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Perhaps Obisidian should have waited to release until they resolved more defects in their app. UAT shouldn't be completed by the actual userbase after RTM haha. I would consider -1 gold purchases and not being able to create a party in two popular platforms a show stopper.

Hawkmoon269 wrote:
Not as of yet, though it has been discussed.

I made that request more than a year ago, so unfortunately don't get your hopes up. Instead, try flattening the box and using a scanner to get the image.

Any update from the content team? We are at one year since the original post.

Vic Wertz wrote:
Sorry—that ball got dropped. It's back in the air now.

Are we looking at December or January? The schedule has one class deck released per month through May. Plenty of those Ultra Pro boxes to have nifty Class Deck symbols.

Also, when will the Class Deck character PDF be updated to include the Druid? Thanks Vic!

Vic Wertz wrote:
I will add that to the queue!

Any update Vic?

Sharaya wrote:

Hi Thomas,

I'm sorry to hear that your order was mispacked. I've set up a replacement order for the correct CD. We'll get that on the way to you soon.

If we can help with anything else, please let us know.


Thanks. I ordered a sub for Pathfinder Legends so hopefully #3-#6 will be ok.

I ordered the Pathfinder Legends Mummy's Mask bundle for CD/Download for "Half Dead City". However, you sent me the "Empty Graves" CD instead. So the second release as opposed to the first. When can I expect the correct CD to ship? Thanks.



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Tanis & Vic,

Just like we have the errata cards for Rise of the Runelords, could we have a pack of cards for all the custom Season of the Shackles creations? My apologies if this has been brought up elsewhere.

Each class deck box and set of associated cards has a unique icon for that class. I was wondering if those images could be added to the Community Use file?

With all the Classes available, I'd like to drop some class icon stickers onto deck boxes, preferably those nice Pathfinder boxes from Ultra Pro.

The ally Vailea is a reward for 0-4A. Her ability is remove from the game but the scenario reward has the card returned for every scenario. Given her ability provides a Skill Feat, this would be extremely powerful to have again and again. If the card is a one-off, then wouldn't each character take turns with Vailea on successive scenarios to get a bonus skill feat? Or all character except one refuse the reward so they can eventually gain Vailea? Thanks for any clarifications.