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I am Taleck of the Lyrune-Quah.

My life has been a simple one, though not one without events of note. Following the animals we hunted and visiting the places Sacred to our people since time of Legend.

A good life, but listening to the tales told by those who had left the Cinderlands, including my older brother Haleck who had the honor of serving the Elder Tolmar-Kai, I learned the world was much larger than I had imagined in my early youth.

When I came of age I sought my Father's permission to leave the Quah. I told him I wished to follow the teachings of Desna and journey the world, and I wanted to see all the wonders I had heard about for myself. I still remember his slight smile when he gave his Blessing, and the pang in my heart that mother was not there to add her's.

I left the next day with a caravan of Varisians as one of their guards. Since then I have traveled the lands of Golarion, building my skill as a warrior and seeking out the distant and dangerous places to do Honor to Desna. It has been almost four years and I have been able to return home a few time since then but the last time was almost two years ago.

I recently heard in my travels that there was much work to be had in Riddleport for a traveling warrior such as I. So I made my way here about a month ago. The work was not the only reason I came. The arch, the "Cypher Gate" to the mages, built by the ancients, the "Thasalonians" as they are called in common, also drew me here. I remember the legends of my people, the whispered mentions of the Great Powers that once ruled the lands, and how their power still lingers in places and artifacts.

It was easy to find work in Riddleport. Many of the mages and others of learning who come here hire bodyguards to protect them from those who would prey on them while traveling within the city at night. During one of my first jobs here I met Lian, a quite half Elf rouge also working as a bodyguard for another mage at the time.

We worked well together and have been a team since. I am the obvious bodyguard the thugs go after while he watches and strikes from the shadows. Few who have been foolish enough to try and rob one of our employers have survived, none have succeed. We are a good team and I have been staying at his place since. It is small but the floors are hard so I sleep very well. Never had much use for the “beds” that others use. Soft fluffy things. If the Gods had wanted us to sleep on soft things the ground itself would be soft. I do not hold it against Lian that he likes his bed, to each their own.

After The Blot appeared many more have been coming to Riddleport to study it and the Arch. If nothing else it has ensured that work is plentiful.

Lian and I attended a talk by a Cypher Mage about one of the markings on the gate. The Mages who attend will often want someone to escort them home after wards, they forget how the nature of the city becomes more dangerous the further into the night one goes. And sometimes the talks are fun to listen to. They remind me of the rantings of those who chewed on the roots my mother warned me about. This one was not fun. It was difficult to stay awake.

While waiting after the lecture for our latest charge to wrap up his talk with another mage about the meaning of the “curl in the upper corner”, Lian mentioned he had heard “The Gold Goblin”, another of the gambling places in town, was having an event the next night that was sure to involve lots of people, even more money and lots of opportunities for work. After getting the mage back to his inn Lian and I discussed the situation and agreed we would go to the Gold Goblin for the event and see what happened. If nothing else I felt it would probably be more interesting than the “curl in the upper corner” the mage had muttered about all the way to his room.