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Hywaits background:

Some history about Hywait:

Hywait is originally from Kenabres and has lived his live as an orphan knowing the constant threat of demons.

During his youth he met a cleric of Pulura named Francis who was observing the night sky in Kenabres. Hywait was impressed by Francis knowledge of the stars and the demons when they started speaking and soon after their first meeting, they started to observe the stars together regularly.

Francis started teaching Hywait the teachings of Pulura and soon they departed from Kenabres and traveled around the northern part of Avistan. During their trip around Avistan they helped out travelers and tried to find out new spots to enjoy the stars in the sky.

After learning as much as he could from Francis, he headed off alone to search for remote places where he could research information about demons and to study the constellations.

Hywait has traveled far and wide and he has met many people during his travels which he tries to keep in contact with. There are also some rumors spreading around northern Avistan about a human with a white rabbit who appears to help you when you’re alone and in need of help.

Goals for the character:

Hywait wants to spread knowledge about Pulura and the starts to other people

Hywait also wants to protect his friends and other people that might be in trouble, especially if the troublemakers are demons.

Secrets about Hywait:

When he was younger Hywait had to run away from an attack by demons to save his life. He still feels guilty about leaving the rest of the people to die. (His secret)

Hywait was promised by his parents as a sacrifice to a powerful demon so that they could gain more power. Unforotunately/Fortunately his parents died in an accident before they could deliver him as sacrifice to Zhanderzil. (The secret he doesn’t know)

People that are tied to Hywait:

Francis: Friend, mentor and trusted teacher. He and Hywait try to meet at least every year and go on a trip where they can look at the stars together (friendly)
Zhanderzil: Ruthless demon who makes deals with weak-willed humans and looks for new sacrifices to bolster his own power. (Hostile)
Sarandi Felstus: owned of an inn named Glowing Star. This place has become like a second home for Hywait when he takes a break from his journeys. Sarandi and Hywait have become good friends during the last few years. (Friendly)

Three important memories:

Looking at the stars with Francis high up in the mountains. (Found his love and faith in Pulura)
Defeating a succubus in a small town where it tried to take control of the town. (Redeeming his past failure)
Finding out that he could conjure a cloak made from stars to protect himself. (Being proud of his faith)

Hywait would be a support character with divine spells and few hexes to help out. He's levels would be spread out with cleric at the start and then 10 levels of Stargazer prestige class.

Interested in this also.

4d6 ⇒ (1, 4, 1, 1) = 7 = 6
4d6 ⇒ (3, 1, 4, 6) = 14 = 13
4d6 ⇒ (6, 3, 4, 2) = 15 = 13
4d6 ⇒ (1, 1, 5, 2) = 9 = 8
4d6 ⇒ (5, 4, 4, 5) = 18 = 14
4d6 ⇒ (3, 4, 2, 2) = 11 = 9

Well that was kinda sad. Will be using the point buy then. I've been thinking that a cleric going into the Stargazer prestige class would be fun.

I can drop out and give room for others. I've run the game so I'd rather give room for players who haven't experienced this.

I could join with a level 4 mechanic or a level 3 soldier/mystic.

Name: Hileal Jothule
Class/Race: Elf Samurai (Warrior Poet)
Alignment: CG

History: Originally from Jinin in Tien Xia. Hileal trained to be a samurai to serve under the elven Shogunate. He practiced hard and reached the end of his training when his team was sent for a trial mission. They were going to the mission with a ship and Hileal had no idea about the place where they were headed because it was kept a secret from the ones participating in the trial.

This is where Hilael has a gap in his memory. He remembers boarding the boat and sailing for some days but after that the only thing he remembers is waking up on an unfamiliar beach. After wandering for a few hours Hilael arrived on a small town which he soon discovered to be Roderic’s Cove. Soon he settled in a small cottage in the town and started working as a hired guard or entertainer for wandering caravans. He has been enjoying the rustic and wild Varisia and has lived and traveled there now for over five years.

Your connection to Roderic’s Cove: Hilael has found his new home in Roderic’s Cove and enjoys the life and freedom in Varisia.

Three Questions Answered: They should be answered in the character’s voice.

1. What was the most important event in your life? "It is without a doubt the moment when my I could feel my form with the blade blend in perfect symmetry with the battle dance. It was if I could see and feel the beauty of Shelyn’s will in one moment"

2. Besides yourself, who is the most important person in your life? "It is my master of the blade Talie in Jinin. She teached me everything I know about the honor and traditions of my kind and I truly hope to see her again in the future."

3. How do you like your eggs and why? "Eggs are best when done by someone who enjoys their craft. I enjoy seeing and in this case eating the result of someone using their skills to provide me with an enjoyable meal."

Hileal will be swiftly moving samurai with a reach weapon and spring-attack. Now his history is tied to the Time lost trait but it could be changed if necessary. He enjoys peace and beauty but at the same time strives to perfect his battle dance.

4/5 **

I've made quite a few occult characters and now I have a Medium, Kineticist and Occultist.

I think locally there's largest amount of Occultists with a few Spiritualist and Kineticist hanging around. Other occult classes seem to be very rare here.

4/5 **

Season 0: Mists of Mwangi: This is an enjoyable museum ride.

Season 1: The Jester's Fraud and Pallid Plague: This season for most part seems quite unispired but these are scenarios that still work fine. Of course the best of the bunch for me is EoTT Maze of the Open Road which was a fantastic experience.

Season 2: Before the Dawn - part 1: Bloodcove Disguise: This is fun infiltration scenario to a place pathfinders a not welcome. Leads to the second part which is a lot different but has some epicness to it.

Season 3: The Temple of Empyreal Enlightenment: I like the open approach and the vibe you can get from this place. Has also a bit of everything so different kind of groups should manage.

Season 4: The Golemworks Incident: There's a great villain and some nice challenges all around. Disappeared: Is also another great scenario which gives you a different kind of mission.

Season 5: Port Godless: A nice sandbox and some good encounters.

Season 6: Beacon Below: This is a nice scenario for a skill oriented party but there's also some choices to be made and a nice mix of opponents.

Season 7: Ancient's Anguish: This is just a nice mix of skills, exploration, roleplaying and combat. I also really enjoyed Abducted in Aether for the locale and NPC:s

4/5 **

I think most of them are quite strong and I've played quite a few of them myself.

I have swashbuckler/cleric who is quite good with combat and does alright in skills. Parrying can be quite effective in some instances but if there's lots of ranged combat he will fare a lot worse.

I also made medium for the playtest version who used natural attacks but now after the changes he mostly uses reach weapons and champion spirit in combat. It's alright in combat but doesn't really break anything.

My Hunter is fun to play if there's some melee combat because he can have a lot of fun with teamwork feats with his trusty panda companion. This can be very effective if you get into a good position because their attack of opportunity bonuses are very good.

For Kineticist I made a grippli and I have fun playing it but there's not much variety for combat yet. Has been quite powerful in the lower levels but we'll see how he fares when he get higher.

For Emerald Spire I have Brown-Fur Transmuter who buffs our melees and after that proceeds to blast the enemies. He's quite powerful with all the buffs and makes our groups melees even more deadly.

4/5 **

I have two characters which I rather not play anymore. The first one is a fighter/barbarian/ulfen guard who uses Thunder&Fang to two-weapon fight. I liked the image and idea of the character but in play it's quite boring to play and for a long time it was starved for skill points because of the classes so couldn't really bring the group anything expect subpar fighting.

The other is a witch who I created because I wanted a caster that could do other stuff besides spells. The problem is that on some scenarios she can just end the combat very quickly because of the hexes and sometimes she can't do much.

I would also suggest Empiricist Investigator. I made mine as a str investigator for society and I have really enjoyed playing him. You can also use the talents to diversify what you can do in and out of combat. The first levels are a bit pain but you will do alright with the strenght focus but after fourth level it just gets better and better.

Bellona wrote:
Ouch! Will your campaign recover?

Yes, we will continue with the campaign though it takes some maneuvering. Players will be making new characters who are traveling and hear rumors of Trunau being under attack by orc forces.

I was a bit surprised that the players didn't even explore the keep in anyway before they headed to the third floor. They could have easily spent one day just investigating the keep and its inhabitants because they had a Hunter who could wildshape and use that to investigate.

Name: Akhros Hurme, Calmert Bae, Mestari Tikku & Hanneke Drolmer
Race: Human, Orc (reincarnated as orc), Ratfolk & Human
Origin: Heading straight to the chieftain without any recon to the Redlake fort
Adventure: The Hill Giants Pledge
Location: Third floor of Redlake fort - strategy room
What Done It: This usually works (heading straight to the boss)

My campaigns adventurers met their demise in the hands of the hill giant chieftess and her merry gang. The party decided to head straight to the third floor (they figured that the boss would be there and they were correct). They did it by turning everyone invisible while two of them flew and carried them to the balcony. They charged into ther room where they met the sobbing hill giant with her merry gang of guards and a brutal fight ensued which resulted in the whole group perishing.

4/5 **

I have played with pregens a lot in Silverhex and Phantom Phenomena. When we played through Silverhex we went trough all the pregens and it was quite clear that the newer ones were more powerful at least in the quests.

In society I've played Lem once in a tier 7-11 scenario and we have also had pregen with us a few times if we only have three players. I think that most of them can work if you just use one that works well with the rest of the team. Of course the best course is that everyone has their own character.