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Welcome to Calendria, noble adventurers...

The world on the move

A justifiable act of patricide is coming I think

Oh boy....

Another great oneliner from V, and a brain breaker to cause it

Not-so-queer eye for the military guy

Rapunzel in the desert

Family revelations

A great day for many, not so much for some

The bard remains a moron, as V previously pointed out

Belkar keeps up his old tricks

Outthinking your girlfriend could be very dangerous Elan ... especially since her favourite combat phrase is "SNEAK ATTACK!"

I missed the reference in the bottom left panel. Anyone know what that puppet is?

Reflections on Corrections

Haley is stretching believability a bit far at this point, I think

Burlew is really updating quickly this week.

Hmm Roy might have wanted the team to get them out of there, actually

"Och, right. Like, a hunnerd percent, in this comic."

Two thirds of the party are about to get back together... and Macebook (chuckle)

Ah the unexpected humour of theology and what afterlife a particular dwarf will go to

Three running gags, one strip

Not those two idiots AGAIN

The bearded one still has trouble with numbers (although Roy and Belkar weren't helping)

They seem a bit surly...

Finding the silver lining to every screw up. Could a bar brawl be in the offing?

Meeting the parents can lead to decidedly mixed impressions

Steven Purcell wrote:
Looks like Orthos won that bet :)

And it looks like Darkjoy hit this at the same time I did (grrr... ;p)

Now what?!

The daring (and painful) escape!

Elan needs to learn when to shut up!

This could be a problem

Things continue to complicate

A little political commentary here, perhaps?

Getting yourself captured doesn't exactly qualify as the greatest idea

Curses not this again-actually the wanted poster is missing a dwarf

Why are two of three being kidnapped? The bird took a while to figure things out.

Even down V saves the day ... if only Elan had gotten the memo ... and once again Chekov's gun comes into play

Some volumes seem to disappear at times (for example if you click on part 3 of Kingmaker the next one forward is listed as number 5 and then if you're on 4 the previous one is listed as number two) maybe this is just happening to me but it's a bit weird. The Council of Thieves Map Folio and NPC Guide will disappear as well. Just curious about this.

Uh oh, hope Roy, Belkar and Durkon show up ASAP-either that or Haley and Elan really fight well

Slick Elan, real slick. /sarcasm

Well that idea fell apart pretty quick... and it's good to see faster updates to OotS

That's one way to ensure security in the ranks

The Azurites and Elves have a bone to pick with the Gobbotopians

Hrmm Thought this would attract some interest. I guess not at the moment bump.

Sovereign Court

No pressure. Riiight....

LET THE GAMES BEGIN [/Donald Sutherland]

All hail Redcloak! (/sarcasm)

OotS 699

That eye/scrying sensor at the end makes me a bit nervous

Circles within circles within circles-figuring out the end point could drive one mad.

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