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Deadmanwalking wrote:

The actual map is more like the following with PF2 skills listed first, and PF1 skills that fall under them in parentheses:

Acrobatics (Acrobatics, Escape Artist, Fly, some Combat Maneuvers)
Arcana (Know: Arcana, Spellcraft & Use Magic Device for Arcane Spells/Items)
Athletics (Climb, Swim, some Combat Maneuvers)
Crafting (Appraise, Craft)
Deception (Bluff, Disguise)
Diplomacy (Diplomacy)
Intimidation (Intimidate)
Lore (Profession, Know: Engineering, individual Knowledge skills without monster lore like History or Nobility can also be managed)
Medicine (Heal)
Nature (Know: Nature, Handle Animal, Spellcraft & Use Magic Device for Primal Spells/Items)
Occultism (Know: Dungeoneering, Spellcraft & Use Magic Device for Occult Spells/Items)
Perform (Perform)
Religion (Know: Religion, Know: Planes, Spellcraft & Use Magic Device for Divine Spells/Items)
Society (Know: Local, Know: History, Know: Nobility, Linguistics)
Thievery (Disable Device, Sleight of Hand)
Stealth (Stealth)
Survival (Survival, Know: Geography)

Some of those are slightly speculative (Linguistics, for example is based entirely on Culture, which is Society's equivalent in Starfinder granting languages), and I'm honestly not sure where Ride winds up.

Perception, despite not being a skill, covers Perception and Sense Motive.

Thanks DMW!

Interested to know more about how Profession, Crafting, Society, and Linguistics work in Starfinder and what that may say about the Playtest rules.

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Captain Morgan wrote:

You are mostly right. We don't really know how fly, ride, and escape artist will work, but I'd suspect all are an acrobatics function. As mentioned, profession is now under lore.

Lore is basically a miscellaneous skill. It represents a very narrow field of knowledge. Lore examples include a specific diety, blacksmithing, and IIRC underworld. It does NOT represent what knowledge checks were in PF1. A Lore is generally too narrow to be useful often. It is also used for what would have been profession checks before.

Knowledge checks, UMD, and spellcraft seem to have all been rolled together, but split into 4 fields of study. Arcana, occultism, nature, and religion. These correspond to the 4 spell lists. The skills will be used for Identifying and activating magic items corresponding that spell list, identifying categories of enemies (outsiders for religion, dragons for arcana, plants and animals for nature, aberrations for occultism, etc) and some other miscellaneous stuff. Religion can be used for exorcism. I think nature will probably include handle animal, etc.

I'm not sure how linguistics will work, but I hope it gets examined. I really like it as a "decode scrambled messages" or "piece together damaged documents" skill. I don't like how you learned languages through it. I'm thinking it might get rolled into society.

If appraise was just written out of the game I'd be happy. Maybe make perception relevant for evaluating loot, but I ignore that skill so often anyway. It just isn't fun and slows down the game.

Thanks Cap!

Interested in understanding How the four magic school's skills compare, and then how Survival, Society, Lore, Profession are mapped and work. Also this means that some formally INT Knowledge skills become WIS. Does Handle Animal changing from CHA to WIS have effects on character builds or classes?

Are the forums a customized package or home grown? Would be nice to be able to contribute some code to the project if possible, like adding markdown support to the feedback text boxes.

How does one contribute?

Tholomyes wrote:

I believe lore is covering Profession as well, since we know that Lore (sailor) is a thing that certain nautical mechanics care about, in the same way Profession (sailor) was a thing. And I think Sense motive is covered under perception now. As for Escape artist I'd guess that's acrobatics, and handle animal I believe was a Skill feat of nature, unless I'm remembering wrong. I don't know if fly or ride will be in PF2e, and my guess would be not, but if they are, I'd say acrobatics (or maybe acrobatics and athletics respectively).

Also, as for Knowledge, I agree some of the knowledge will be Lore, but I think Nobility and Local (and maybe history) will be Society, Geography I'd guess is rolled into survival (maybe nature, but I wouldn't bet against survival), Same with dungeoneering (but almost certainly survival this time, with monster knowledge probably folded into occult). Planes is probably folded into religion, but I'd guess history and engineering will probably stay as lore.

Thanks Tholomys.

I am interested in how the Knowledge, Lore, Society splitting works. Where can I find the Dungeoneering and Planes Skills in the current book list? Would be nice to under standing which parts of environment related capabilities are Lore/Knowledge and which have distinct break out skills and why.

Fuzzy-Wuzzy wrote:
Steel Radial wrote:
Also there doesn't seem to be a way to represent a table in the forum comment system. Markdown support would be nice. Or a way to even do a fixed width fonts so structured spacing would be possible. Correct me if I am missing something on the forum comment system.
You aren't missing anything, and simply having fixed width would be awesome.

Thanks Fuzzy! Is there any way to contribute to the Pathfinder web team's Github for this forum system? Is it just a customized package? Would love to contribute to an improved system.

Charlie Brooks wrote:

Based on the Consolidated Skil LIst from Pathfinder Unchained, my guess would be:

Handle Animal - Nature
Escape Artist - Acrobatics
Fly - Acrobatics
Ride - Acrobatics
Profession - Lore
Sense Motive - Perception

Thanks Charlie.

Is it likely do we think that flying and riding will have different feat packages under acrobatics to cover them?

Also interesting that Handle Animal goes from WIS to CHA. Are there character class implications for this, if the change was implemented in the current system?

Pretty Excited about the character sheet shown in Episode #8.

Maybe this was discussed already somewhere else - please point me to a more central thread.

Noticed there are now 17 Skills instead of 25+.

Tried to map the skills - Bold Skills seem to go 1 to 1. Current skills have arrows under the Playtest Skill they seem to fold into.

Attempted Mapping:
Deception CHA
<- Bluff CHA
<- Disguise CHA
Diplomacy CHA
Intimidate CHA
Perform CHA
Acrobatics DEX
Stealth DEX
Thievery DEX
<- Disable Device DEX
<- Sleight of Hand DEX
Arcana INT
<- Spellcraft INT
Crafting INT
Lore INT
<- Appraise INT
<- Knowledge INT
<- Linguistics INT
Occultism INT
Athletics STR
<- Climb STR
<- Swim STR
Medicine WIS
<- Heal WIS
Nature WIS
Religion WIS
Survival WIS

Orphans: Not sure where these go
Handle Animal CHA
Escape Artist DEX
Ride DEX
Profession WIS
Sense Motive WIS

Skills that are now their own Sub Game Model:
Resonance <- Use Magic Device CHA
Perception <- Perception WIS

Thinking understanding how skills are folded would provide insight into the design of the Skill Feats and progressions of the Playtest.

What does everybody think about this?

Also there doesn't seem to be a way to represent a table in the forum comment system. Markdown support would be nice. Or a way to even do a fixed width fonts so structured spacing would be possible. Correct me if I am missing something on the forum comment system.

Thanks man.

Do we know why that is? Does it make the math better?

I started to listen to podcasts in the car in the last couple months, and was following ever-green content from the Pathfinder Academy guys dipping into different episodes every couple of days. Bought a core rule book at full retail in April, and then realized in late June - listening to more recent podcasts that the new version was coming! Started to dig in and really like how the design seems to be smoothing things out.

Reading as much as I can on the current version to get up to speed - to really appreciate both the work that has gone into pathfinder in the last 10 years, and the new ideas that are being tested.

End of the cycle of RPGs seems to have lots of interesting crunch. It's totally fine to me to learn the old way and the new way at the same time. Looking forward to some expert commentary here to get me up to speed.

Thank you guys for the weekly videos- Especially this one with the character sheet. Very happy to see all the good work going into this new launch!

Though I am new to Pathfinder, I have been reading the Core Rule Book. In the current version Studded Leather Armor seems to give an AC bonus of +3, in the character sheet shown in the video studded leather got an AC bonus of +2. Is this different in the Playtest, or were you guys just testing to see if the audience was paying attention? :-)