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Sister Mary Rambo wonders when Boss Fishy will show up in thread. Sister Mary Rambo misses Boss Fishy.

Flurry of Ruler Strikes to the Knuckles. No talking in class, Full BAB Rogue in Plate.

Then stop passing notes in class.

*taps ruler on desk*

Leafar the Lost wrote:
Sister Mary Rambo wrote:


Raps knuckles.

Sister Mary Rambo, I invite you to become one of the 12 Lords of my Land. You may rule your Lordship as you wish.


Alright, c'mere, Your Lordship...

Darth Knight wrote:
It is the Law!

OP makes the rules. It was inevitable, Leafar. Thanks for not making me break out the rulers.

_ !!!

That's it! Everybody line up! You're in big trouble now!!!


Raps knuckles.


Raps knuckles.

Leafar the Lost wrote:
Anyone posting on this thread, besides me, is committing an evil act. No test is required. Each time you post on here, you are darkening your soul, and at some point your soul will become completely DARK!

What about those trying to help you get these ne'er-do-wells out of here?

Smacks palm with ruler.

I'm warning you! Knuckle raps for everyone who continues posting in this thread after the self-proclaimed authority has forbidden it!

I have my ruler and I'm not afraid to use it!

Alright! That's it! Everybody out of the thread! Line up for knuckle raps! Brandishes +5 Ruler.

There are trolls here? *pulls out +5 Flaming Burst Ruler*

Who wants some?

*gets out ruler, starts looking for knuckles to smack*

Behave yourselves! Don't make me get out the ruler!

Preferably next to it, as it's slippery, so you can't get good footing.

Not to mention, ICK!

Oooh! A banhammer! Is it two-handed? What's the damage die? x3 crit multiplier?


Oh, and banning Macaroni Slaad for being chaotic. Can't have any of that in school!

Mothman wrote:
Gorbacz wrote:
Ross Byers wrote:

It amuses me that you have decided I am in Indiana.

If you are not in Indiana ...


I don't know them or anything, but from what I can determine, I wouldn't mess with them. Ross seems like a smart guy ...

They rule through superior intellect and skill at arms, of course.


Peace LVR wrote:
Samnell wrote:
Sothmektri wrote:
Just be aggressive.
Works for me.
Whoa dudes! Don't be, like, all violent and stuff. Here have some flowers. And maybe some shrooms. Man, I love shrooms......

Violence only begets more violence, unless you finish off the original offender.

Edit: The moral of the story is, always coup-de-grace.

Play nice, children!