolon
means you both share a single pool of Hit Points.
Damage taken by either you or the eidolon reduces your
Hit Points, while healing either of you recovers your Hit
Points. Like with your actions, if you and your eidolon
are both subject to the same effect that affects your Hit
Points, you apply those effects only once (applying the
greater effect, if applicable). For instance, if you and
your eidolon get caught in an area effect that would
heal or damage you both, only the greater amount of
healing or damage applies."

Interaction 2: Harm As I myself do not have resistance to negative energy how do I calculate the healing / damage I would take from an aoe harm effect?

Interaction 3: This is just a basic question because I think the forum that I saw was wrong. They were saying that Necromancer's generocity can heal an eidolon but since it does not have the minion trait this is false... correct?

Thank you all in advance! See you in game
-Tao Long.