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Solefil seems honest enough to you.

"Premier Moltenen is at the front of the column. We'll be stopping soon to make camp for the night; I believe you will be able to find her before she retires. You will recognize her carriage with ease. Well met, Matthias. May you go well and, for both our sakes, unmolested."

Solefil is also sizing you up for deception throughout this process, so please roll if you are bluffing :). To expedite, I'll also roll Bluff for him (even though he's totally telling the truth) in case you want to size him up.

Solefil's Sense Motive:
Sense Motive: 1d20 + 2 ⇒ (17) + 2 = 19

Solefil's Bluff:
Bluff: 1d20 + 0 ⇒ (17) + 0 = 17

No peeking!

"Then peace be to you, Matthias, and peace to you, Bathos. I see you bear no weapon. I have heard tell that there is a monastery in Silverfall, one where bodies are trained under great asperity and hands become deadlier than blades. Are you of those monastics who call themselves the Ascetic Order of Bliss in Bitterness?

"Of news in Silverfall, I know little. It is a regular journey that we make to these lands, buying and selling wares. There are honest men and fine goods in this city. We value the honesty and the fineness.

"If you care to stand guard, you might take this coin. If you ride vigilantly to the front of the column and keep a wary eye for danger, you will meet our premier. Seeing this coin with the mark of Solefil, she will reward you for your service."

"It is a great and seeming mighty beast that travels with you. Tell me, is this your companion tame?"

In slightly accented, lilting, musical Common, the man responds:

"Indeed, you may travel with us, stranger. We are happy to trade our wares if you are of a fair and honest mind. If it is as a sword arm that you offer your services, we would be glad of a guardian to ride before us. I am Solefil; may I ask whom I address?"