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Playing a Half Elf Barbarian who has a problem with authority. She has an good climb skill and even better acrobatics.

Day 1: Refuses to start the climb test. After receiving scourge's whip for the first time, she take off up the rigging, finishing a close second in the contest.
She then descends rapidly and using her acrobatics decides to leap off the rigging feet first into scourge's chest.
A 20 on the attack roll was a sweet addition, sending him sprawling to the deck
The result was an introduction to the sweat box followed by the first of many punishments at Bloody Hour.

On about the 3rd time being whipped during bloody hour, she managed to slip the ropes that tied her to the post, bent over and asked scourge to whip her harder. I don't believe she made it out of that session conscious.

Pathfinder Companion, Rulebook Subscriber

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