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Full Name

Sparel RadtyMah


Init +5; Perception +25;AC 20, T:11, ff:19, F+10, R+10, W+18(+2Ench); +2 SR 18; CMD17


HP: 59/59


Speed 40': Fly 50'


mythic power (6/9 Daily, surge +1d6),



Special Abilities

Wild Arcana; spell synthesis; agile feet (7/day); combined spells; send senses; Forewarned(act in surprised)




Monkey Trickster god: 1/day - mad monkeys


Wayfinder of Infinite doorways,


Aboleth, Abyssal, Aklo, Aquan, Auran, Celestial, Common, Daemonic, Draconic, Dwarven, Elven, Ignan, Infernal, Necril, Orc, Polyglot, Sylvan, Terran, Thassilonian, Undercommon


Contingency spell - 4th level (resilent sphere) - @ 10 HP

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See Invis; Telekinesis 225lbs(9d6) +14 to hit

Strength 10
Dexterity 12
Constitution 11
Intelligence 27
Wisdom 19
Charisma 10

About Sparel Radtymah

Sparel Radymah
Male Elf Cleric of Sun Wukong 1/Mystic Theurge 10/Wizard 3/Archmage 3
CN Medium humanoid (elf)
Init +5; Senses low-light vision; Perception +24
Str 10, Dex 12, Con 11, Int 27, Wis 19, Cha 10
Base Atk +6; CMB +6; CMD 17

AC 20, touch 11, flat-footed 19 (+5 armor, +4 shield, +1 Dex)
hp 56 (1d8+13d6+9)
Fort +10, Ref +10, Will +18; +2 vs. enchantments
Defensive Abilities hard to kill; Immune sleep; SR 18
Speed 40 ft.
Melee unarmed strike +6/+1 (1d3 nonlethal)
Special Attacks channel positive energy 3/day (DC 10, 1d6), mythic power (9/day, surge +1d6), spell synthesis

Telekinetic attack (up to 9 items within 10' of each other) One attack per creature or thrown object d20+14 (BAB 6 + 8 Int)


** = Indicates Cast
[M] = Mythic
(D)= Domain
(S) = Specialty

Cleric Spells Prepared (CL 11th; concentration +18):
Domains Travel (+10’), Trickery

Domain Spell-Like Abilities (CL 11th; concentration +18)
7/day—copycat (1 rounds)

-create water
-detect magic

-(D)disguise self
-hide from undead (DC 15)
-obscuring mist
-protection from evil
-sanctuary (DC 15)
-shield of faith

-blessing of courage and life (DC 16)
- lesser animate dead
-spiritual weapon
- Protection From Evil, Mass (1 min/lvl split)
-undetectable alignment (DC 16)

-animate dead
-magic circle against evil
-magic vestment [M]** Cast Daily (extended to 22 Hrs) (2Mythic)
-magic vestment [M]** Cast Daily (extended to 22 Hrs) (1 Mythic)
- Elemental Speach

-(D) dimension door
-communal protection from energy
-dimensional anchor
- Sending
- Planar Adaptation (Personal)

-(D) teleport
- Planeshift (DC 19)
- Planeshift (DC 19)

- (D)Find the Path (DC 20)
- Planar Adaptation, Mass

Wizard Spells Prepared (CL 13th; concentration +24):
(S)-Specialty Divination
-acid splash
-disrupt undead

-(S) Identify
-blood money
-comprehend languages
-endure elements [M]
-feather fall (DC 19)
-floating disk [M]
-infernal healing
-obscuring mist
-protection from evil
-vanish (DC 19)
- vanish (DC 19)

-(S) see invisibility
- Acid Arrow (DC20)
- Acid Arrow (DC20)
- Lip Stitch (DC 20)
-mirror image
-Mirror Image
-rope trick,
- Create Pit(DC 20)
- Procetive penumbra
-Stone Call(DC 20)

-(S)arcane sight
-diamond spray (DC 21),
-fireball (DC 21),
-haste [M]
-haste [M]
-tiny hut
r- Protection from energy
r- Spherescry
r- Mad Monkeys
r- Invisibility sphere
r- Wind wall
r- Clairaudience/Clairvoyance (DC 21)
r- Magic Circle against Evil (DC 21)

-(S)arcane eye
-conjure deadfall (DC 22)
-emergency force sphere
-emergency force sphere
-mnemonic enhancer
-phantom chariot

-(S)Prying eyes ***
-cloudkill (DC 23)
-overland flight ***
-wall of force
- Secret Chest

-(S) true seeing
-disintegrate (DC 24)
-flesh to stone (DC 24)
-wall of iron

-(S)greater scrying (DC 25)
-greater teleport
- Planar Adaptation, Mass

Ongoing spell effects:

Contingency spell - 4th level (resilent sphere) - @ 10 HP

Perm effects:
See Invis 5K


Racial Modifiers +2 Perception

Acrobatics +15 (+19 jump)
Appraise +14
Bluff +17
Diplomacy +8
Disguise +17
Handle Animal +1
Heal +8
Knowledge (arcana) +22(+10 w Mask of 1K Tomes)
Knowledge (dungeoneering) +12(+10 w Mask of 1K Tomes)
Knowledge (engineering) +12(+10 w Mask of 1K Tomes)
Knowledge (geography) +12(+10 w Mask of 1K Tomes)
Knowledge (history) +12(+10 w Mask of 1K Tomes)
Knowledge (local) +12(+10 w Mask of 1K Tomes)
Knowledge (nature) +12(+10 w Mask of 1K Tomes)
Knowledge (nobility) +12(+10 w Mask of 1K Tomes)
Knowledge (planes) +20(+10 w Mask of 1K Tomes)
Knowledge (religion) +16(+10 w Mask of 1K Tomes)
Linguistics +21
Perception +25
Sense Motive +16
Spellcraft +26 (+28 to determine the properties of a magic item)
Stealth +29
Use Magic Device +17

Knowledge Gauntlet:

Please add +10 if the mask of 1000 tomes is in use

Knowledge (arcana) [dice]1d20+22[/dice]
Knowledge (dungeoneering) [dice]1d20+12[/dice]
Knowledge (engineering) [dice]1d20+12[/dice]
Knowledge (geography) [dice]1d20+12[/dice]
Knowledge (history) [dice]1d20+12[/dice]
Knowledge (local) [dice]1d20+12[/dice]
Knowledge (nature) [dice]1d20+12[/dice]
Knowledge (nobility) [dice]1d20+12[/dice]
Knowledge (planes) [dice]1d20+20[/dice]
Knowledge (religion) [dice]1d20+16[/dice]

Aboleth, Abyssal, Aklo, Aquan, Auran, Celestial, Common, Daemonic, Draconic, Dwarven, Elven, Ignan, Infernal, Necril, Orc, Polyglot, Sylvan, Terran, Thassilonian, Undercommon


-extend metamagic rod (lesser),
-ring of telekinesis (CL9 225lbs),
-"magic staff" - Mundane staff with glowing runes (Colors optionan and Brightness up to a light spell at weidlers command) and a magic aura (Strong) spell on it.

-wand of charm person 50/50 -
-wand of cure light wounds 50/50 -
-wand of infernal healing 50/50 -
-wand of infernal healing 50/50 -
-wand of invisibility 50/50 -
-wand of magic missile 50/50 -
-wand of magic missile 50/50 -
-wand of true strike 50/50 -

-robe of the archmagi (gray)

-Silken Ceremonial Armor +magic vestment+3 augmented (Shadow +10 Stealth)
-mithral buckler, Magic Vestment +3 Augmented (Grinding; Sharp edges Slice into Grpplers for +3 Damage; Can be used to cut.)

-blessed book (Spellbook in Pathfinder pouch)
-blessed book (Spellbook in Pathfinder pouch)
-headband of mental prowess (int & wis +4)
-heavyload belt
-ioun TorchX4
-mask of a thousand tomes
-necklace of adaptation
-pathfinder pouch (Strapped to inner Thigh)
-"Hungry Sage Ring" Ring of Wizadry III + ring of sustenance
-wayfinder of infinite doorways
-tattoo holy symbol (Sun WuKong) (100GP)
-Ioun stone (pearly white spindle) Regenerate 1 point of damage per 10 minutes (Stored in Wayfinder)

-Explosive runes letters in envelopes X4
-- “Roses are red. Violets are blue. Poems are hard. Explosive runes.”
-- “I prepared Explosive runes today”
-- “Hello and goodbye. Explosive runes.”
--“This page intentionally left blank. Explosive runes.”

Spell foci:
Treasurestitching 100 GP 10X10 cloth- (Currently holding 10'Cube of hard stone)
Contingency focus (1500) (sewn into clothing)
Spherescry spheres X3

Tattoo Potion: Gaseous Form

Shrunken glove (6K market) (CL5) (Max10'cube per item)
Twice per day the wearer of this glove can touch an object and cause it to shrink per the shrink item spell. Additionally the wearer can cause such shrunk items to tightly roll and attach to the glove via autostitching. The wearer can easily remove the patches, but they are otherwise considered part of the golve. The golve can hold up to 15 such objects which appear to be ridges running across the golve and up the wrist. The ridges do not interefere with movements or spellcasting.

Shrunken items carried:
- Exact weight/dimension Spiked iron ball (B/P) for Telekinesis (225 Lbs 9d6)
- Exact weight/dimension Spiked iron ball (B/P) for Telekinesis (225 Lbs 9d6)
- Exact weight/dimension Spiked iron ball (B/P) for Telekinesis (225 Lbs 9d6)
-Shrunk calling diagram
-Floating disk wooden crosswheel platform
-Silver Mirror (1K-Scrying focus)
-Doorframe with door
- Tower shield for Large Creature (10X10)
-10X10 chunk of stone
-10X10 chunk of stone

-bag of holding III-
-Net (weapon) X5
- Bag of flour
-Adventurers kit
-Spare paper, Ink
-50' hemp rope
-Grappling hook
- Lamp oilX5

Loose coin:

GP- 7,490

Daily use power:

Mythic Power (9/day, Surge +1d6) - 3/9
Agile Feet (7/day) (Su) - 0/7
Cleric Channel Positive Energy 1d6 (3/day) (DC 10) (Su) - 0/3
Copycat (7/day) (Sp) - 0/7
Extend metamagic rod (lesser) (3/day) - 0/3
Send Senses (130', 1 rds) (11/day) (Sp) - 0/11
Spell Synthesis (1/day) (Su) - 0/1

Wayfinder of Infinite Doorways: Chgs 10 (replenish 1/d or sacrifice Ioun)
Detect Secret Doors (At will) - 0/0
Dimension Door - 0/7
Knock - 0/11
Word of Recall (door on ship)- 0/7

Feats+Misc Special Abilities:

Feats Craft Staff, Extra Path Ability [M], False Focus, Greater Spell Penetration, Improved Familiar, Mythic Spell Lore [M], Scribe Scroll, Spell Mastery, Spell Penetration, Staff-Like Wand
Traits seeker, shipboard caster

Deific Obedience SLA:
1/day - mad monkeys

Mythic (Archmage):

WIld Arcana: Swift +mythic power = Spontaneously cast arcane spell with +2 CL.

Crafting Mastery (All magic crafting feats), Harmonious Mage (ignore opposition schools), Arcane Potency X2 (4 Extra wiz spell slots levels 1,2)

SQ able assistant, agile feet (7/day), amazing initiative, arcane bonds (arcane bond [familiar]), aura, combined spells, domains (travel, trickery), elven magic, weapon familiarity, forewarned, hero points, recuperation, send senses, specialized schools (scryer)

Able Assistant (Ex) A valet's master treats the valet as if it possessed the Cooperative Crafting feat and shared all Craft skills and item creation feats he possesses. This ability replaces Alertness.

Cooperative Casting

Agile Feet (7/day) (Su) For 1 rd, you ignore difficult terrain.
Amazing Initiative (1/round) (Ex) As a free action, use 1 power to gain an extra standard action (can't be used to cast a spell).
Aura (Ex) The Cleric has an aura corresponding to his deity's alignment.
Cleric Channel Positive Energy 1d6 (3/day) (DC 10) (Su) Positive energy heals the living and harms the undead; negative has the reverse effect.
Cleric Domain (Travel) Granted Powers: You are an explorer and find enlightenment in the simple joy of travel, be it by foot or conveyance or magic. Increase your base speed by 10 feet.
Cleric Domain (Trickery) Granted Powers: You are a master of illusions and deceptions. Bluff, Disguise, and Stealth are class skills.
Combined Spells (5th) (Su) You can prepare the spells of one spellcasting class using another classes' slots.
Copycat (7/day) (Sp) Create a single mirror image duplicate
Crafting Mastery (Ex) Can craft any magic item. If you also have the feat, 2x speed & roll all checks twice.
Deliver Touch Spells Through Familiar (Su) Your familiar can deliver touch spells for you.
Elven Immunities - Sleep You are immune to magic sleep effects.
Elven Magic +2 to spellcraft checks to determine the properties of a magic item.
Empathic Link with Familiar (Su) You have an empathic link with your Arcane Familiar.
False Focus You can use a divine focus to cast arcane spells.
Familiar Bonus: You gain the Alertness feat while your familiar is within arm's reach.
Forewarned +1 (Su) Always act in surprise round. Initiative bonus. Init = 20 at level 20.
Hard to Kill (Ex) Automatically stabilize when dying, and only die at neg Con x 2.

Heavyload belt This wide leather is held together with two strands of oxen skin threaded through holes on each end. The belt’s wearer is affected as though subject to a permanent ant haul spell (Advanced Player’s Guide).

Hero Points (1) Hero Points can be spent at any time to grant a variety of bonuses.
Low-Light Vision See twice as far as a human in low light, distinguishing color and detail.
Mythic Power (9/day, Surge +1d6) Use this power to perform your mythic abilities.
Mythic Spell Lore [Mythic] Gain mythic spells equal to your mythic tier.
- Endure elements
- Floating disk
- Magic vestment.
Necklace of adaptation Immune to all harmful vapors and gases and can breathe anywhere.

Pathfinder pouch (empty) This nondescript belt pouch is quite popular among Pathfinders who need to smuggle items past snooping guards or government officials. Detect magic does not detect that it is magical (as per the magic aura spell), but the pouch acts as a very small bag of holding (contents limit 10 pounds, volume limit 2 cubic feet).

With a command word, the wearer can close or open the extradimensional space within the pouch; when closed, the pouch holds no more than a mundane belt pouch the size of a human fist, though objects within the extradimensional space remain stored, unreachable until the pouch is unsealed again. This allows the user to empty his pockets or even turn the pouch inside-out to prove he carries no contraband, and access the hidden goods later when in a safe place. Because of their nonmagical auras, these pouches sometimes hold secret treasures for generations without their owners realizing their nature.

Recuperation (Ex) Fully heal after 8 hrs rest, use 1 power and 1 hr to heal half and restore all non-mythic abilities.
Ring of sustenance Immune to hunger and thirst, and only sleep two hours a night.
Scryer Associated School: Divination
Send Senses (130', 1 rds) (11/day) (Sp) Clairvoyance/Clairaudience sensor.
Share Spells with Familiar Can cast spells with a target of "You" on the familiar with a range of touch.
Shipboard Caster You feel an affinity with ships and the sea, and the rolling rhythm of the waves helps focus your mind. When on a ship or other water-going vessel, you gain a +3 bonus on concentration checks.
Spell Mastery (L.Wish, G,Tele,MMM, PhChar, +2) You can prepare the chosen spells without a spellbook.
Spell Resistance (18) You have Spell Resistance.
Spell Synthesis (1/day) (Su) Cast two spells with +2 vs SR and -2 to save if a foe is subject to both.
Staff-Like Wand Your research has unlocked a new power in conjunction with using a wand. Similar to using a magic staff, you use your own Intelligence score and relevant feats to set the DC for saves against spells you cast from a wand, and you can use your caster l

Surge (1d6) (Su) Use 1 power to increase any d20 roll by the listed amount.
Wild Arcana (Su) Use 1 power, cast an arcane spell from your class list at +2 CL (doesn't need to be known/mem).

Ringwald (Air Mephit Familiar):

Male Mephit, Air (Valet)
N Small outsider (air)
Init +6; Senses darkvision 60 ft.; Perception +17
AC 19, touch 14, flat-footed 16 (+2 Dex, +1 size, +5 natural, +1 dodge)
hp 28 (3d10+3); fast healing 2
Fort +7, Ref +6, Will +10
DR 5/magic
Speed 30 ft., fly 60 ft. (perfect)
Melee 2 claws +8 (1d3+1) and
unarmed strike +8/+3 (1d2+1 nonlethal)
Special Attacks breath weapon
Spell-Like Abilities (CL 6th; concentration +8)
1/day—gust of wind, summon
Str 13, Dex 15, Con 12, Int 11, Wis 11, Cha 14
Base Atk +6; CMB +6; CMD 19
Feats Dodge, Improved Initiative
Skills Acrobatics +16, Appraise +3, Bluff +9, Climb +4, Diplomacy +7, Disable Device +5, Disguise +16, Fly +18, Handle Animal +3, Heal +1, Linguistics +10, Perception +17, Sense Motive +5, Spellcraft +14, Stealth +23, Use Magic Device +16
Languages Auran, Common
SQ able assistant, hero points, improved evasion, teammate
Blur (1/hour) (Sp) - 0/1
Breath Weapon (DC 13) (Su) - 0/1
Gust of Wind (1/day) (Sp) - 0/1
Special Abilities
Able Assistant (Ex) (Valet) A valet's master treats the valet as if it possessed the Cooperative Crafting feat and shared all Craft skills and item creation feats he possesses. This ability replaces Alertness.

Cooperative Casting
Your assistance makes item crafting f
Blur (1/hour) (Sp) As the spell. Caster level 6th.
Breath Weapon (DC 13) (Su) Each type of mephit can unleash a particular breath weapon every 4 rounds as a standard action. The DC is Constitution-based and includes a +1 racial bonus.

A cone of sand and grit that deals 1d8 slashing damage.
Damage Reduction (5/magic) You have Damage Reduction against all except Magic attacks.
Darkvision (60 feet) You can see in the dark (black and white vision only).
Fast Healing (if gusty or windy) 2 (Ex) Heal damage every round unless you are killed.
Flight (60 feet, Perfect) You can fly!
Gust of Wind (1/day) (Sp) As the spell. DC 14, caster level 6th.
Improved Evasion (Ex) No damage on successful reflex save; half on failed save.
Prestidigitation (Sp) (Valet) A valet can use prestidigitation once per hour.
Summon (level 2, 1 mephit of the same type 25%) (1/day) (Sp) A creature with the summon ability can summon other specific creatures of its kind much as though casting a summon monster spell, but it usually has only a limited chance of success (as specified in the creature's entry). Roll d%: On a failure, no cr
Teammate (Ex) (Valet) A valet is considered to have all the teamwork feats its master has.

Telekinesis Reference:

School transmutation; Level magus 5, sorcerer/wizard 5
Casting Time 1 standard action
Components V, S
Range long (400 ft. + 40 ft./level)
Target or Targets see text
Duration concentration (up to 1 round/level) or instantaneous; see text
Saving Throw Will negates (object) or none; see text; Spell Resistance yes (object); see text
You move objects or creatures by concentrating on them. Depending on the version selected, the spell can provide a gentle, sustained force, perform a variety of combat maneuvers, or exert a single short, violent thrust.
Sustained Force: A sustained force moves an object weighing no more than 25 pounds per caster level (maximum 375 pounds at 15th level) up to 20 feet per round. A creature can negate the effect on an object it possesses with a successful Will save or with spell resistance. This version of the spell can last 1 round per caster level, but it ends if you cease concentration. The weight can be moved vertically, horizontally, or in both directions. An object cannot be moved beyond your range. The spell ends if the object is forced beyond the range. If you cease concentration for any reason, the object falls or stops.
An object can be telekinetically manipulated as if with one hand. For example, a lever or rope can be pulled, a key can be turned, an object rotated, and so on, if the force required is within the weight limitation. You might even be able to untie simple knots, though delicate activities such as these require DC 15 Intelligence checks.
Combat Maneuver: Alternatively, once per round, you can use telekinesis to perform a bull rush, disarm, grapple (including pin), or trip. Resolve these attempts as normal, except that they don't provoke attacks of opportunity, you use your caster level in place of your Combat Maneuver Bonus, and you add your Intelligence modifier (if a wizard) or Charisma modifier (if a sorcerer) in place of your Strength or Dexterity modifier. No save is allowed against these attempts, but spell resistance applies normally. This version of the spell can last 1 round per caster level, but it ends if you cease concentration.
Violent Thrust: Alternatively, the spell energy can be spent in a single round. You can hurl one object or creature per caster level (maximum 15) that are within range and all within 10 feet of each other toward any target within 10 feet per level of all the objects. You can hurl up to a total weight of 25 pounds per caster level (maximum 375 pounds at 15th level).

You must succeed on attack rolls (one per creature or object thrown) to hit the target with the items, using your base attack bonus + your Intelligence modifier (if a wizard) or Charisma modifier (if a sorcerer). Weapons cause standard damage (with no Strength bonus; note that arrows or bolts deal damage as daggers of their size when used in this manner). Other objects cause damage ranging from 1 point per 25 pounds (for less dangerous objects) to 1d6 points of damage per 25 pounds (for hard, dense objects). Objects and creatures that miss their target land in a square adjacent to the target.
Creatures who fall within the weight capacity of the spell can be hurled, but they are allowed Will saves (and spell resistance) to negate the effect, as are those whose held possessions are targeted by the spell.
If a telekinesed creature is hurled against a solid surface, it takes damage as if it had fallen 10 feet (1d6 points).


Simulacra ideas:
-Simulacra Halfling Servant 1HD- 500
-Mount - Giant Eagle -

Notes:Mythic spells to get
Haste (tier 4)
Blade barrier
Flesh to stone (9th tier)
Levitate (10th tier)
Contingency (tier 4)
Limited wish
Fireball (tier 6)
Baleful Polymorph (9th Tier)

Pale Orange Ioun Rhomboid (get out of death free card) 200K mkt
Orange Prism Ioun +1 CL
+1 MW Darkwood buckler
Spring loaded wrist sheath
Hat of Disguise/Mask of Stony Demeanor (combined item)
Robe of infinite twine
Oil of residual tracking
Shrunken item hollow cylindrical metal/stone to be worn as a hat.
Sleeve of many garments - Maybe