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Hey, I don't yet own Inner Sea Gods, but its position on my "to buy" list is dependent on the answer to this question:
Does it contain any useful info on Dalenydra?
I want to use a cleric of Dalenydra in my next campaign, but current info is sparse, and I don't want to make stuff up if there is a source already out there.

Hey All. I'm looking for a character sheet for monsters. See I'm starting a new campaign, and I want to make up some new monsters so my players will have a bit of a tougher time meta-gaming (although some of them will just be familiar monsters with new twists.)
But I'm looking for some kind of sheet that can help me keep track of the stats for the critters I've made in uniform fashion, and be able to compare them not only to each other but also established monsters.
I have monster cards, which are great for encounters, but I'm looking for something that I can used to make my own, home brew bestiary book.

I've been looking through the boards, and I can't find the search phrase to point me in the right direction.
My group is going to be playing a Kingmaker style home-brew campaign soon, and I'm the GM. But I'm feeling a bit at sea when it comes to making the map for the area they will be exploring.
I have the campaign plot line, and I have some ideas for events and encounters that I would like to scatter around the map, but I'm unsure if I have enough stuff, or how I should place them, or even how large to make the area to be explored.
I've played king maker as a player, but never on this side of the screen. Does anyone know of any resources out there that can help me figure this stuff out from the GM point of view?

Hey all. Tonight my group did some unexpected stuff which caused me to introduce a new NPC to the campaign. Basically the are now travelling with a temple guardian dog, or a foo dog, or whatever you want to call him.
I'm planning on breaking out the books tomorrow and stating him up, but before I do, I wanted to check and see if I am planning on re-inventing the wheel.
Basically, I'm asking "are there already official stats for a foo dog out there somewhere? A quick flip through my bestiaries 1, 2, and 3 did not seem to reveal one, but I am not deeply knowledgeable about the depth of monsters lurking out there.

I was thinking about a wizard specializing in constuct and item creation, especially the constucts. So far, it isn't looking too promising.
I've been looking though my books, but I may be mising some good feats or traits or something.
Can anyone give me any tips or hints? I'm bringing this guy into a Kingmaker campagin at level 10, and my group is open to most content.

My group is playing Kingmaker right now, and we're having a TON of fun.
My turn to DM will be next, and I'm hoping to run Carrion Crown.
My question is, is this a sandbox-style Adventure Path, or is it more linear?
As Isaid we are really having fun with Kingmaker, and I think part of that fun is the open-endedness of the adventuring.

Hi there. I'm running a pathfinder campagin and one of my players wants to make a character who is a professional gambler. Now, I've wanted to play a gambler type guy ever since I saw Jeff Goldbloom in Silverado, but I've never had the chance for variou reasons, but I want to make sure that my player can have some fun with his guy. I know there are alot of thoughts out there on how this kind of thing is handled, but I'm not sure yet which I want to use. So what I'm asking is, what rules do you use when your players want to spend some time at the card table?

Can someone tell me the reasoning behind the time limit on the Bond Senses abilty?

When I first glanced through this class, a character popped into my head. The summoner is a blind man who "sees" through his Eidolon.
After further reading, I see that Bond Senses is a limited time gig. Now granted, I can do a similar flavored thing with the Eidolon's link, just requiring the eidolon to "tell" the summoner where everything is to get around.
But it just made me start wondering why the limit is there. I'm not sure if it is good or bad, just curious at this point.

I'm starting a new campagin with my group and I was hoping to get some input on which country in Golarion to base it out of.
My group has a hard time having regualar meetings where everyone attends, which isn't actually a bad thing, becuase then the party gets unweildy (9 PCs are a little too much to juggle sometimes) so my idea is to have a campaign based on a series of one or two session long adventures, rather than major quests that take months of real time to play. That way, the adventures could be completed by whoever was on hand for that session. Much like every issue of the JLA doesn't need to have ever member present to fight the bad guy.
To that end, my idea is to have an out-of-the-way Pathfinders lodge (or even some sort of smaller chapter house) that has been forgotten and is barely self sustaining. The PCs would then undertake these mini adventures and slowly rebuild the importance and glory of that particular lodge.
But I can't decide where to place the lodge. I'm torn between Andoran (which seems to have a lot of different terrain to adventure in) and Varisia, which seems to have a pretty good frontier exploration spirit to it.
I guess I just wanted to get input from people who know the mapo better than I do, and see if there's anything I've overlooked.

If I want to have a human who wandered out of Geb, what race should he be? Are the Garundi the only folks who live in Geb(beside the undead hordes)?

What is up with the giant straight razors I see in some of the art and on the minis for Pathfinder? I didn't see it in the rule book...