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Kalshane wrote:
My understanding is the soul itself isn't absorbed by Karzoug, just the greed energy. I imagine if it was impossible to resurrect anyone marked with the Sihedron it would be spelled out in the AP.

Thanks for your response...

But... in AP... talks about codicous souls... I think that is not clear about it... :(

JohnHawkins wrote:

Did the players know of the risk when he had the tattoo put on? Do they know you can get rid of it easily with an erase spell?

If they knew of the risk and have not done anything about it, then you could justify messing up a raise dead spell if you wanted to.
BUT How much will the players be annoyed they can't bring the character back? Is this going to cause ill feeling and argument in your group?

If the players are going to feel this is an unjust way to get rid of a loved character , just have the cleric raising him mention difficulties and maybe tag on another negative level to get rid of with restoration. If the players will be fine with the permanent death in particular if they knew the risk in advance and creating a new character will not be a major burden for the campaign then you could block the raise dead effect. There is no formal rule for it so make a judgement call on what works best for your group and campaign

Thanks for your response (and sorry for my bad english, haha)

Well, In our campaign, one player was kidnaped by Lucrecia and imprisoned on Hook Mountain! Lucrecia slept him and took the opportunity to tattoo the sihedron star...

the player didnt care about that and months later died at the hands of the scribbler... but I don't forget the tattoo... besides, the character is a rogue ... an avaricious character ...

Furthermore moreover, my party always accept my decisions and there would be no problem if it can not be resurrected. We never argue and we are always laughing They're a great party. :)

Hi friends,

One of my players was marked by Lucrecia with a sihedron star tattoo ... and in the last session he died. The group wants to resuscitate him but I believe that his soul can not be returned to his body, because he has fed the well of Karzoug, right?

What do you think about?

Thanks in advance