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So, as I start to wrap up my Kingmaker campaign, I was wondering if there was a city-based AP that would be easy enough to adapt to a city built by the PCs in Kingmaker, so the players can play out their next campaign in the city/kingdom they created.

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Does anyone have a handy list of Adventure Paths that DO NOT have any of the sub games? (e.g. Kingmaker Kingdom Building and Mass Combat, Ironfang Invasion Militia, etc.) I am in a group where one of the members will be taking over as GM and we'd like to play and Adventure Path, but we don't want to bog him down with any of the subgames. We just want an adventure.

I know that most of these have sidebars for what to do if the players don't want to play the subgames, but any adventures where that extra work isn't necessary would be best.

Thanks for anyone who responds.

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I've been pretty critical of the whole Saddle thing, so I wanted to shout out that the I believe all the outstanding Saddle questions have been answered in the new FAQ!


  • Class Feature Mounts may always wear a saddle even if the body type normally wouldn't grant one. Other Class Feature Entities (CFE) that are not a mount class feature are not automatically granted a saddle slot.

  • Creature body types no longer disallow wearing a belt or chest item just because they have the saddle slot. In other words, saddle is a separate slot for that animal type now and they still retain the belt or chest slot respectively.

  • Creatures with the saddle or horseshoe slots can always wear magic items of those types. (Nice return of that language to the FAQ).

  • CRB riding animals (dog, pony, mule, and horse) all use standard saddles. ALL other creatures use exotic saddles.

Nice permissive clarifications!

EDIT: Only Mounts get saddles despite body type.

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When you created a separate 2018 blog link, the blogs are no longer availabe.

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First a caveat:

I totally understand that the CRB will start with the core 11 classes + alchemist.

But it seems with the limited information we have so far, that each character will get to pick feat chains that help them differentiate their character but grow in power. That perhaps the classes will offer something different than 20 level suites of abilities and that these class specific feat suites will instead drive the abilities.

As such, there are some mechanics from the PF1 library that I think could easily be included in the PF2 CRB in such a way. Of course this becomes moot if the rules are not compatible with my assumption.

  • Grit/Panache System
  • Studied Target
  • Revelations
  • Arcana Pool

This would allow folks to create a Magus, Oracle, or Swashbuckler concept without there needing to be another book creating another 20 classes.

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Any insight as to how the Playtest will affect Org Play? The next edition?

I am assuming that once PF 2.0 goes live, org play will migrate over to that. But will it do so for the playtest?

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I can't find where the FAQ is linked except for from the Pathfinder Roleplaying Guild landing page.

Can we get a link to the FAQ from either the Paizo main page or the Pathfinder/Starfinder main page?

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Putting the buttons below the text and link to the guide feels really awkward and counter-intuitive to being able to navigate the page. If you want those bits of information to be spotlighted, might I suggest putting the navigation buttons to the right so all can be seen without scrolling?

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Back in the spring prior to Paizo Con when things were really slow, my GM total dropped from ~364 to 351 when the update happened to help things not be so slow and added all the tracking on the left.

Now, I'm at 342.

Why have I lost about 22 GM Credits over the last several months?

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Are there plans to ensure the reliability of the website? I've noticed that over the last few months the reliability of connecting to the website has gotten much, much worse.

Instead of once every couple of weeks with goblins showing up, now it seems to be every other day, if not every single morning.

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Yaaas! I have finally gotten into this one after years of trying!

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I think now that the clarification has been made about being able to Venerate any deity and any ideas, that it might be fun to share all the Golarion-Specific veneration ideas folks have come up with.

Such as Shoanti or Mammoth Lord ancestor worship or one of the Failed or one of the philosophies in Faiths and Philosophies.

What have people come up with that isn't written in any book, but just wreaks of Golarion Lore. Like, "I know that would be something from Golarion!"

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So, I was skeptical about the midday break. I typically go to conventions to get in as much PFS as possible over the three or four days. Even my off slots at Gen Con, I try to play PFS or go to the dealer room.

But after experiencing it, I really liked it. I went to a couple seminars. Enjoyed a nice alone time breakfast. Got to chat extendedly with John Compton, Mike Brock, Linda Zayas Palmer, Owen K.C. Stephens, Mark Seifter, Stephen Radney-McFarland, Erik Mona, Lisa Stephens, James Sutter, and Liz Courtz to name a few. I also got a 2-1/2 hour nap in before the special, that was really nice.

I loved it.

How did others feel?

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I have the privilege and honor to announce that Jon Dehning, the Venture-Captain, Minnesota-Minneapolis has earned his 5th star as of Con of the North this weekend!

He is full of dry wit, sarcastic humor, ironic demeanor, but overall, he's a fun guy and a great friend. He does his best to make sure the tables he's GM'ing for are fun and entertaining. Often, he is one of the most popular GMs in the are for people to ask to play at his table.

A couple comments:


Jon is always a great representative for PFS. He makes people feel welcome, is cordial in his communications, and has a great way of politely reminding players when they're breaking the rules of Society or the venue. His fair application of the rules is beyond question, and he's always got time to answer a question.

I am honored to be among the (undoubtedly many) people whose characters have met unfortunate ends at his tables.


I've never known a person to start on his Wookie costume for Halloween as early as Jon.

Does that count?

The last quote is a good example of the wit and humor he brings to our region, and why many folks like to give the humor back to him as much as he dishes it out.

Congrats my friend!

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Jon Lamkin, our local game day coordinator for The Source Comics and Games has been a huge foundation of our local Pathfinder Society community for over 3 years now. He has been running between 4 and 6 tables for the better part of 2 years every Sunday.

He has both grown as a coordinator and a GM over these 3 years, and I had the great honor to sit at his table and both play and observe his GM style. It's been some 2 years since the last time I sat at Jon's table, and he really did show me an enjoyable time.

My wife has been playing for almost 3 years now, some 150 play sessions, and still says that his running of "We Be Goblins" in February 2012 was her favorite play session ever.

Please join me in congratulating Jon Lamkin on achieving his 5th Star! Customer Service should be along shortly to award him that star officially.

Now for some Anecdotes:

"Jon brings the NPCs to life with fun personalities. He knows the rules like the back of his hands and he takes it with good grace when the players OWN ALL OVER HIS MONSTERS LIKE THEY ARE LITTLE GILRS!! HAHA 207 damage on yoru zombie mammoth, one shot baby!"

"Where Mammoths Dare Not Tread: Jon had bought two new mammoth minis for the scenario. He places both on the table with a smile. Both are wipped out in one round. "You guys suck." Laughter ensues."

"Jon works hard to organize tables for The Source. He tries hard to accommodate new players who pop up and find seats for everyone."

"I think Jon deserves his stars because he's always on time, friendly, and prepared."

"While I've never played at Jon's table, I've heard several recounts of his tables. He is always great & gracious with the "thank you's.""

"He only GM'd for me once for "We Be Goblins" but he made it fun! We almost died but he did get us all to stand up and sing our goblin songs."

"Goblins one... so cool!!!!"

"I have only recently started playing at The Source. However, I have really appreciated the organization and planning that is put into games here. Jon has been very helpful when I have had questions. Jon was also great with helping me GM for the first time."

"He is very ready to deal with new players and to role with things people try in game."

"Jon killed my first character once, but was VERY nice about the situation. Not once did he rub it in my face... that night."

"Jon has fostered a large influx of players and fun into Minneapolis Pathfinder Society. At The Source, he manages to fill several tables and dozens of players weekly, somehow managing to keep everyone happy & finding a table. Lots of folks have been introduced to Pathfinder through his events."

"Jon deserves his 5th star because he is always there helping organize play. He not only gives his time, he gives financially. He is a very good guy. This being said, the very first time he was my GM he killed my character."

"Jon does an excellent job coordinating at The Source. He is the go to guy and makes everyone feel welcome. He is the perfect guy for the new players to be introduced to."

Please share any further anecdotes you may have!

Congratulations Jon! It is well deserved!

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Can an animal with Int 3+ take Improved Unarmed Strike?

Core Rulebook, page 53: wrote:
Animal companions with an Intelligence of 3 or higher can select any feat they are physically capable of using.
Core Rulebook, page 182: wrote:

“Armed” Unarmed Attacks: Sometimes a character’s or creature’s unarmed attack counts as an armed attack. A

monk, a character with the Improved Unarmed Strike feat, a spellcaster delivering a touch attack spell, and a creature with natural physical weapons all count as being armed (see natural attacks).
Core Rulebook, Page 128: wrote:

Improved Unarmed Strike (Combat)

You are skilled at fighting while unarmed.
Benefit: You are considered to be armed even when unarmed—you do not provoke attacks of opportunity when you attack foes while unarmed. Your unarmed strikes can deal lethal or nonlethal damage, at your choice.
Normal: Without this feat, you are considered unarmed when attacking with an unarmed strike, and you can deal only nonlethal damage with such an attack.

Keep in mind, allowing IUS on animals, means they are now hitting folk with the sides of their head, headbutting, retracted claws on cats, tail slapping snakes (tail slap is a natural attack form), etc. They would be able to take many of the Improved combat maneuver feats (like Improved Grapple) and Combat Style feats like Dragon Style, Serpent Style, Panther Style, et. al.

My answer would be, that since animals are not considered unarmed, that Improved Unarmed Strike does them no good. And that they do not have the correct mentality or anatomy to use IUS.

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