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For Adventures 6 & 7, the "Build the Vault" section states: "Start with all level 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5 cards". Shouldn't that include level 6 cards as well (and possibly level 7 for Adventure 7)?

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Available here!

Half-price on all Adventure Paths and Class decks up to and including Mummy's Mask.

The shipping still kills it for me, sadly...

Back when the RotR and S&S promos were made available for sale here on, the WotR promos had also been added soon after before being quickly removed less than a day later.

Are there any plans for the WotR promo cards to be sold on at some point in the future?

The Fire Kukri +1 lists "Strength Melee Dexterity Ranged" for its check to acquire. However, it's a pure Melee weapon like the regular Kukris, which only list "Strength Melee" for their checks to acquire.

I'm guessing the Fire Kukri +1 should also only list "Strength Melee" as its check to acquire?